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Pet expert Steven May, CVJ has provided his expertise to both the veterinary industry and the general public for more than 35 years. The former editor of Vetz Magazine, May now heads the pet website The Daily Growl and has over 430,000 followers to his Daily Growl companion Facebook page.

A sought after speaker, writer and media source, May has appeared in PEOPLE Magazine, CNN, Reuters, AP News, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, New York Times, the Today Show and ABC Nightly News in addition to over 100 various national and international media newspapers and magazines.

Currently May, who is accredited by the American Society of Veterinary Journalists, provides expert advice via nationally syndicated Multi-Vu pet segments where he shares product information, discusses vet issues and shares dog safety tips with TV and radio audiences throughout the nation.

His most recent effort is co-authoring "What About Wally: Co-Parenting A Pet With Your Ex" which represents the first ever book that looks into the issue of the divorce, separation or breakup of pet parents and the legal and dog behavioral issues that come with it.

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