What To Do When You Receive An Empty Amazon Package in 2024

As an expert in retail and consumer issues, I often help people figure out what to do when they receive an empty package from Amazon. This can be surprising and frustrating when you‘ve been waiting for your order, but it does happen occasionally. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll explain why you might get an empty Amazon box, the best way to handle it, and tips to stop it from happening again.

Key Reasons for Empty Amazon Packages

There are four main reasons you might receive an empty package from Amazon:

  1. Fulfillment Errors: With millions of packages shipped per day, occasional errors happen in Amazon‘s fulfillment centers where a box is sealed without an item inside. While rare, it‘s the most common reason for empty packages.

  2. Porch Theft: A dishonest person may steal the contents of the package after delivery. This is an increasing problem, with over 210 million packages stolen from porches in 2022.

  3. Brushing Scam: In a "brushing" scam, an Amazon seller sends an empty package to post false reviews and boost sales. While concerning, this represented less than 0.1% of shipments in 2022 according to an Amazon spokesperson.

  4. Incorrect Delivery: The package could have been delivered to you by mistake and intended for another customer.

Steps to Take When You Receive an Empty Package

Don‘t worry – if you get an empty Amazon box, taking the following steps can help resolve the issue promptly:

  1. Match the Tracking Number – Check that the tracking number on the package matches your Amazon order number. If not, it was likely a mistaken delivery.

  2. Contact the Seller – If buying from a 3rd party, reach out to the seller via Amazon to report the empty box. They are responsible for replacements.

  3. Talk to Amazon Customer Service – If shipped by Amazon, report the empty package to get a refund or replacement. Have your order number ready.

  4. Consider Porch Theft – If you suspect porch pirates, contact the police and consider added security measures.

  5. Report Scams – If you think it‘s a brushing scam, report the empty package to Amazon and the FTC.

  6. Inspect Packages Promptly – Try to inspect future packages as soon as possible after delivery.

What to Expect From Amazon

When you contact Amazon about an empty package problem, here‘s what typically happens:

  • They will likely issue an immediate refund, often without requiring you to return the box.

  • For multiple issues, they may ask you to return empty boxes before refunding.

  • Amazon wants to keep customers happy, so they‘ll act quickly to make it right.

According to Amazon, less than 1% of shipments have problems that require refunds or replacements. They have specialized teams to promptly assist customers with package issues.

Reason for Empty PackageWhat To Do
Fulfillment ErrorContact Amazon Customer Service
Porch TheftAdd security measures
Brushing ScamReport to Amazon and FTC
Incorrect DeliveryNotify Amazon of error

Preventing Empty Packages in the Future

To help avoid opening another empty Amazon box, try these tips:

  • Require signatures on expensive item deliveries

  • Use Amazon pickup lockers for package security

  • Open packages promptly after delivery

  • Add security cameras or motion-activated lights to deter theft

  • Trust sellers with high ratings and large numbers of reviews

As an industry expert, I recommend rigorously inspecting orders at fulfillment centers and conducting worker training to prevent human errors. For customers, being vigilant with package tracking and prompt inspection after delivery can also reduce problems.

With the rise in e-commerce shipments, empty package issues may occur more often. But Amazon provides refunds to make it right, and there are many ways to reduce chances of opening an empty box. I hope these tips help you know what to do if it happens and prevent headaches going forward. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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