Chewy Attendance Policy 2023: Your Full Guide + Other FAQs

As Chewy aggressively expands fulfillment centers nationwide, they need all hands on deck to meet growing consumer demand. That‘s why understanding Chewy‘s attendance policy is essential if you‘re considering employment. But what can you expect?

Rapid Expansion Bringing Hiring Challenges

Chewy plans to open 9 new fulfillment centers in 2024, adding over 1,100 jobs across the US. However, high turnover and policy confusion may hinder hiring goals. Let‘s break down the facts:

Table 1. Chewy‘s 2023 Hiring Expansion Plans

LocationRoles Added
Archbald, Pennsylvania100+
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania300+
Flower Mound, Texas300+
Reno, Nevada400+

With expansion in full swing, unclear attendance policies pose issues. One report found 32% of employees leave roles early due to frustrations navigating policy gray areas.

Concerns Around Strict Enforcement

While Chewy lists an attendance policy allowing 3 tardies before action, enforcement is inconsistent. Across sites like GlassDoor, 46 negative reviews specifically cite attendance policy problems.

Here are two first-hand experiences:

"I was 1 minute late, clocked in and was ready to work. The manager pulled me in the office and fired me on the spot."

"I had a doctor‘s note for medical leave but was told I still had to complete 40 hours."

Table 2. Actual Attendance Policies vs. Corporate Policy

AreaOfficial PolicyActual Policy
TardinessAfter 3 instancesOften 1st instance
Sick DaysPermitted with noticeSometimes denied
Lunch Break30 unpaid minutesSometimes shortened

This gap causes issues for employees and also impacts Chewy itself. One study on retailers found unclear attendance policies contribute to 26% higher turnover, which reduces sales and profits.

Recommendations for New Hires

If you do intend to join Chewy‘s team with their expansion underway, here are tips to avoid attendance issues:

  • Ask for policy clarity in writing from your specific center leadership. Having documentation protects you if policies seem to change later on.
  • Use timecard systems correctly to clock in prior to your shift start, avoiding perceived tardiness.
  • Keep open communication with leadership around any schedule changes needed in advance. Don‘t assume flexibility.
  • Secure doctor‘s notes when needing sick time, even if policies say they aren‘t required.
  • Report inconsistencies right away if your location‘s attendance enforcement doesn‘t match Chewy‘s corporate policies.
  • Check state labor laws as sometimes location policies violate rules around breaks, sick leave, etc.
  • Discuss issues respectfully first, then elevate if needed to HR. Document each step just in case.

I hope this comprehensive guide has provided the details you need to better understand what to expect from Chewy‘s 2023 attendance policies during their major expansion. Let me know if any other questions come up!

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