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Advice for dealing with a setback and getting back to your goals

Dan Lier Human Behavior Expert, Motivational Speaker & Best Selling Author Dan Lier Peak Performance
Advice for dealing with a setback and getting back to your goals

Do you ever feel like your life is filled with setbacks? Do they take the air out of your sails? Setbacks are part of the process to success, so learning how to deal with them more effectively will allow you to shorten your “downtime” on your road to success. Overcoming obstacles is the entree on the menu for success.


Do realize that setbacks happen to everyone

When you are climbing the ladder for success, setbacks happen to everyone. There is no success story that went out and had a smooth journey to their goal. Setbacks are a natural way to weed-out those who are not committed to their goal. Embrace setbacks as just another bump in the road, and work to overcome them.

Do focus on where you are going

Often times people start focusing their attention on what happened to cause the setback. Successful people focus their energy, creativity, and resources on where they want to go. Stay focused on your goal.

Do know that when you get proficient at handling setbacks, you’ll be unstoppable

When you get proficient and handling setbacks, you’ll be unstoppable. Setbacks happen to everyone, and unfortunately, those setbacks knock many people “of their tracks,” so to speak. When you get proficient at handling setbacks, you will further separate yourself from the rest of your competition.

Do take another step toward your goal

Take another step forward. You may alter your plan, yet keep moving forward. The finish line is in reach of the person who keeps moving forward. It is ok to take one step back if you take two or more steps forward.

Do give yourself credit for being strong

90% of success is our psychology -- it’s believing you can do it -- so give yourself credit for handling setbacks, or obstacles.. Mental toughness is a skill and most people don’t have it. Remember: Overcoming obstacles is the entree on the menu for success.


Do not feel sorry for yourself

Remember, setbacks are part of the journey to success. If you are feeling sorry for yourself, others are passing you by. Keep moving.

Do not focus on the setback

Don’t focus on the setback, put your energy and focus on what your next step should be. Moving forward is how you reach your goal.

Do not hang around others who are sulking

Remember that misery loves company. It’s natural to have setbacks, yet don’t hang around other people who are having pity parties. It doesn’t get you to where you want to go. Hang around people that want to handle setbacks too and find ways to overcome them together.

Do not talk yourself out of success

Often times people who don’t have the mental development will start talking themselves out of success. Stay strong and ask yourself, “What is the next step that will get me closer to my goal?”

Do not sit still and wait

Setbacks are natural and part of the process, so don’t sit and wallow in sorrow. Get up and start taking alternative steps toward where you want to go. The people who stay the course are the people who finish on top.

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Dealing with setbacks is a natural part of the success process and quite frankly, most are not good at dealing with it. You can separate yourself from your competition by developing the psychology of success. Understanding the setbacks are coming your way and developing the skills to move through them faster rather than slower. You can make it happen.

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