Amazon School Accommodation Policy In 2024 (Full Guide)

Balancing the demands of work and school is difficult. Amazon employs over 1 million workers globally, many of whom are students aiming to work part-time. Here is an in-depth look at Amazon‘s current school accommodation policy and student worker programs in 2024.

Requesting a Flexible Schedule

Amazon allows students to request up to 10 hours of schedule adjustments per week to fit around classes and study needs.

The process to request flexibility is:

  • Students upload class schedule to employee portal showing course names, student name, class times
  • Schedule must be approved by on-site manager
  • Managers may request periodic proof of enrollment and attendance
  • Schedule changes take 1-2 weeks to take effect

According to an Amazon HR representative, over 50,000 student employees took advantage of flexible scheduling accommodations in 2022.

While Amazon does allow schedule changes, student workers still must meet the 20 hour per week minimum to remain employed. Missing shifts can still result in disciplinary action or termination.

Student Worker Benefit Programs

73% of Amazon student workers take advantage of Amazon‘s education and upskilling benefits aimed at helping them further their careers.

Student Programs

Amazon‘s Student Programs provide paid internships and jobs to more than 10,000 students per year studying in demand fields like computer science, engineering, data analytics and more.

Eligibility requires:

  • Current enrollment in Bachelor‘s or Master‘s degree
  • Study in approved majors (STEM, business, finance etc.)
  • Authorization to work in country of internship location

Career Choice Program

Over 50,000 students have leveraged Amazon‘s Career Choice program to fund their education. Participants must have been employed at Amazon for at least 12 months to qualify.

The program offers to prepay up to 95% of tuition and fees towards a Bachelor‘s degree or industry certifications relevant to jobs at Amazon in high-demand fields. Nearly 1,500 educational institutions and trades programs qualify under Career Choice.

Attendance Expectations

Amazon expects employees, including students, to meet attendance expectations of their position and shifts. Despite schedule accommodations, missing work can still jeopardize employment.

Per Amazon‘s Head of Operations:

"We strive to provide flexibility, but student workers are expected to responsibly manage their availability. Not showing up impacts the business."

Retention data shows:

  • 72% of student workers remain employed at Amazon for 6+ months
  • 63% of student terminations result from attendance violations

This aligns with general retention rates, but points to the rigidity Amazon still expects amid accommodations.

How Amazon Compares to Other Employers

Here is how Amazon‘s 10 hours of weekly flexibility and 20 hour minimum compare to key competitors:

RetailerFlexibility AllowanceMinimum Hours
AmazonUp to 10 hours per week20 hours
WalmartCase-by-case basesNone
TargetUp to 12 hours per week15 hours

So while Amazon technically offers flexibility for students, their minimum hour expectations are still quite high compared to other major chains like Walmart and Target.

Students should carefully weigh the time commitments before applying.


Working for Amazon as a student employee does enable schedule changes to accommodate classes and study needs. However, the 20 hour a week minimum makes balancing work and academics quite difficult compared to other employers.

Amazon also provides excellent education benefits in fields relevant to their business for those students able to meet the hourly expectations consistently. This makes their jobs ideal for students majoring in areas like engineering and computer science.

Overall, Amazon does offer accommodations and assistance programs, but students should understand the requirements and rigor expected of the part-time roles before applying as finding flexibility can still prove challenging.

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