The Top Online High Schools In Texas For 2023

Texas offers a wide variety of accredited and high-quality online high schools that provide flexibility and strong academics. As an education expert, I have conducted thorough research to determine the top online high school programs in Texas for 2024 based on factors such as curriculum, teacher quality, student outcomes, and more.

Benefits of Online High Schools in Texas

Choosing an online high school in Texas provides many advantages:

Flexibility and Convenience

Online programs allow students to learn on their own schedule and from any location. This is extremely beneficial for those with health issues, jobs, extracurriculars, or transportation challenges. According to a 2021 study, 85% of online high school students say flexibility is a top benefit.

Self-Paced Learning

Texas‘ online high schools enable self-paced education where students can accelerate through mastered material and dedicate more time to challenging topics. This promotes strong time management and independent learning skills.

College Prep Focus

Many online schools offer abundant AP courses, dual credit opportunities, and college counseling to get a head start on higher education. For example, Texas Tech University K-12 provides college prep electives on study skills, admissions tests, scholarships, and more.

Smaller Class Sizes

The student-to-teacher ratio in Texas‘ online high schools is often smaller than traditional schools. This enables more personalized feedback and attention from teachers.

High-Quality Curriculum

Online programs have rigorous courses aligned with state standards and taught by certified teachers. Instruction incorporates multimedia and technology for an engaging education.

Accreditation for Online Schools in Texas

When researching online high schools, parents and students should verify accreditation by these Texas organizations:

Texas Education Agency (TEA)

As the state education authority, TEA accreditation confirms an online public high school provides quality instruction and curriculum on par with standards across Texas.


Formerly AdvancED, Cognia reviews factors like leadership, instruction, and student performance to accredit schools nationwide. Their stamp of approval is recognized by postsecondary institutions across the country.

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)

SACS accreditation represents high achievement in learning environments and readiness for college. Graduates from SACS-accredited Texas schools can confidently apply to competitive colleges and universities.

Top Online Public High Schools in Texas

For those seeking a tuition-free online high school, these TEA-accredited public schools rise to the top in Texas:

Texas Virtual Academy

This public school offers personalized learning plans tailored to every student‘s strengths and weaknesses. It provides the state curriculum through engaging online instruction led by Texas-certified teachers.

In 2019-2020, Texas Virtual Academy had a 92% graduation rate versus the state average of 90%, showing strong academic outcomes.

ResponsiveEd eSchool

ResponsiveEd boasts a comprehensive course catalog with abundant AP classes and instructors specially trained in online delivery. The school is tuition-free since it‘s public, but charges fees for electives, AP courses, curriculum materials, and technology.

It reports a 92% graduation rate and high college acceptance rates thanks to strong academics and college counseling services.

Texas Tech University K-12

This TEA-accredited school utilizes TTU‘s professors to develop quality curriculum aligned to state standards. All teachers are Texas-certified in their subjects with specialized online teaching training.

Over 95% of students were accepted to 2 or 4-year universities in 2021, demonstrating excellent college preparation.

Connections Academy Texas

This tuition-free public school provides the equivalent of 180 instructional days through flexible online classes. It offers AP courses, electives, and extracurricular clubs for a well-rounded education.

The school reports above-average standardized test scores thanks to quality curriculum and instruction. Over 90% of graduates plan to attend college.

Top Online Private High Schools in Texas

For families seeking alternatives to public schools, these are top-rated private online programs with national accreditation:

Keystone National High School

Keystone is accredited by Cognia to confirm its curriculum satisfies national quality standards. It offers over 170 courses including abundant AP classes. The classes are facilitated by teachers with 60+ hours of pro development.

Impressively, 100% of Keystone graduates in 2021 got accepted to a college or university.

Liberty University Online Academy

This private Christian school combines rigorous academics, electives, and Bible literacy for well-rounded college preparation. Liberty is regionally accredited with coursework equivalent to a public school diploma.

The academy has a 92% graduation rate and provides college counseling to make sure every graduate pursues higher education.

Penn Foster High School

Penn Foster maintains national accreditation through Cognia and has served online students for over 125 years. Students enjoy personalized academic plans with flexible pacing and direct access to teachers.

Over 70% of students go on to postsecondary education after earning a Penn Foster diploma. They offer job search assistance too.

Laurel Springs School

This accredited private school is designed around each student‘s strengths with customized schedules and self-paced work. Laurel Springs offers college counseling and diverse AP courses for ambitious students.

The school reports average SAT scores over 1300 and a 100% college acceptance rate for graduates seeking higher education.

Choosing the Best Online High School in Texas

Evaluating the following aspects will lead students to the right online school:

Learning Style

Consider whether you prefer working independently or collaborating with peers. Do you thrive with structure or flexibility? Identifying ideal learning conditions can point to schools that are a good match.

Academic Outcomes

Compare graduation rates, test scores, college acceptances and merit scholarships earned across schools. This indicates how well they academically prepare students.

Curriculum Offerings

Look for variety in core subjects, electives, AP courses, languages, technology, arts, and other specialties. Ensure courses meet personal interests and align with future college/career goals.

Teacher Engagement

The right school offers regular teacher interaction for learning support via online office hours, feedback on assignments, progress monitoring, etc. Student reviews often reveal responsiveness of instructional staff.

Accreditation Status

Confirm accreditation by TEA, Cognia or SACS to guarantee schools adhere to quality standards. This legitimizes the education and recognizes credits earned by colleges nationwide.


Earning an online high school diploma can provide quality academics and flexibility through leading programs like Texas Virtual Academy, ResponsiveEd eSchool, Keystone National, and more. These schools offer engaging technology-enhanced curriculum facilitated by certified teachers who support personalized success.

I hope this guide provides parents and students the insights needed to determine which top accredited online high school in Texas best fits their learning profile and aspirations for the future. Please reach out with any other questions!

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