What’s The Song That Goes I Woke Up In A New Bugatti?

The song that goes “I woke up in a new Bugatti” is indeed “Bugatti” by Ace Hood. This song features fellow American rappers Future and Rick Ross. The line “I woke up in a new Bugatti” is part of the chorus and is one of the most recognizable lyrics in the song.

The song was released in 2013 and is from Ace Hood's fourth studio album, “Trials & Tribulations”.

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“Bugatti” is a song by American rapper Ace Hood featuring fellow American rappers Future and Rick Ross.

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“Bugatti” by Ace Hood featuring Future and Rick Ross stands out as one of the most iconic trap anthems of the early 2010s. With its infectious boast about waking up in luxury, A-list features, and over-the-top music video, “Bugatti” encapsulates everything about rap's obsession with extravagance in the social media era. This comprehensive guide will break down the history, lyrics, music video, cultural impact, and legacy of Ace Hood's defining hit.

Table of Contents

  • The Creation of a Trap Masterpiece
  • Decoding the Chart-Topping Lyrics
  • The Bombastic Music Video That Took Over MTV
  • “Bugatti” Launches Ace Hood to New Heights
  • How a Luxury Anthem Stays Timeless
  • The Catalog of Songs That Sampled “Bugatti”
  • Memes, Viral Moments & the Power of Social Media
  • The Rise of Luxury Rap in Hip Hop

The Creation of a Trap Masterpiece

“Bugatti” was crafted by an elite team of hip hop hitmakers in early 2013 to be the lead single for Ace Hood's studio album Trials & Tribulations:

  • Written by: Ace Hood, Future, Rick Ross, and producers Harry Fraud and Mike WiLL Made It
  • Produced by: Mike WiLL Made It (known for “Mercy,” “No Lie”), with co-production by Harry Fraud (frequent French Montana collaborator)
  • Recorded at: Several studios across Miami, Atlanta, and New York through 2012-2013
  • Mike WiLL Made It built the booming trap beat around a thick synth line sampled from Arabic music.
  • Ace Hood came up with the initial hook and chorus while freestyling in the studio.
  • The beat and lyrics came together quickly, signaling they had a banger.

After the instrumental was locked in, Ace Hood laid down his rap verses and hook. Future and Rick Ross later contributed their own guest verses tailored to the luxury theme. All the ingredients were there for a huge single to kick off Ace Hood's album rollout.

Decoding the Chart-Topping Lyrics

Let's break down the standout lyrics that make “Bugatti” so endlessly quotable:

[Hook: Ace Hood]

“I woke up in a new Bugatti”

Right from the jump, this hook cements the song's thesis statement about living the high life. Waking up in a brand new luxury sports car paints a vivid picture.

[Verse 1: Ace Hood]

“Black card is my business card / 100k all in hundreds, yeah bitch I'm paid”

Ace Hood uses his black American Express and massive cash stack as shorthand for his wealth. He emphasizes the money is all in $100 bills for maximum flex.

“My whip came with a blunt in it / 20k I bought a slip just to run in it”

More luxury car talk here – he's so rich his new car came pre-rolled with a blunt inside. The slip refers to a paper license plate which allows you temporarily drive a new car off the lot immediately after buying it.

“All of your money just ain't a damn thing”

A criticism of haters who may have money, but still don't compare to his level of wealth. This line embodies the competitive nature of rap boasting.

[Verse 2: Ace Hood]

“Ran through your city in a Buggatti Veyron”

Name-dropping the specific model Bugatti coupe he's driving, the $1.7 million Veyron. This shows his familiarity with high-end cars.

“Trunk hit hard like Kimbo Slice”

He compares his car's thumping sound system bass to the powerful punches of MMA fighter Kimbo Slice. Vivid wordplay.

“I think I'm Bugatti Rick Flair / WOOOOO! I'm puffing indo in the air”

Compares himself to pro wrestling icon Ric Flair (notorious for his “Woooo!” yell) while rhyming about smoking marijuana.

[Verse 3: Future]

True to form, Future uses a melodic flow and imagery about sex, drugs, and the strip club – providing a contrast to Ace Hood's technical bars. His most quotable line:

“Them other rappers sweet as cinnamon”

Dismisses other rappers for being soft like cinnamon compared to his own hardcore style. Great simile.

[Verse 4: Rick Ross]

The biggest boss closes out the song with a short 16 bars filled with lavish boasts:

“Once had dreams, no, nightmares, true / Woke up in a cold sweat like, “Who?” / Then I realized what I had to do”

Ross reflects on his early struggles before getting rich, a common theme in his verses. His trademark grunts punctuate the point.

The Bombastic Music Video That Took Over MTV

Directed by Gil Green, the cinematic music video brought the opulent lyrics from “Bugatti” to life in dramatic fashion. With its celebrity cameos, fast cars, private jets, and scenes of excess, the video became a cultural event, amplifying the song's popularity. Some highlights:

  • Lavish mansions where Ace Hood and others perform, including one with a tank of sharks
  • Slow motion shots of Ace Hood speeding a Bugatti Veyron through city streets
  • Cameos from DJ Khaled, Meek Mill, T.I., French Montana, Yo Gotti, and more
  • Scenes set in Palm Beach, Florida featuring yachts, private jets, luxury pools, and tropical scenery
  • Rick Ross performing while getting a manicure in an all-white room while beautiful women dance around him
  • The video famously ends with a car being driven into a lavish pool

The over-the-top images cemented “Bugatti” as more than just a song – it was a cultural event. As of today, the video has over 180 million views on YouTube.

“Bugatti” Launches Ace Hood to New Heights

“Bugatti” became Ace Hood's biggest hit and a career-defining moment:

  • Ace Hood's first single to reach the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 – it peaked at #29
  • Remains his highest charting song, spending 16 weeks on the Hot 100
  • Parent album Trials & Tribulations debuted at #4 on Billboard 200
  • RIAA certified 2x Platinum – Ace Hood's highest selling single to date
  • Opened him up to new audiences beyond his hip hop core base
  • Greatly increased his profile and marketability for tours, endorsements, TV appearances
  • Solidified the trap sound and luxurious themes as his signature style

Thanks to this crossover smash, Ace Hood transformed from a mixtape rapper to a mainstream commercial force and household name.

How a Luxury Anthem Stays Timeless

“Bugatti” remains popular on streaming and radio over a decade after its release:

  • One of Ace Hood's most streamed songs with over 300 million Spotify streams
  • Still referenced constantly in hip hop lyrics and widely played in DJ sets
  • Ubiquitous on hip hop playlists celebrating the best trap hits of the 2010s
  • Has inspired endless social media clips, TikTok dances, viral moments keeping it relevant
  • Serves as the blueprint for modern “flex rap” focused on flaunting luxury
  • Reminds the new generation of hip hop fans of the genre's obsession with aspiration

As long as artists keep pushing the boundaries of conspicuous consumption, “Bugatti” will remain the gold standard.

The Catalog of Songs That Sampled “Bugatti”

Dozens of tracks have sampled, quoted, or paid homage to “Bugatti” over the years. Here are some prominent examples:

  • “Uproar” by Lil Wayne (2018) – Uses the “Bugatti” beat and references waking up in a Bugatti
  • “Bugatti Biebs” by Justin Bieber (2021) – Full tribute track about his own Bugatti
  • “Bugatti Remix” by Tyga (2013) – Repurposes the lyrics in a West Coast remix
  • “24 Hours” remix by Tee Grizzley (2017) – Mentions waking up in a Bugatti just like Ace Hood
  • “Bugatti” by Trey Songz – R&B remix crooned from a romantic perspective
  • “Me and Bugatti Baby” by Lil Baby – Atlanta rapper compares himself to the Ace Hood classic
  • “Bugatti” by Diamonté – Pop singer gives the lyrics a melodic twist

And countless more songs contain smaller lyrical references and interpolations showing the lasting impact “Bugatti” has had on hip hop.

Memes, Viral Moments & the Power of Social Media

On apps like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, “Bugatti” has become the soundtrack to endless memes and viral content:

  • The hashtag #Bugatti has over 700 million views on TikTok with users dancing and lip-syncing to the song
  • Lyrics like “I woke up in a new Bugatti” are widely quoted in captioned reaction memes and tweets
  • Instagram clips of people posing in/with Bugattis frequently use the song
  • Remixed clips of the music video with added captions and effects have spread as memes
  • Fans recreate the music video on a budget using everything from toy cars to motorized coolers

This humorous user-generated content has helped introduce “Bugatti” to Gen Z and kept it culturally relevant. No other rap song about cars has had the same social media impact.

The Rise of Luxury Rap in Hip Hop

“Bugatti” arrived at the forefront of a growing movement sometimes called “luxury rap” – hip hop focused on flaunting status symbols and the trappings of wealth. While previous eras touched on success, a new generation of rappers made it central:

  • Rick Ross and 2 Chainz brought luxury boasts to the forefront around 2010
  • Release of Ross' album Rich Forever in 2012 a key moment in embracing high-end imagery
  • Rappers gravitated toward aspirational themes as hip hop became more mainstream
  • Social media allowed them to flaunt wealth to fans 24/7
  • Kanye West's album Yeezus in 2013 also captured the trend of hip hop's fascination with fashion and consumerism

Ace Hood's “Bugatti” arrived at the perfect moment to become the quintessential anthem of this movement and take it to new heights. The song distilled the appeal of luxury rap into one unforgettable hook.


Lyrically bombastic, sonically thunderous, and visually spectacular, “Bugatti” crystallized everything fans love about over-the-top hip hop in the digital era. Ace Hood's once-in-a-lifetime smash has only grown in legend with its place among the greatest rap anthems of this generation. Decades from now, music fans will still be discussing what it was like to blast “Bugatti” and feel on top of the world – at least for those few minutes. WOOOOO!

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