The Top 8 ABSN Programs in Seattle, WA

As the demand for highly skilled and compassionate nurses continues to grow, accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) programs have emerged as an efficient pathway for those looking to transition into the nursing profession. Seattle, Washington is home to several prestigious ABSN programs that prepare graduates to excel in a variety of healthcare settings. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top 8 ABSN programs in Seattle, WA, highlighting the unique strengths of each institution.

1. Seattle University College of Nursing

Seattle University College of Nursing is consistently ranked among the best nursing schools in Washington state and the greater Pacific Northwest region. The college‘s rigorous yet supportive 16-month ABSN curriculum integrates advanced coursework and clinical training to help students gain the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to provide exceptional patient care.

Key highlights of the Seattle University ABSN program include:

  • Cutting-edge simulation labs and technology that mimic real-world clinical environments
  • 650+ hours of hands-on clinical experience at leading healthcare facilities
  • Small class sizes and individualized support from faculty mentors
  • Strong emphasis on evidence-based practice, quality improvement, and patient safety
  • Pass rates above state and national averages for nursing licensure exams

Graduates praise the ABSN program for its invaluable clinical experiences and close-knit learning community. The program‘s holistic approach and Jesuit values of caring, justice, and leadership shape well-rounded nurses committed to improving health outcomes in their communities.

2. University of Washington School of Nursing

The University of Washington School of Nursing offers an intensive 15-month ABSN program focused on preparing nurses to lead healthcare innovation. Through a rigorous curriculum, students gain advanced nursing knowledge while also developing valuable leadership abilities.

Distinguishing features of UW‘s ABSN program include:

  • Cutting-edge curriculum emphasizing nursing research and evidence-based practice
  • Clinical training experiences at UW Medical Center, ranked #1 hospital in Washington
  • Juggling coursework and 50+ hours per week of clinicals builds time management skills
  • Opportunity to join UW‘s chapter of the Student Nurses Association of Washington State
  • Strong emphasis on innovation, technology, and healthcare policy throughout program

The program‘s combination of intensive academics and clinical immersion produces highly-skilled nurses ready to improve patient outcomes through quality care and leadership. Graduates enter the nursing workforce prepared to coordinate care, educate patients, and enhance nursing practice.

3. Seattle Pacific University School of Health Sciences

Seattle Pacific University offers a faith-based approach within their innovative 16-month ABSN program. Students gain advanced theoretical knowledge and extensive clinical experience within a supportive Christian environment that nurtures leadership and care.

Highlights of Seattle Pacific‘s ABSN curriculum include:

  • 650+ hours of clinical rotations at various world-class healthcare facilities
  • Interprofessional seminars focused on collaboration to improve patient outcomes
  • Threads of diversity, ethics, leadership, and excellence woven throughout program
  • Supportive, faith-based community focused on service and care for vulnerable populations
  • State-of-the-art educational technology, simulation labs, and learning spaces

Driven by Christian values of compassion and service, Seattle Pacific‘s ABSN program produces nurses ready to provide selfless care while also leading change to tackle pressing healthcare issues. With advanced skills gained through rigorous academics and clinicals, graduates enter the nursing field prepared to excel.

4. Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech) offers an acclaimed 15-month ABSN program focused on clinical excellence and leadership at the forefront of nursing practice. Students gain invaluable real-world experience at elite healthcare sites across the Puget Sound region.

Key features defining LWTech‘s ABSN program:

  • Clinical rotations across 40+ care facilities, including Seattle Children’s Hospital
  • Hands-on training using industry-standard medical technology and simulation equipment
  • Strong leadership focus with interdisciplinary collaborative approach
  • Holistic admissions process considers life experience alongside academic record
  • Immersive curriculum covers advanced pathophysiology, pharmacology, ethics and more

With a dynamic, skills-oriented learning environment and caring faculty invested in student growth, LWTech’s ABSN program solidifies theoretical nursing concepts while allowing students to gain confidence through quality clinical encounters. Graduates enter the field poised for nursing excellence.

5. Northwest University School of Health Sciences

Northwest University offers an intensive faith-based 16-month ABSN program focused on leadership, innovation, and care across communities. Students gain advanced clinical competency while also cultivating the values necessary to guide meaningful change within the nursing field.

Standout qualities of Northwest University’s ABSN program include:

  • 650+ hours of clinical practicum experience across various care settings
  • Interdisciplinary, team-based approach focused oncoordinating care
  • Mentorship network providing individualized support throughout program
  • Commitment to innovation anchored in deep respect for human dignity
  • Emphasis on cultural awareness, advocacy, and servant leadership

By integrating pioneering academics with supportive spiritual guidance and clinical immersion, Northwest University’s ABSN program produces graduates ready to lead nursing practice innovations while also demonstrating Christ-centered caring for all people and populations.

6. Bastyr University Department of Nursing

For students seeking an alternative, holistic approach to nursing education, Bastyr University offers a 15-month ABSN program infused with natural medicine and integrated care training. Students benefit from the latest advancements in both conventional and complementary medicine.

Unique aspects defining Bastyr University’s ABSN curriculum:

  • Clinical training in both allopathic and natural medicine models
  • Co-mingling of nurses and nurse practitioners with naturopathic doctors
  • Focus on patient-centered care and integrative interventions
  • Food as medicine, herbal therapies, mind-body techniques and more
  • Hybrid online/in-person course options

Emphasizing the inextricable link between mind, body and spirit, Bastyr’s ABSN program positions graduates to provide truly holistic nursing care that addresses the complete needs of patients and communities. With an integrative skillset, students support resilience and healing through conventional and natural modalities.

7. Everett Community College

For students in Snohomish County looking for an affordable yet high-quality ABSN program, Everett Community College (EvCC) offers an acclaimed mix of advanced coursework and clinical immersion close to home. Graduates enter the local workforce ready to provide exceptional care.

Key advantages of EvCC’s ABSN curriculum include:

  • Affordable tuition with easy credit transfer options
  • Local care facilities providing 550+ hours of clinical practicum
  • Advanced simulations preparing students for diverse patient cases
  • Support services and mentoring tailored to each student’s needs
  • Emphasis on evidence-based interventions and quality improvement

EvCC’s experienced nursing faculty focuses on developing students’ critical thinking abilities and clinical judgment required in fast-paced healthcare environments. With strong connections across Snohomish County care facilities, the program allows students to train and establish professional relationships within the communities they aim to serve.

8. Bellevue College

Bellevue College offers an acclaimed 18-month ABSN program focused on clinical excellence, leadership, and nursing practice advancement. Students work with expert nurse educators and leading regional care facilities to gain advanced nursing competencies.

Distinguishing features of Bellevue College‘s ABSN curriculum:

  • Rotations across elite hospitals including Overlake Medical Center
  • Cutting-edge simulation facility with high-fidelity manikins
  • Interdisciplinary education model centered around patient outcomes
  • Mentorship network providing individualized student support
  • Options to pursue additional nursing specializations

With a dynamic, student-centered learning model leveraging Bellevue’s strong regional healthcare partners, graduates enter the field ready to provide exceptional care while also advancing nursing practice through leadership, policy change and innovation.

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