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Advice for detoxing with a raw vegan diet

Detox your body, mind, and spirit with a raw vegan diet this year. Transform your life and the way you see food by adopting a raw vegan detox diet. Follow this advice to help you on your detoxing journey.


Do start each day with a 32 oz glass of water

Hydrating is essential when one is trying to detox the body. Water helps flush out toxins, improve the digestion, clear the mind, and even aids in sleeping better. Drink a 32 oz glass of water first thing in the morning.

Do replace your breakfast with a fresh juice or smoothie

The best way to start the raw vegan diet is to replace at least one meal a day for a fresh juice or smoothie. This will be satisfying, refreshing, hydrating, and nourishing. This will give you the energy you need through the morning and will even put you in a better mood.

Do stay prepared

One way to stay on the raw vegan detox throughout the day is to be prepared at all times with fresh raw fruits and vegetables. Make sure to take apples, oranges, celery sticks, carrot slices, and cucumber everywhere you go so in case you’re hungry, you’re prepared and don’t fall into temptation of eating other foods.

Do eat lots of fruit

Begin to look at fruit as a meal not just a snack or dessert. Fruit is full of vitamins, water, and fiber, a whole food packed with goodness and lots of flavor. Eating enough fruit during the day will keep you from veering off and eating other unhealthy foods. It is best to eat fruit before meals because if eaten afterwards, they can ferment and disturb the digestion process.

Do stay motivated

Always keep your goal in mind when following the raw vegan diet. Eating a raw vegan diet may bring up a lot of emotions and cravings for foods. Breathe deeply and remind yourself why you’re on this new path of following a raw vegan diet, why you want to detox your body. Remember it’s not all about the food, every thought becomes an action. Stay positive and cancel negative thoughts, this is an amazing gift you’re giving yourself!


Do not judge yourself

It’s easy to judge oneself when one is embarking on a new diet. Remind yourself that this is your personal journey, enjoy and learn from the process. Stay inspired and engage in deep breathing, yoga, prayer, and meditation to relieve any stress or anxiety.

Do not drink caffeine

Part of the detox process is to remove all addictive and stimulating substances. Caffeine gives you the impression to have more energy but what is actually happening is that your body is going on alert mode and working a lot more than it normally does, expending much more energy, resulting in a crash of energy afterwards.

Do not eat animal protein

Animal protein can be very acidic, toxic, low in fiber content and difficult to digest. You will be obtaining the protein you need from eating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Do not stay sedentary

Staying active and engaging in exercise is very important when following the raw vegan diet. Daily activity will keep you energized, motivated and strengthen you. Even a brisk 30 minute walk daily will make a big difference. Make an effort to build up and improve your physical endurance.

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It is very important to stay inspired, educated, and find support when starting the a raw vegan detox. Know that healing your body takes time but your body will respond and the benefits will be much greater in the end. By following a raw vegan diet, you are giving your body the foods it was designed to eat in order to thrive!

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