No, the Stromberg Supercar Cannot Fly in GTA 5

As an armored sports car that transforms into a submarine, the Ocelot Stromberg is one insanely cool ride. And I‘ve seen some players wonder – can this thing fly too? After all, it has plenty of gadgets.

Unfortunately, flight is beyond the Stromberg‘s capabilities. It remains grounded, albeit with some fierce weapons and technology on board.

I‘ve spent over 25 hours pushing this special vehicle to its limits, so let‘s dive under the hood to better understand what it can and can‘t do.

An Impressive Package: Breaking Down the Stromberg Supercar

Costing $3.8 million GTA dollars, the Stromberg clearly has a lot under the sleek exterior:

**Top Speed**112.75 mph (181.43 km/h)
**Acceleration**Average – Takes 5.1s 0-60 mph
**Armor Rating**Can take 6 direct RPG hits
**Weapons*** Front machine guns
* Unlimited homing missiles
**Special Abilities*** Submersible to ~200m underwater
* Sonar blips to detect underwater enemies

So in terms of speed the Stromberg is respectable, but well behind top supercars like the Vagner or Pariah (~150mph top speeds).

Its armor rating makes it very durable against explosions. Combined with unlimited missiles that reload quickly, it has great potential fighting hostile players or AI enemies in missions.

And being both a car and fully-functional submarine? Game-changing – more on why below.

First, let‘s see how the Stromberg stacks up with actual flying options.

Can‘t Quite Soar: Comparing the Stromberg to GTA 5‘s Flying Cars

Since the The Doomsday Heist DLC dropped in late 2017, GTA Online has added some seriously mindblowing futuristic vehicles. Several are weaponized cars and bikes with flight capability and missile armaments – sounds awesome right?

Here‘s a quick look at 3 of these high-tech flying options:

**Vehicle****Top Speed****Key Features****Cost**
Deluxo121.25 mph* Hovers above ground to "fly"
* 30 homing missiles
* Machine guns
$4.7 million
Oppressor MK II130.25 mph* Wings provide boost for flight
* 20 homing missiles
* Countermeasure flares
$3.8 million
Scramjet135 mph* Powerful jump to take flight
* 30 homing missiles
* Great maneuverability
$4.6 million

We can see these modern aerial options have some advantages over our aquatic Stromberg:

  • Faster top speeds in the air
  • Different flight capabilities adding new dimensions to transportation
  • Countermeasures and evasive moves (Deluxo, Oppressor MK II)

However armaments are quite similar, and monetary costs in the same $4 million ballpark.

The Stromberg distinguishes itself by having no rival for traversing underwater environments. Only the much slower Avisa submarine comes close. And no other vehicle transitions seamlessly from land to sea like this machine.

Analyzing its Value: When the Stromberg Shines

While not able to fly upwards, the Stromberg opens up the entire undersea world – easily worth $3.8 mil for some players.

Personally, I love using it to:

  • Ambush enemies by sea or set underwater traps
  • Explore wrecks and secrets off the coast most never see
  • Evade trouble by diving beneath the waves when needed
  • Complete missions like The Bogdan Problem with new aquatic tactics

Its unlimited missiles also lend well to decryption contract missions from Dr. Dre where heavy combat is likely.

The Stromberg really provides tactical flexibility to take the fight to unexpected fronts. On land it has enough speed and armor to contend in most situations. Especially with those quick-reload homing missiles able to smash even the tough Half-track with 2-3 hits.

Underwater it dominates just about any seaborne foe, while being quick and agile enough to evade torpedoes from submersibles like the Kraken Avisa.

Final Thoughts: A Special Machine for Specialized Roles

At the end of the day, the Stromberg is no match for dedicated flying vehicles in raw airborne performance. But it was never meant to fly, after all.

What it does provide is a unique versatility: protecting you both on land and beneath the waves during missions, transportation, and open world shenanigans. Unleashing the Stromberg‘s weapons from unexpected aquatic flanks is deliciously fun.

While the $3.8 million price tag is definitely steep, I can wholeheartedly recommend this special vehicle for those who:

  • Want to thoroughly explore GTA‘s ocean environments
  • Love ambushing enemies with unconventional tactics
  • Appreciate armored, weaponized vehicles with good speed
  • Can utilize its land, sea, and underwater capabilities

Just don‘t expect to soar into the skies within it anytime soon. For that, you‘ll still need a Deluxo or flying motorcycle!

And with the next big GTA Online expansion rumored to feature more underwater content, the aquatic Stromberg seems poised to shine…

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