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Auto insurance protects you and other drivers on the the road

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When you’re driving, you should be able to take solace in the fact that you are a safe driver and you have auto insurance. When you are aware of the environment around you and any safety hazards, auto insurance becomes a backup in case of an accident. Getting safely from one place to another, especially during wintertime, sometimes doesn’t work out as we’d hoped.


Do invest in auto insurance

Most states require some form of auto insurance as a way to protect you and any injuries you may cause while driving. Your insurance agent should know the best deals for the type of coverage you need. With the many different insurance plans out there, you should not have any difficulty finding one that’s right for you. Look around online and in your area for insurance providers, also ask friends and family what insurance provider they use.

Do buy liability coverage

This may seem like an extra cost but it isn’t that much more per month to give you the liability coverage you need. You should have the same amount of liability coverage for your car as you do for your home. Say your home liability insurance is $300,000. You should set at least the same amount of coverage for your car. One other thing you should be cognizant of is the possibility of being sued. Be aware of how much people can sue you for if you cause an accident and adjust your liability coverage accordingly.

Do take steps to reduce lawsuit risk

There are several steps you can take to avoid lawsuits. Don't drive while impaired, such as being under the influence of alcohol, drugs - including medication, or lack of sleep. Obey all traffic laws, even if they seem ridiculous, because something as simple as using your turn signal may be what keeps you from being at fault in an accident. When you buy your car, make sure all its safety features are installed and in working condition.

Do be aware of any driving hazards

Wintertime can be a dangerous time of year to drive with snow, rain, wind, and ice. Stay vigilant in the case of bad weather. This may require snow tires or perhaps just staying home if the weather is bad. Make sure you change your windshield wipers every 6-12 months depending on the weather conditions where you live. Also, keep a close eye on your tire tread so that you can safely navigate through snow, rain or ice.

Do review your state driving laws

Each state may have a different policy on how they cover medical payments after an accident. Some driving laws may also be different as well as the types of policies offered and what the insurance company will cover. For example, if you live in California and need a new windshield, the state requires the insurance company to waive the deductible. In other states, comprehensive coverage may be required if you want the insurance company to pick up the cost of replacing a windshield.


Do not forget the ways you can save

Does your insurance company offer discounts? They usually won’t tell you straight up so it’s your job to inquire about any potential savings. See if they offer any credits if you’re a good driver or if you have safety features like airbags in your car. Check with your insurance agent to see what savings you can receive on your next bill.

Do not avoid regular auto checkups

Regular maintenance is extremely important for cars just like it is for other technology. An auto technician can tell if everything is in working order or if certain parts need to be replaced. This will increase both the value and the lifespan of your car. You make an investment when you purchase a car, so it is in your best interest to keep it running as long as possible.

Do not be ignorant to scams

Know how to tell an insurance scam from the real thing, be aware so you can prevent being a victim. There are several websites available that detail the most popular auto scams and how you can prevent them. These can include staged accidents, phantom victims, and even fake injury claims.

Do not be leery of shopping around

You want to get the best deal with the best coverage so don’t be afraid to call different auto insurance companies to compare their coverage and plans. Your insurance agent can be very instrumental since they also value you as their customer. You should always look into what other insurance companies are charging for similar plans because you want the best coverage, for a reasonable price.

Do not check to who is a covered driver on the policy

This way if someone separates from the household, they’ll still be covered under the policy until a time when they can set up their own. Always read your insurance policy closely because there may be some things included or excluded that you were not aware of. Being knowledgeable about your policy will help you later on.

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Many people just get the basic auto insurance coverage and ignore all the other benefits they can gain for just a little more cost each year. If you are going to be paying for coverage every month, tailor your policy to cover what’s most important to you. As always, be safe and obey traffic laws when driving to protect yourself and others from a potentially tragic accident.

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