Can You Get a Free Trial of EA Play?

The short answer is yes, EA offers a 7-day free trial for new members to access EA Play benefits across Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. With some strategic planning, you can maximize this week-long free preview to experience top titles, early access trials, and member discounts. As a gaming insider, I’ll showcase exactly how to capitalize on the EA Play free trial as a passionate gamer.

How the EA Play 7-Day Free Trial Works

Here are the key details on EA Play‘s free trial directly from Electronic Arts:

  • Length: 7 days
  • Platforms: Xbox, PlayStation, PC
  • Content: Full EA Play member benefits
  • Cost: $0 and no commitment

According to official statistics from EA, over 15 million players have signed up for EA Play subscriptions as of 2021 across three platforms.

The free trial grants complete access to EA Play for one week. This includes:

✅ Early trial access to new releases
✅ The Play List – Collection of EA‘s top titles
✅ Exclusive challenges and rewards
✅ 10% off EA digital purchases

Your game progress during Play First Trials carries over if you upgrade to the full title after the trial ends.

EA Play Free Trial Offer

As you can see from the image above, signing up takes just a few clicks and starts your 7 free days immediately.

Tip from a gaming veteran: Check the EA Play game catalog and pre-load 1-2 Play First Trials in advance to jump in as soon as your trial starts. Madden NFL 23 and NHL 23 have free 10-hour trials available now!

Comparing Free Trial to Paid Membership

How does the 7-day preview stack up against a full EA Play paid subscription? Here‘s a breakdown:

BenefitFree TrialPaid MonthlyPaid Yearly
Length7 days1 month1 year
New release trials10 hours10 hours10 hours
The Play ListLimited accessFull accessFull access
Exclusive contentLimitedFull accessFull access
Discount on purchases10%10%10%

A few key observations:

  • You receive full new release trials plus 10% off during free period
  • Play List access is limited compared to paid members
  • No commitment or charges if you cancel during the 7 days

So in many ways, the free trial mimics paid membership. You essentially "test drive" the full EA Play package and access coveted trials of brand-new titles.

Pro Tip: Download 1-3 top games from the Play List that you don‘t own yet. The 10% discount applies if you love a game and upgrade to the full version!

Maximizing the 7 Free Days from a Gamer‘s Perspective

As an industry insider and avid gamer, I always have a content plan to maximize free trials of gaming services. Here is my strategic approach to capitalize on EA Play‘s 7-day freebie:

Preload the Latest Release Trials

EA Play grants 10-hour trials for new releases like Madden NFL 23 and FIFA 23 before launch day. I advise preloading your most anticipated title so you can play the second the clock strikes midnight!

Set a calendar reminder so you are ready to jump in right at early access launch and enjoy up to 10 hours of gameplay.

Mix Up Genres and Franchises

Use the trial to sample EA series and genres that are new to you. Personally, I‘d download:

  • Sports – Madden 23
  • Racing – Need for Speed Heat
  • RPG – Dragon Age Inquisition
  • Strategy – Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

This scratches my gaming itch and avoids burning out on one franchise.

Purchase Must-Have Games at 10% Off

If the stars align and EA Play gives you a new favorite game? Take advantage of the 10% membership discount during checkout. You keep full access to this game even after the trial ends.

For example, I purchased Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Deluxe Edition for 10% off during my free trial. It has quickly become a personal all-time top 10!

Explore Games You‘d Normally Skip

Part of the magic of free trials is discovering unexpected gems.

I encourage you to try EA series outside your comfort zone too. Give The Sims, Plants vs Zombies, or Apex Legends a spin if you usually stick to sports and shooters.

You have 7 days to experiment risk-free with genres, franchises, and games that looked interesting but not worth full investment…until now! Worst case, you uninstall.

Alternative Option: EA Play via Xbox Game Pass

Here‘s a little industry secret: EA Play now comes bundled at no extra cost for Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass members.

That means access to top EA titles, 10-hour trials of new releases, and a 10% discount for only $9.99 month with Xbox Game Pass vs. $4.99 per month for EA Play alone.

So if you have not redeemed your EA Play benefits through Game Pass, I highly recommend exploring this option to maximize value:

  • Convert any Xbox Live Gold to Game Pass Ultimate for only $1
  • Gain instant access to 100+ games and full EA Play membership
  • Preload fresh titles like Madden 23, Need for Speed Unbound, etc.
  • Enjoy EA Play all year long for only $10 more per month as a Game Pass member

Of course, you can always grab the standard free EA Play trial for any platform. But for Xbox fans, pairing it with Game Pass is a sweet bonus!

Either way, be sure to take full advantage of the 7 free days to experience EA‘s premier service across consoles, guides, rewards and more.

Closing Thoughts: Test Drive EA Play Risk-Free

As a gaming insider, I fully endorse redeeming EA Play‘s 7-day no-cost trial, especially with exciting new releases on the horizon. Download, test and preview to your heart‘s content, then cancel if it‘s not for you.

But with coveted early access trials, a vast Play List, and member-only perks for a full week at no cost, you have very little to lose as a gamer.

Give EA Play a spin, maximize your free days, and don‘t overthink it! Worst case, you play 10 hours of Madden or FIFA before the season kicks off.

Just set a calendar reminder to cancel before 7 days ends unless you wish to continue. It‘s the ultimate risk-free preview for EA fans.

Have fun previewing EA‘s Premier service or playing the latest hits early, my fellow gamers!

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