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Pick the right hotel to reduce the stress of business trip travel

Pick the right hotel to reduce the stress of business trip travel

For business people who travel frequently, it may seem like your hotel search is never-ending. As soon as you check out of one hotel, you’re traveling to check in at another. Take the stress out of planning your next business trip by following this Do and Don’t advice. 


Do research the area

When traveling for business, convenience is key. Research the city you’re visiting in advance so that you know exactly where you need to be for all of your business meetings and appointments. Find hotels close to your meeting locations or public transportation options. 

Do prioritize amenities

If you travel for business, you might be spending a lot of time on the road or in the air. When selecting a hotel, you should opt for amenities that can help you do your job even better, plus one or two that make you feel more at home. Services like free Internet access, airport transportation, print and copy stations, and dry cleaning can make your business travel more efficient. If you’re very active at home, you may want to select a hotel with a gym or pool so you can keep your normal schedule while traveling.

Do get rewards

Business travelers have more opportunities than most travelers to get rewards for frequent hotel stays. Research different hotel brands’ rewards programs and select one. Becoming a loyal customer of a specific hotel chain can pay off in the long run.

Do ask around

If you’re traveling to an unfamiliar city, it’s wise to ask your colleagues, family, and friends for hotel suggestions in the area. They may even recommend staying in a specific part of town, along with providing suggestions for restaurants and attractions nearby. It’ll make your decisions easier if you can trust someone who has been there before.

Do document your expenses

When traveling for business, it’s essential that you keep detailed records of all business-related expenses. So, when you’re searching for and booking your hotel, make sure you receive a printed or electronic confirmation that includes the date you’re staying, the cost of the room and a confirmation number. It’s also a good idea to keep confirmation/reservation numbers on hand for when you check into the hotel.


Do not overindulge

Remember that the purpose for your trip is business, not pleasure. Unless it’s recommended by your employer to stay at 5-star resorts, there are many 3 and 4-star hotel properties that can provide all the essentials you need, yet still be an economical choice. 

Do not stay near popular attractions

If you’re traveling for an important business meeting or conference, it’s wise to avoid hotels near popular attractions. By avoiding the tourist areas, you’re more likely to enjoy a quieter stay at a less busy hotel, allowing you to stay refreshed for your important appointments. 

Do not be surprised

Make sure you read all of the fine print when selecting a hotel for your business trip. Charges for parking, resort-fees and more should be clear before you book your room. Don’t let these miscellaneous charges take you by surprise. 

Do not limit yourself

These days, there are tons of tools available to help you search for a hotel. Don’t limit yourself to using just one of them. You could book directly with the hotel brand, use popular online search websites, or try a mobile application. For times when your meetings run long or an unexpected trip is needed, many sites offer the last-minute hotel discounts. 

Do not overpack

Traveling light is a helpful skill that business travelers use to stay on time and on track. Many hotels offer basic toiletries and other products at the front desk, so don’t overload your suitcase or pack items that you can’t carry-on the airplane. Pack the essentials and be aware of what you can get for free when you reach your destination.

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Whether you travel for business regularly, or you attend a few important conferences each year, these tips can help you select the perfect hotel for your next business trip. 

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