Achieving financial independence after divorce offers a fresh start

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Giving others control of your finances during marriage is never a good idea; however, in the name of love, we let it happen. But once you decide to take back control of your financial destiny, a whole new world will begin to open. You will start to use your inner talents, gifts, abilities and experiences to achieve a greater sense of freedom, sprinkled with happiness along the way. While the journey to creating your financial independence after divorce is not an easy one, it is an important one that lies solely on you.


Do acknowledge where you are in life

Acknowledging everything that is currently in your life can sometimes be unpleasant, but it is vital to the empowerment process. Understanding where you are right now will allow you to map out where you ultimately need to go.

Do map out your financial goals

Contractors take inventory of existing structures before they begin to demolish and rebuild because they need to decide what stays and what goes. And you must do the same. Map out how much money you have and how much income needs to be generated to give you financial security. Map out your financial goals, figure out how much you can invest and get to work

Do begin creating your own credit and financial history

Establishing financial freedom after divorce begins with completely separate finances. Be sure to cancel all joint credit cards and start establishing your own credit score and financial history. Put all financial institutions and creditors on notice that you are not responsible for any future debts. Know where every penny is and where it is going.

Do get excited about your life and take charge

Taking charge of your new world will bring more opportunities your way. Connect with mentors and financial coaches, and share your ideas, insights and tips with others. Stay focused on what you need to do to succeed financially.

Do follow your dreams of a new career or location

If you have always dreamed about living in another city, state or country, now is your chance to start making your dreams a reality. Find a job or career that makes you very happy or begin by volunteering to get your foot in the door. An active mind opens many doors. The key to creating your financial success is to take positive and well-calculated steps.


Do not feel sorry for yourself

The common mistake that many individuals make is to judge or evaluate their lives based on the line of work they are in -- or how much money they have. In fact, your self-esteem is not ignited by what you have or how much you have lost. On the contrary, it is based on what you do with what you have, which gives you a sense of independence. Stop sitting around feeling sorry for yourself. Remember that you are not dead. You still have a great deal of life to live.

Do not focus on what you lost and what your ex “got away with”

You have nothing to gain by continuing the conversation about what you don’t have or what you lost in the divorce. In fact, this only drains your emotions, which will lead to self-sabotaging actions. Instead, focus on what you do have and what you have gained in the divorce.

Do not embark on a spending spree

Shopping sprees are only temporary fixes to make you feel better. Once you see the bill, you will regret it immediately -- and it will take you back 10 steps. Be logical about your spending. Don’t waste time or money on things that do not support your new future goals.

Do not fall victim to the “shiny object syndrome”

Spreading yourself thin and following every money-making and investment tip can actually lead you to the exact thing that you are running away from. Instead, think very seriously about ideas, consult with an expert and make a firm decision.

Do not give up hope

Money is energy. The more powerful you stay, the more money you can make. Reflect on the great things that you have overcome and stay positive. Remember that the sky’s the limit when it comes to making money and creating your financial success. You are the only obstacle in the way. Never ever give up hope.

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You have what it takes to create the next chapter of your life. Each morning, you have the option to create your life -- or just do life. If you have enough money to invest, do your homework and start in a very small way. If not, just start working and gather knowledge to expand your wealth. Whatever path you choose, be proactive in the process.

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