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Advice for hiring an integrated facility services company

Many business owners and office managers are looking to consolidate when it comes to partners who provide facility services like commercial cleaning, HVAC work, landscaping services, etc. Instead of relying on multiple companies who handle one specific piece of the facility maintenance puzzle, these office decision makers are seeking out integrated facility services companies who can take care of it all. Here are the top dos and don’ts you should keep in mind as you seek out your first (or next) integrated facility services partner.


Do your homework and research on all companies

All facility services companies are not the same, so they shouldn’t be treated the same. Do your due diligence and find out all the facts you can before you talk to the company. That way you can go in with your eyes open.

Do solicit bids

Solicit bids from more than one company to compare price and services offered. By doing so you are able to explore your options. Then you can make the decision based on your needs and values, not because they’re the only option.

Do check references of companies and use one reference that is from a former customer

Talking to a company’s current and former customers gives you an outside, unbiased perspective on the company. Find out why their current customers continue to use them, what results are being delivered, and why they would recommend them. Along with talking to current customers, talk with a former customer. Find out why they no longer use that company for their facility services and what kind of relationship they had during their business together.

Do identify clear expectations and set a scope of work before soliciting bids or contracting with a company

Know what kind of service you are looking for and what your facility needs before soliciting a bid. This is beneficial to both you and the company you are soliciting the bid from. By setting a scope of work beforehand the company providing a bid can tailor a proposal to your specific needs and can also deliver more than one proposal (one including additional services you may not have thought of and one excluding things you may not need in order to lower the cost).

Do have a plan from the facility service company on quality assurance checks and reviews of services

Make sure the company you hire has a plan in place to meet with you on a monthly basis (or more often if needed) to review their services. That is the place where you can give them feedback and the company can check in on your needs. This is an important plan to have in place with your facility services company because it fosters a good relationship and keeps your needs front and center.


Do not go with the lowest price - there is a reason they are low

Choose better service over lower price. High-quality, customized services will be more beneficial for you than the cheapest services when looking at the big picture and the final result. That’s because, even though a company may be more expensive, they are improving your facility over time to be a healthier and more productive office. Consider it more of an investment than an expense.

Do not be blinded by the shiny objects

Make sure you analyze the details and qualities that the company brings to the table. Do they have real substance? What is their mission statement? Is it all glitz and glam? A great facility services company doesn’t need to sugarcoat their services to get you to hire them. Their results will speak for themselves.

Do not let them sell you a service you wont need

If you don’t think it’s a service you need or one your business will benefit from, don’t be sold on it. If you come to find out later that it is a service you need, add it into the scope of work.

Do not accept their promises as facts - only the facts are true

Many companies say they do this or that, make sure they actually do that work. Check their current and former customers and do your research to find out what the real facts are.

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In summary, finding a great facility services company can seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be! That’s because the right company for your business will be easy to find when you do your research, talk to their customers, and keep your mind open. Remember to always seek out the cold hard facts about the company and you’ll be sure to find a reliable, integrated facility services company to handle all your needs.

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