20 Best Acting Programs In Riverside, CA (2023 Updated) – Save Our Schools March

Riverside, California is home to a vibrant performing arts scene, with numerous educational institutions offering exceptional acting training programs. From community colleges to private acting studios, aspiring actors have access to comprehensive courses and industry-focused instruction to hone their skills.

With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which programs are the best fit. To help narrow it down, here’s an overview highlighting 20 of the top-rated acting schools and programs in Riverside and the surrounding areas:

  1. University of California, Riverside

    • As one of the most prestigious universities in California, UC Riverside‘s theater program exposes students to rigorous academics and research opportunities. With access to professional caliber facilities like the UCR Theater, students gain practical stage experience.
  2. Moreno Valley College

    • With affordable tuition fees, Moreno Valley College empowers students to gain hands-on acting skills without breaking the bank. Students learn directly from faculty members with real industry experience.
  3. California Baptist University

    • Students seeking faith-based acting education benefit from California Baptist University‘s nurturing approach. With small class sizes led by dedicated instructors, students receive individualized attention tailored to their talents and interests.
  4. Fox Performing Arts Center

    • Located in the historic downtown Riverside, this non-profit venue allows both amateur and professional regional actors to sharpen their craft through an array of diverse community theater productions.
  5. John D’Aquino’s Actors Workshop

    • Run by an Emmy-nominated actor and director, this acting studio focuses on preparing students for the logistics of building an acting career. From audition techniques to networking guidance, students gain a competitive edge.
  6. Concorde Career College

    • Ideal for those interested in theater nursing or dental assistant acting roles, Concorde Career College uses simulation labs and externships to help students transition smoothly into healthcare acting jobs.
  7. UEI College

    • With accelerated diploma and associate degree acting options in fields like criminal justice and business, UEI College emphasizes relevant training. Students learn through practical application in small, supportive classes.
  8. Michelle Danner Acting Studio

    • Utilizing the Meisner Technique’s emphasis on instinct and authenticity, this acting studio offers an array of foundational to advanced acting classes and workshops with exposure to celebrity guest speakers.
  9. Clay Banks Studio International

    • Through comprehensive acting instruction focused on all facets of the profession, from audition preparation to vocal techniques, students gain the skills and confidence to Manifest their acting dreams into reality.
  10. Society Performers Academy

    • Students seeking intense focus on musical theatre acting training benefit from customized programs and exposure to Society Performers Academy’s professional connections and facilities.
  11. Riverside Bartending School

    • Aspiring actors gain invaluable experience interacting with patrons in real bar settings through this school’s extensive hands-on mixology and flare training. Students develop confidence, quick thinking and people skills.
  12. World Class Modeling Talent Studios

    • With intensive acting workshops focused on commercial and print modeling, television, and film, this program prepares aspiring actors to confidently audition and work in front of the camera.
  13. The Learning Experience

    • Future child actors receive a nurturing foundation through this early education program focused on developing social, emotional, and academically-aligned acting skills.
  14. The Afa Studio

    • Supporting actors in bringing imaginary scenes and characters to life begins early through Afa Studio’s foundational kids and teen acting classes focused on promoting creativity through positive reinforcement.
  15. Ontario Improv

    • Mastering the art of improvisational acting starts with Ontario Improv’s beginner-friendly comedy acting classes. Students learn collaboratively in a judgment-free environment.
  16. Ilumni Institute

    • Committed to excellence in education across various disciplines, Ilumni Institute empowers renaissance actors with versatile skillsets spanning technology, business, healthcare and other industries.
  17. Valverde School of Performing Arts

    • With over 30 years of experience providing performing arts education, Valverde School of Performing Arts offers comprehensive dance, music and theatre programs taught by practicing artists to equip well-rounded actors.
  18. Harvest Christian School

    • Dedicated to developing the hearts and minds of future generations, Harvest Christian School’s theatre arts program focuses on building character and creativity through faith-based acting instruction.
  19. N-Pac Norris Performing Arts Center

    • Bringing together passionate teaching artists and students driven to develop their artistic talents for over 30 years, N-Pac Norris Performing Arts Center offers beginner through advanced acting lessons.
  20. Musical Theatre Orange County

    • Providing ambitious musical theater performers with rigorous training in acting, voice and dance, Musical Theatre Orange County immerses students in technique-focused classes and experiential performance opportunities.

Riverside’s wealth of acting programs empowers aspiring thespians access training aligned with their experience levels, interests, educational goals and more. From developing foundational performance skills as a hobby to intensive industry-specific preparation for future Broadway stars, Riverside offers an acting education option suited for all dedicated students.

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