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Information Technology

Modern information technology is a critical component to for all sizes and types of organizations. In fact, without it you literally can’t function in today’s world. IT can be an intimidating and stressful topic for anyone and even those who live and breathe it each day. ExpertBeacon is here to guide you with expert advice on the hardware, devices, software, and cloud services, professional services, social networking, security, mobile tools and more. Learn how to best use these products and services to run your business or organization as lean and efficient as possible.

Smartly use online freelance developers for your business

Modern business is powered by technology devices and software tools. But finding skilled and experienced software developers and designers on a limited budget or for individual tasks can be an overwhelming challenge. Because they are in high demand, local developers can be very expensive, have limited availability, and it can often be tough to determine the quality of their previous work. However, with the advent of online freelance services, the world is your oyster.

Timothy Nats

Accomplished and entrepreneurial technology, software, and media leader. Skilled in bridging the strategic and execution gap between technology and business. Adept at developing, taking to market, and operating a wide range of enterprise, B2B, a...

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How to add eCommerce or online store to your business’s website

If you want to take your business’s website to the next level and start offering e-commerce capabilities, there are a few things you need to consider. Selling goods and services online isn’t as hard as you might think, but doing it successfully takes a bit of extra care and consideration. Below are a few practical tips for setting up for online store.

Jillian TobiasOwner

Jillian Tobias is a communications professional with more than a decade of experience in strategic communications, marketing development and strategic social media campaign development. Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, LogOn Media Strategies serve...

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Design and develop a website for your business using WordPress

If you’re starting or growing a service-based business, it’s likely that your website will be an essential part of your marketing toolkit. A website not only acts as a showcase for you and your services 24/7, at home and abroad, but it also gives your small business credibility: in our technology obsessed age, if your business doesn’t have a web presence, you may as well not exist.

With that in mind, we’re going to talk about how to go about creating a website for your new or growing business using WordPress.

Suzanne WhitbyWordPress Specialist

Suzanne blends creative thinking with technical know-how and practical, hands-on experience of designing, developing and supporting WordPress websites. She has 18+ years of experience as a “techie”, 11+ years as a designer and website specialist...

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How to protect corporate data and prevent and recover from data loss

Data is on the mind of every executive and IT manager because it’s often the lifeblood of the organization. Companies should work hard to protect their most valuable possession and put in place some best practices to both prevent and recover from data loss.

David ZimmermanFounder, President, CEO

David Zimmerman has been in the hardware/software industry for over 30 years, specifically in the data recovery software market for 18 years. During this period, he has been involved in the creation, marketing and support of the earlier drive re...

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Best practices to help you plan, design and build your website

It’s always a great time for IT professionals to take an academic approach to ensure their website is best-in-class. Developing one from scratch may seem fairly straightforward, but it requires deep critical thinking in order to create a fully functional site. Instead of reinventing the wheel, there are several best practices that can help you build and enhance a custom and robust website while working side-by-side with your software-development team.

Mike DolanCTO & Co-founder

A self-proclaimed “geek-at-heart,” Mike Dolan has been fascinated with computers since the age of six and has been custom-building them ever since. As an early adopter and technology enthusiast, he is constantly researching and discovering new w...

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Protect your business from intellectual property theft

David Sun Qualified Expert in Digital Forensics, Electronic Discovery and Technology Management SunBlock Systems

Intellectual Property theft is committed by half of all employees and contractors, according to Symantec’s February 2013 Survey, “What's Yours is Mine: How Employees Are Putting Your Intellectual Property at Risk“. Employees routinely transfer company data to the cloud through personal emails and on to flash drives, as part of the day to day execution of their jobs, and then they never clean the data off of their systems.

David SunQualified Expert in Digital Forensics, Electronic Discovery and Technology Management

David Sun, a digital forensics investigator, founded SunBlock Systems in 2002, after working with leading investigative organizations as an expert in computer forensics and electronic evidence acquisition. He earned his Master's degree in Electr...

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Keep personal phones, tablets and laptops secure in the workplace

Technology industry analyst Gartner predicts that by 2016, there will be 1.28 billion smartphones and 655 million tablets in use worldwide. With the “bring your own device” (BYOD) trend in full swing, personal devices are commonly used both at the workplace to conduct business and at home by kids, teens, and adults alike. This poses security risks that small to mid-sized business (SMB) owners and employees can’t afford to ignore.

Omer FaiyazCEO

Omer Faiyaz is the founder of Remo Software, which specializes in mobile device management for home users. Omer is an expert in analyzing and developing technology that makes life easier for consumers by keeping them connected, organized and eff...

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Protect yourself by preventing malware on your computer or tablet

As our lives in the twenty-first century become more digital, we need to do it safely to avoid online threats like malware. Malware is software that is meant to damage or disable computers, usually disguised in executable files like programs or pictures. Malware includes things like viruses, worms, trojan horses, spyware, adware, and other malicious programs. Once malware infects your computer or mobile device, it can go after your personal and financial information, and leave your life in disarray.

Joshua CannellMalware Intelligence Analyst

I perform analysis on the latest malware threats and am currently employed by Malwarebytes Corporation. I have over 5 years of experience working with US intel agencies where I analyzed malware through reverse engineering methods....

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Use cloud computing to access more computing power and save money

Cloud computing has become one of the most effective ways for any business of any size to save money, reduce IT admin requirements and lower overall operating costs. By eliminating much of the on-premises hardware—like expensive servers, racks, routers and switches—and adopting a variety of cloud services, companies ranging from sole proprietorships to the Fortune 100 can access more compute power at a much lower cost whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Kira MakagonEVP of Innovation

Kira is a widely respected entrepreneur and cutting­edge expert on enterprise software who has spent the last 30 years building product management programs for a wide array of business applications, including CRM and relational database companie...

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How to approach data deletion in your records management policy

Many companies are coming to the realization that they have a data problem. Too much data is causing numerous unforeseen problems, both technical and business related. For the most part, technical problems can be overcome by throwing money at them. Not so when it comes to lost worker productivity, bad press from data leakage events, or seven figure legal review bills resulting from eDiscovery over-collections. So when do you know you have a problem?

Stephen O’LearyEVP and COO

Stephen O’Leary is a Member Partner and Executive Vice President at Controle, LLC. He leads the company’s global operations including product development, professional services and finance teams. Steve is the visionary leader and product strateg...

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Protect your business and intellectual property from hackers

In today’s fast paced business world no one works solely from the office anymore. Employees and clients are always on the go, using mobile devices to stay connected both in and out of the office. We used to keep our work and personal life separate, but now we use the same digital devices, such as smart phones and tablets, to connect to both. While this technology is a boon to productivity, what private data, tradecraft, or intellectual property might, unknown to us, end up in the hands of corporate spies, hackers, or data marketers?

Tyler Cohen WoodCyber Branch Chief

Tyler Cohen Wood is a senior officer and Cyber Branch Chief for the Defense Intelligence Agency. She has 14+ years of experience with Cyber forensics, supporting the Department of Defense and law enforcement. She is the author of Catching the Ca...

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Prepare your business for disaster using online technology

When Hurricane Sandy hit New York City, many of us had underestimated the impact the storm would have on our daily lives. While I expected to be out of my office for a day or two due to the subway shut down, I never thought I would lose a week of work, with minimal ability to communicate during that time. My decisions to make my office paperless and as mobile as possible paid off in an unforeseen way, however, when they helped me get through with had minimal impact on my business.

Camille J. MacklerAttorney at Law

Camille Mackler is a French-American attorney who has devoted her entire legal career to the practice of immigration and naturalization law in the United States. Ms. Mackler is a graduate of New York Law School (J.D. 2006) and the Georgetown Un...

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Creating a simple yet attractive website for your small business

These days, it seems like it is pretty much imperative that a business has a website. Whether it is used to sell a product or to provide information about the business and its services, a website is like an online shop front and businesses who want to be successful need to find a way to draw customers in. A confusing and poorly designed website will not help with this: if you want to do great business, you need to design a clear, intuitive, up-to-date website that serves your customers’ needs.

Jillian TobiasOwner

Jillian Tobias is a communications professional with more than a decade of experience in strategic communications, marketing development and strategic social media campaign development. Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, LogOn Media Strategies serve...

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Why your business needs an online presence and how to build it

These days, traditional word-of-mouth referrals and marketing channels are no longer enough to allow a business to survive – much less thrive and grow. With the Internet of Things, social media hubs, changing search algorithms, and many other factors, business owners need expert help to make sure customers can find them online.

Russell WallaceCEO

Russell Wallace, founder and CEO of 29 Prime, Inc., has more than 10 years’ experience directing as many as 1300 employees/contractors in companies with revenues in excess of $30 million yearly. Russell has led these companies from concept, star...

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Update your business' outdated IT technology with cloud computing

Cloud computing has done more than change the way we use technology—it’s overhauled entire business models. It’s transformed the ways in which technologies are delivered and made it possible to control things we’ve never been able to control.

Kira MakagonEVP of Innovation

Kira is a widely respected entrepreneur and cutting­edge expert on enterprise software who has spent the last 30 years building product management programs for a wide array of business applications, including CRM and relational database companie...

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Choose the right CRM to maintain great customer relationships

Customer relationships directly impact a business’s bottom line, and lasting rapports can power a business for decades. The management of these relationships requires the perfect combination of technology, business processes, and of course customers.

Building a strong customer relationship management (CRM) system that attains and retains customers is multi-faceted, and will require involvement from many parts of your company, from your sales team, to your marketing department, to your customer service representatives. Here is some advice to get you started.

Kira MakagonEVP of Innovation

Kira is a widely respected entrepreneur and cutting­edge expert on enterprise software who has spent the last 30 years building product management programs for a wide array of business applications, including CRM and relational database companie...

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How to choose the best data protection program for your company

After this recent rash of malicious hacks that compromised millions of people’s financial security and right to privacy, every organization should not only be on high alert, but they should be paying more attention to their current data security strategy; in many cases this includes shopping around for an upgrade. With a wide variety of options available, this article provides technology based solutions that companies can use to protect their sensitive data sets.

Alex PezoldCo-Founder/CEO

Alex Pezold is a Co-Founder of TokenEx where he serves a leadership and business generation function. Prior to his current role at TokenEx, Alex served as a Director of Business Development and was a strategic advisor to CSOs and Executive Manag...

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How to choose the right cloud service for your business

Yvonne Li Co-founder and VP of Business Development SurDoc Corporation

Not all cloud service providers offer the same level of security and functionality! If you are new to cloud storage, and don’t know where to start when it comes to choosing a cloud storage service for your business, then you can utilize the self-guided process below to choose a cloud service provider that works best for your unique needs.

Yvonne LiCo-founder and VP of Business Development

As a technologist and a business executive, Ms. Li's areas of expertise are in cloud and mobile technology as well as enterprise and internet business models. She has authored a number of business patents and developed two mobile engagement plat...

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Responsive technology is a golden ticket for growing your sales

The best customer relationships are based on a profound understanding of their real needs. Sales representatives can achieve this level of customer intimacy by working smarter, not harder, through the utilization of new responsive technologies that help identify their customers’ preferences.

Morten HjelmsoeFounder and CEO

Morten Hjelmsoe is the founder and CEO of Agnitio, the global leader in closed loop marketing, and an expert and visionary within technology-enabled pull communication. Morten also serves as a regular speaker on the potential of digital technolo...

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Hire a professional content developer for your business websites

Often business owners assume that “content” means “writing” alone. While writing well may remain the first step in content development, it definitely isn’t the only step. Websites are made up of a wide variety of ways to share your messages. Your content developer should be articulate, creative and resourceful - and a good strategist with a solid understanding of business and product development principles.

Liora Farkovitz Content Developer and Strategist

Liora Farkovitz is a Content Developer and Strategist who writes, narrates, publishes and promotes on behalf of professionals and subject matter experts. She is the founder of, a content marketing and organic promotion company...

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Improve communication between your IT and Legal departments

Hey Legal, it is time to change your Facebook status to in a relationship with IT. More and more, it is crucial for your business’ Legal and IT department to align and work together in order to ensure your electronically store information is accessible and sustainable. The best way to achieve this is good old fashion Communication. The more Legal can articulate what they need and why they need it specifically, the more helpful IT can be in explaining where that data is likely to reside and how long or difficult it may be to comply with that request.

Elizabeth Fogerty, J.D.Vice President eDiscovery Legal

Elizabeth is a licensed attorney with a specialized focus in eDiscovery and information governance. She graduated from Marquette University and Santa Clara University School of Law. She has been licensed in Illinois since 2001 and has handled va...

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Protect your business with an electronic data management system

If you are reading this article your Organization is probably considering purchasing or implementing an electronic data management system. First off kudos to you for not only doing some research, but for deciding to focus on systems for managing your electronic data. The benefits you will receive from implementing an Electronic Data management system are vast and tangible. On the flip side, not implementing an Electronic Data management system, or doing so ineffectively, will put your organization at severe risk and will undoubtedly cost you numerous unnecessary costs.

Kevin BarnicleFounder and CEO

Kevin Barnicle is the Founder and CEO of Controle, LLC and regularly advises many Fortune 500 organizations on how to better control ESI....

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Basic advice for cloud computing for small businesses

Cloud computing is hot these days, and set to become increasingly popular in the years to come. While large organizations leverage cloud services for long-distance collaboration, data storage and many other applications make running a geographically dispersed business easier, and there’s also room in the cloud for small business.

Dr. Lynne WilliamsFaculty, MSIT

Lynne Y. Williams is a faculty member in the MSIT program at Kaplan University. She also consults in a variety of information security areas....

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Business owners: Be prepared for disasters

As a business owner, you wear many hats during the day. You have many responsibilities and are always on the go, keeping your business running and growing. However, what will you do when your business suddenly suffers a fire, flood, tornado, or other property damage disaster? If you do not have a plan and are not prepared for a disaster, it could mean the difference between recovery or possibly not reopening. You have worked hard to get where you are now. Don't let a disaster stop you cold in your tracks.

Robert W. FreitagFounder and President, AmeriClaims

Founder and president of AmeriClaims, a public insurance adjusting firm in Charlotte, NC. Worked and trained in London, England with Lloyds of London, after earning a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration at Western Carolina Universit...

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