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Boost your resume and job search with an authentic video resume

The paper resume is dead. To get a job, you need a video resume. Take it seriously, but also don’t be too formal. With a video resume you have the opportunity to show who you are and why you are right for the job, so be authentic and be confident.


Do take it seriously

The video resume is the new way companies look at and screen candidates. The paper resume is dead, so treat your video as a very important tool to getting a job. The video resume is not a home video that is made for fun and is posted on Youtube, it is a serious job acquiring tool. So dress like you are applying for a job, and treat your video resume like it is the most important thing the hiring manager will look at when screening applicants.

Do plan it out

Make sure you know what you want to say before saying it. Plan out your video and keep it concise and to the point. Write down things that you want to say, practice it ahead of time, and keep your notes in front of you so that they are easily accessible if you forget something. Because you are the one creating the video, you can create multiple takes and choose which one you think works best.

Do get it criticized

Before posting your video resume, show it to loved ones and friends, get them to give you valuable criticism. If there is something that really negatively stands out, fix it. You do not want your bad video to go viral, nor do you want mistakes.

Do promote it

When you have finished your video resume and are ready to post it to the world make sure you promote it. Publish it on career appropriate sites and send it to companies you are interested in working for. The video resume is your opportunity to sell yourself to a company so use it as such. Don’t just have it sit on your computer without anyone knowing about it.

Do keep it short

After you have completed the video resume, the last thing to remember is to make sure it’s short. Keep it to a maximum of 60 seconds. We live in an era where people mentally turn off after 45 seconds. Don’t, I repeat, don’t, have a prolonged video of anything past 60 seconds.


Do not improvise

A video resume is not a stream of consciousness. Make an outline, be concise, know what you want to say, and stick to the script. Improvising is just going to make you go off track of what really matters, what you can bring to the company that you are applying for.

Do not be someone you are not

Never imitate or be someone you aren’t. You are presenting yourself to a potential employer, so be yourself and be authentic. Showing a potential job someone that you are not, is only going to make it worse when you get that first interview you are hoping for.

Do not be too formal

Formality is the essence of the paper resume. A video resume gives you the opportunity to add value, tell a story about yourself, and highlight your skills or something that you are proud of. Being authentic is key to convincing employers that you are a perfect fit.

Do not take yourself too seriously

Its not about what you say, but more about how you say it. Don’t come across as rigid and don’t be afraid to incorporate some appropriate humor. But also make sure that you aren’t forcing a personality that isn’t you.

Do not forget to leave your contact information

Remember to leave your contact information including phone numbers and an email address. A video resume is useless unless the hiring company knows how to contact you.

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Video resumes are the new way to find a career. Without one, you will be left behind in the competitive job hunting market. Keep this advice in mind, and good luck in your job search.

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