Beat the cold and flu this season with natural remedies

It’s that time of year when we try to avoid everyone with a sniffle or a sneeze in hopes of staying well. With everyone getting sick with the cold and flu, it is important to keep your immune system healthy and functioning properly. If you do get the bug, however, here is some advice for natural remedies to help you get better.


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  • wash your hands
  • up the nutrition
  • hit the homeopathics
  • get plenty of fluids
  • decrease your stress

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  • get too paranoid about germs
  • run for antibiotics
  • just push through
  • assume it’s all physical
  • forget to take control

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Do wash your hands

It’s basic but true, especially after you’ve been touching highly exposed things like railings, ATMs, subway poles, etc. The virus can be live for many hours on a surface, so keeping your hands washed will help. And in the mean time, don’t touch your eyes and face.

Do up the nutrition

Boosting nutrition can help strengthen your immune system. Eat right, add vitamins and minerals like C, D and Zinc. And get plenty of rest when you need it.

Do hit the homeopathics

Homeopathics are a safe and effective system of medicine. You can see a qualified practitioner to get one specific remedy for you or head to a local store to get a combination remedy, which is a collection of the most commonly used substances for a specific illness. For example, you could buy one called Colds or Headache. A great one for the flu is Oscillococcinum. Works for me every time!

Do get plenty of fluids

Keeping up with hydration can actually thin the mucous in the lungs and sinuses, thus allowing it to move out of the body easier. Water, teas and natural juices are a must when you’re congested (avoid soda and milk). And by keeping the mucous thin, it might help keep you from getting congested in the first place.

Do decrease your stress

Stress decreases our immune system’s ability to fight off disease. The less stress, the stronger your defenses. And getting stressed out about getting sick, is definitely not the way to go. Stay relaxed and calm.

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Do not get too paranoid about germs

As much as we want to protect ourselves, getting paranoid about every little germ is not healthy either. If your immune system is strong, germs should be able to come and go without causing illness. Some disagree with the germ theory of disease and instead look to the terrain of our bodies.

Do not run for antibiotics

With a cold or flu, antibiotics aren’t going to help. In fact, we are seeing more and more cases of antibiotic resistant illnesses from overuse. Consult your physician and only take antibiotics as prescribed for bacterial infections.

Do not just push through

When we get sick, we are feverish, achy and feel like crud for a reason. It’s the body’s way of saying, “Hey, lay down…you need to rest!” Don’t push through or you will prolong your illness. Listen to the signals that your body is providing and rest when you need it.

Do not assume it’s all physical

Remember the mind/body connection and that stress contributes to illness and being unhappy can make us sick. Examine your life and emotions at this point in time and monitor your stress levels and mood. Do you find yourself getting sick over the holidays when stressful family visits occur? Is it work stress or on some unconscious level do you want to get out of something?

Do not forget to take control

By using affirmations and visualization we can change our physiology. Saying, “I am healthy and well. My immune system is strong and resilient,” can make a difference. As can visualizing our immune system heading to the area of illness battling it, or angels swooping in or ice melting, whatever image works for you.


Hopefully you will find yourself healthy and well this year, but if not, try out some of these tips above to help you get better. Staying hydrated and taking natural remedies is important, but also remember to take control and listen to the signals that your body is telling you. And most importantly, get some rest!

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