What Is Chris Cuomo’s Salary on News Nation?

Chris Cuomo, the former CNN anchor, is estimated to earn around $1 million annually in his new role at NewsNation. This is a significant decrease from his previous salary at CNN, which was reported to be $6 million per year.

The pay cut came after Cuomo was fired from CNN over his involvement in advising his older brother, then-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, during a sexual harassment scandal. Despite the lower salary, NewsNation is hoping that Cuomo can boost their primetime lineup, which currently averages around 45,000 viewers.

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The New York Post reported that Chris Cuomom formerly of CNN, took a major pay cut with the new role . His new salary is estimated to be around an annual total of $1 million, compared to the $6 million he made annually at CNN.

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What Is Chris Cuomo's Salary on News Nation? A Deep Dive Analysis

Table of Contents:

  • Chris Cuomo's Cable News Career Before NewsNation
  • CNN's Cuomo Primetime Show and Controversies
  • Cable News Salary Landscape and Top Anchors
  • Details on Cuomo's Estimated NewsNation Compensation
  • How Cuomo's Salary Compares to Rivals at Other Networks
  • Motivations For Cuomo Taking a Pay Cut After CNN Exit
  • Early Ratings Performance Since Joining NewsNation
  • Analysis of Cuomo's Potential to Boost NewsNation's Growth
  • Strategies For Cuomo to Expand his Viewership at NewsNation

Chris Cuomo's Cable News Career Before NewsNation

Chris Cuomo first gained prominence as co-anchor of ABC's 20/20 and Good Morning America. He joined CNN in 2013 to co-host mornings before moving to primetime with “Cuomo Primetime” in 2018.

His confrontational, bro-like interview style resonated with many viewers but also drew high-profile criticism from pundits. Cuomo positioned himself as a liberal counterpoint to Fox News' Sean Hannity.

Cuomo's visibility at CNN peaked while covering his brother Andrew Cuomo's handling of the Covid-19 pandemic as New York governor. But advising his brother amid scandals ultimately led to Chris Cuomo's firing from CNN in 2021.

CNN's Cuomo Primetime Show and Controversies

At its peak, “Cuomo Primetime” averaged 1 million viewers nightly and was often CNN's most-watched show. Cuomo leveraged his everyman, compassionate brand to drive engagement.

But his unequal coverage favoring his brother during Covid-19 controversies opened Cuomo up to ethics criticisms. This reached a tipping point in late 2021, leading to Cuomo's indefinite suspension and subsequent firing.

The scandal made Cuomo damaged goods at a prime network like CNN. But it opened up the possibility to start anew and shape a network brand as NewsNation's cornerstone host.

Cable News Salary Landscape and Top Anchors

According to reports, the top cable news anchors earn between $10-$40 million annually at major networks:

  • Sean Hannity (Fox) – $40 million
  • Rachel Maddow (MSNBC) – $30 million
  • Tucker Carlson (Fox) – $25 million
  • Anderson Cooper (CNN) – $12 million

At his peak, Cuomo likely made around $6 million annually at CNN – a second tier level for a primetime host. Anchors at growing networks like NewsNation or MSNBC often make $1-$3 million.

So while the move slashed Cuomo's salary, the vision is similar to the trajectories of hosts like Rachel Maddow who built brands around burgeoning networks.

Details on Cuomo's Estimated NewsNation Compensation

Per insider reports, Cuomo's estimated compensation at NewsNation is around $1 million per year. While a fraction of his prior earnings, it offers upside potential.

The exact terms are undisclosed. But the deal likely involves a lower guaranteed base pay supplemented by bonuses tied to performance benchmarks. This gives incentives to grow the audience.

Anchors at rival growing networks like CNN in its early days or MSNBC currently command similar annual salaries in the low seven figures.

How Cuomo's Salary Compares to Rivals at Other Networks

Here is a snapshot of how Cuomo's estimated $1 million NewsNation salary compares:

Sean HannityFox News$40 million
Tucker CarlsonFox News$25 million
Rachel MaddowMSNBC$30 million
Anderson CooperCNN$12 million
Chris CuomoNewsNation$1 million

Cuomo took an 80% pay cut from his primetime peaks. But his compensation isn't unreasonable compared to hosts with similar experience levels at growing networks.

Motivations For Cuomo Taking a Pay Cut After CNN Exit

There were likely several motivations behind Cuomo accepting an 80% salary reduction:

  • Opportunity to build a brand and fanbase without previous baggage
  • Upside potential if NewsNation grows into a major competitor
  • Chance to shape programming and strategy as a founder
  • Passion to prove his abilities after a high-profile firing
  • Option value if NewsNation ratings rise significantly

The combination of factors makes the career risk worthwhile. Cuomo is essentially betting on his own upside.

Early Ratings Performance Since Joining NewsNation

In his first months at NewsNation, Cuomo is drawing modest viewership:

  • 147,000 average viewers for “CUOMO” at 8pm
  • 5th among cable news programs in the timeslot
  • About half viewership of pre-Cuomo show in slot

This reflects the inherent challenges in building an audience at a start-up network. But there are some promising signs, like leading in younger demographics. With time, Cuomo aims to be a growth catalyst.

Analysis of Cuomo's Potential to Boost NewsNation's Growth

Adding someone of Cuomo's profile carries potential benefits for NewsNation:

  • Immediate brand awareness and sampling from curious viewers
  • Lead-in audience to drive viewership for Dan Abrams' 9pm show
  • Strong social media presence and promotional platforms
  • Credibility from being a career journalist rather than pundit

But the network faces hurdles in gaining share from deeply entrenched competitors. Cuomo will need to lure a steady, loyal audience – likely requiring 3-5 years to make a ratings impact.

Strategies For Cuomo to Expand his Viewership at NewsNation

Some approaches Cuomo could take to boost his NewsNation viewership include:

  • Leveraging guest bookings from his deep contacts like politicians, celebrities
  • Occasional outside broadcasts from big events or town halls
  • Collaboration with Dan Abrams for crossover segments or appearances
  • Heavy promotion across social media platforms
  • Cultivating viewer loyalty through relationship-based storytelling
  • Direct outreach to younger demographics via YouTube, TikTok

Gaining scale will ultimately depend on breaking through the crowded news landscape. But Cuomo's talents managing the stage and narratives around major news events could become assets.

The road to building NewsNation into a major player faces hurdles. But Cuomo's career stands to benefit from the long runway and resources Nexstar is investing. By taking a risk on himself, Cuomo has a platform to prove the skeptics wrong and redeem his journalistic credentials.


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