Choose a reliable facial plastic surgeon for your rhinoplasty surgery

Revision rhinoplasty (nose job) is a serious surgery that takes a very experienced plastic surgeon to perform. A facial plastic surgeon will most likely be your most reliable surgeon as they have extensive experience performing surgeries of the face. No matter who you chose, it is important that you do your research online and in person before you undergo surgery. Here are some tips to ensure that you chose the safest, most reliable plastic surgeon for your rhinoplasty surgery.


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  • research online
  • check credentials
  • ask how many procedures the surgeon performs
  • ask to see before and afters and to talk to other patients
  • trust your face to a facial plastic surgeon

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  • base your choice on price alone
  • be embarrassed to ask hard questions
  • ignore your gut instinct
  • take chances
  • rely solely on before/after photos when making your decision

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Do research online

Simple searches online will lead to basic chapters on revision rhinoplasty. This will allow you to become familiar with terminology, expectations, limitations, etc. It facilitates communication with the doctor. These searches will also lead to many doctors in different fields claiming to be experts in this topic. The top ad is not necessarily the top doctor; those are the highest paying doctor who purchased space and maximized their search engine results.

Do check credentials

One can usually find the doctors bio or CV. It will indicate the medical school, residency, and possible fellowship training. This is worth noting and comparing. Hospital credentials will usually reflect a medical license in good standing.

Do ask how many procedures the surgeon performs

Generally speaking, a surgeon who performs a rhinoplasty a week is likely more than qualified. However, you should recognize that these numbers are often self-reported and difficult to validate. Some revision rhinoplasties are minor and do not reflect a surgical challenge. Functional rhinoplasty can also be a major technical operation.

Do ask to see before and afters and to talk to other patients

Before and after pictures reflect some of the work of the surgeon. Remember that it represents cases that the surgeon selected. In addition, it does not tell the whole story in terms of what the specific wishes were of that patient. Some want only a minor change and you may feel it was not drastic enough. Communication with your surgeon is paramount. Other patients will be extremely honest and candid about the doctor and the entire surgical experience. Many issues can be explored, such as pain, nasal obstruction, bedside manner, confidentiality, etc.

Do trust your face to a facial plastic surgeon

A surgeon who limits his/her practice to the face will likely have a higher level of expertise in nasal surgery. Many consider rhinoplasty to be one of the most complex and challenging surgeries doctors perform.

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Do not base your choice on price alone

Saving money in the short term will not be worthwhile if the result is anything less than what you wanted. Discounted prices, “bring a friend and get half off,” Tuesday specials, etc. all reflect a degree of desperation. Similarly, the most expensive doctor is not necessarily the best and most skilled. Many considerations go into prices, including overhead, volume, duration of surgery, surgical facility, and eagerness of the surgeon. Choose a doctor based on experience and proven results, not on price.

Do not be embarrassed to ask hard questions

Some good questions to ask include: How many rhinoplasties do you typically perform in a month? What is your board certification? What if there is a complication? Do I have to pay for it? Who exactly will be doing my surgery? How many years have you been practicing?

All of these questions will help you get a sense of the credibility of the doctor you are interviewing. Don’t hesitate to ask any other questions you might have either. It’s important that you like and respect your surgeon, so if you feel that he or she is gruff/dismissive, it might be a good idea to look for other options.

Do not ignore your gut instinct

Your first impression cannot be overestimated. It is critical that you and the doctor have the same vision as to the outcome of your surgery. Expectations. Natural look. It also helps if you generally trust and like your doctor. It is starting a long relationship and open communication will be critical. Some people find a doctor intimidating and pompous. This will not be favorable during post-op discussions.

Do not take chances

Traveling to other countries for plastic surgery can be very risky because there is no regulation or standards. While prices are usually much less, the quality can be unpredictable. Moreover, FDA approval does not apply overseas and unsafe materials may be used. On the other hand, there are very skilled surgeons around the world and some may have a specific area of expertise that may be exactly what you need. Other doctors will often be the best source for this information.

Do not rely solely on before/after photos when making your decision

The five top things to consider are:

  • Experience
  • Trustworthiness
  • Reputation
  • Like vision and expectations
  • Credentials

Consider each of these equally when you choose the right surgeon for your surgery.


As you interview surgeons after you did your research checking their credentials online, be sure to ask them any questions you have about the procedure. You want to be able to respect and mesh with your surgeon well, as rhinoplasty is a long procedure that involves preliminary exams, the actual surgery, and follow up appointments as well.

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