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Choose the right yoga studio and instructor

New and even veteran yoga students can find it intimidating to visit a studio for the first time. What are the unspoken rules? What do the class levels mean? Will I like the teachers? Yogis are friendly and welcoming but below are a few helpful tips to guide you in finding the perfect yoga studio.


Do try classes at different studios

Before you commit to a studio, drop in for an introductory class and speak with the people who attend. There is variety when it comes to yoga studios, so it is best to get a feel for your options in-person. Sample teachers, classes and styles to make sure the studio you pick will be a long-term fit.

Do consider location and price

A huge part of yoga class is attendance. Be sure to pick a studio whose location is convenient for you but also fits within your budget. Consider when you want to take class (morning, lunch, evening) and if the location is suitable. Also, review costs to ensure it is within your budget so you can stick to your typical routine.

Do choose an instructor you connect with

There are many types of yoga instructors. Find an instructor with similar interests and ideas. You need to be able to have open conversations with your instructor explaining your goals and perhaps any injuries you have so you can be better coached. Having an instructor you feel comfortable around will create a better atmosphere for open communication.

Do make sure the studio has the tools you need

Make sure the studio you choose fits your level and has tools to help you succeed. All studios should have at least some level of beginner class. It is important they have bands, blocks and a practice surface that is odor free and anti-microbial. The surface should support your joints to safely advance your practice. If you are of expert level, then you should find a studio that can challenge you and coincide with your level as well.

Do settle into your yoga habit

The most important part of your yoga practice is making it a part of your daily routine. So above all else, to reiterate make sure the studio you pick will fit into your current lifestyle based on costs, location and your starting instructional level.


Do not forget to find a studio you can grow with

It is important to be able to find a studio that fits your current and future needs. Some factors to consider are the ability to learn about meditation, bodywork, natural health, and spirituality.

Do not forget about your personal vibe

Make sure you are open to change. Be willing to move outside your comfort zone, but do not become caught up in being accepted by the culture of the studio. If you get an uncomfortable vibe, don’t fight it and move on to another studio.

Do not dismiss private lessons

If you have searched and simply cannot find a studio you like, try investing in private or small group lessons. These are usually more expensive but you will get personal attention and can practice at your own pace.

Do not forget to talk with your doctor

As with any new fitness routine, be sure you are physically fit for the challenge. Discuss with your doctor your plans for incorporating yoga into an exercise routine.

Do not get discouraged if finding the right studio takes time

Finding the right studio can feel like a long journey. However, once you find your studio you will be glad you put in the time and energy to find the space that is best for you.

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In a world of down dogs, tree poses and sweaty yoga mats, finding the right studio is as simple as knowing what you want and taking the time to find it. Yoga can add years to your life, relieve back and neck pain and help you lead a happier existence.

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