Calling In Sick to Amazon in 2024: The Complete Guide

As one of the largest employers in the US, Amazon‘s policies around sick leave and unplanned absences impact hundreds of thousands of workers. But how generous are their paid time off allowances? What happens if you exceed the limits?

I‘ve analyzed all the details around calling in sick at Amazon below, with advice for making the process smooth.

How Amazon‘s Paid Sick Leave Compares

Amazon provides workers with up to 80 hours or 10 days of sick leave per year. This places them on the higher side compared to retailers but less than leading tech companies:

  • Walmart: No set sick leave policy – varies based on location
  • Target: No paid sick leave guaranteed
  • Facebook: Allows for up to 18 sick days (144 hours)
  • Microsoft: 12-20 sick days depending on tenure

For part-timers and those wanting work/life balance, Amazon‘s 80 hours is relatively generous. But for parents or those with health conditions, it may feel restrictive.

Ultimately Amazon lacks a uniform national paid leave standard that some peers offer. The time granted also isn‘t truly "paid leave" but rather unpaid leave allotment.

When Should I Call Out Sick?

Don‘t hesitate to utilize sick leave if you genuinely need it – that‘s what it‘s there for. But be smart about when to call in based on your situation:

You wake up mildly ill: Try taking medicine and seeing if symptoms improve before immediately calling out. Leave should be preserved for when fully necessary.

You test positive for COVID: Alert your manager ASAP about the positive test and duration you‘ll need to quarantine. Amazon has contingency sickness plans in place.

You‘ll need extended medical leave: Speak to HR about short-term disability or FMLA if you require over 2 weeks off for surgery, severe illness etc.

Don‘t excessively "fake call out sick" as this will be transparent to managers overtime. Use your best judgement.

Step-by-Step: Calling In Sick Process

When you need to call out, follow this timeline to make sure you do it right:

![Calling in Sick Process Table]

(Source: Amazon A to Z Help Portal)

Be sure to follow up your ticket with a direct manager email – this is key. Calling ahead is also wise even if not mandated.

How Point Infractions and Termination Work

Contrary to popular belief, Amazon no longer uses a points-based attendance metric. However too many absences can still warrant firing if not managed carefully. You face progressive discipline:

  • Verbal warning
  • Written warning
  • Suspension
  • Termination

If you exceed 80 hours of unpaid leave, communicate ASAP with your manager. They likely won‘t outright fire you but unpaid/PTO leave may be mandated.

Can Remote Employees Call Out Sick Too?

The same exact sick leave policies and processes apply to corporate and tech workers. So those working from home enjoy the same allowances.

In some ways, WFH makes calling out easier since you skip the commute when unwell. But don‘t abuse this flexibility as remote managers can still access absence data.


I hope this guide has broken down everything to know about taking sick leave at Amazon, using data and tips applicable to all departments. Remember to use your paid time off judiciously, but never be afraid to put health first. Let me know if any other questions come up!

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