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Converting to a plant based lifestyle takes patience and support

Many people ask how they can change their energy, health and weight without having to try a fad diet. A plant based lifestyle can help you make all of these changes and can help prevent certain diseases. Think back to the farm. Here are simple ways of how to make easy changes to lead a healthier, tastier life.


Do know what a plant based diet consists of

Granted some people can take the meaning of a plant based diet a little too literally and think it means eating everything from your houseplants to only eating kale and immediately disregard it as a weird fad diet. However, a plant based diet consists of whole, non-processed foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and legumes. Some plant based diets eliminate oils completely as well.

Do give yourself 30 days to see and feel a change

We are a generation of “we want it and we want it now.” Your body takes time to show and feel change. Give yourself 30 days to reboot and see and feel results after making big changes like eliminating dairy, refined foods etc. Your skin, joints, weight and energy should all show you positive changes after 30 days on a plant based diet. A strict plant based diet has also been linked to helping prevent heart disease.

Do visit your local farmers market

If you are going to follow a plant based diet you need good quality produce! Whole foods has a wide variety of great organic options. However, they can get pricey. Visit your local farmers market and look for pesticide free fruits and veggies. Also, look for non-gmo products. You will also find local vendors making unique plant based snacks, etc. It will be a fun experience and will be lower in cost most of the time.

Do find a buddy to share recipes with

Kickstarting a new lifestyle change can be overwhelming. Learning the who, where, what and why of any topic can be stressful by yourself. Find a friend to share your experiences with. You can cook new recipes with them, shop with them, talk to them about how you feel etc. This will help you with making and achieving big changes in your life.

Do listen to your body

Some people listen more to their mind than their bodies. After giving yourself a fair amount of time on this diet and if you are not feeling good you need to address these signs. Just because this lifestyle works for some, it might not work for all. Make sure you are paying attention to how you feel and respect your body. Make a journal day to day of things you are eating and how you feel after you eat something. You could be allergic to a vegetable and your joints might hurt or they may lead to headaches etc.


Do not go cold turkey overnight

Sometimes people get committed to an idea of changing their lifestyle and goals and want to make quick changes. However, cutting out foods drastically and making severe changes too quickly can potentially create negative side effects. Start eliminating the bad and adding the good slowly, so your body can adjust accordingly.

Do not compare this to a vegan diet or think of it as a diet

There are drastic differences between a plant based diet and a vegan diet. French fries and processed food can be considered vegan. However, these processed vegan foods are not healthy for you. A plant based diet is a better way to optimize the benefits of nutrient dense foods and gain the most access to vital vitamins and minerals necessary for our bodies. A plant based diet should be looked at like an overall healthy lifestyle not a diet.

Do not fry your vegetables

Eating a vegetable fried defeats the purpose of gaining the most nutrients. Again, a plant based diet should be looked at for gaining optimal health. Frying can create an acidic environment in your body and also can contribute to inflammation. Fried is a big no on a healthy plant based diet.

Do not look for sauces to cover up your vegetables

If you think, “I can do veggies as long as I get to use barbecue sauce, soy sauce or ketchup,” you are heading down the wrong road. The goal is to eat vegetables in a creative way without the sugar sauces you might be used to. Keep this in mind when making changes.

Do not think you can only get B-12 from your food

Some people do their best to get their B-12 vitamins from their food on this diet, but there are some people who need assistance. B-12 is necessary for your optimal health and can lead to serious health issues if you don't have enough. Find a good supplement if you are low on B-12 on this diet.

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If you are looking for a healthy way to live life, a plant based diet could be a great way to get there. If you also feel like you need some animal protein to add to this diet, look for grass fed, organic options. For fish, look for wild and not farm raised. Your body will let you know what you need. Also, try to change up your routine day to day. If you are juicing, change the veggie/fruit variety day to day so you optimize different vitamins and nutrients. After adding mostly plants to your diet, you most likely feel a new sense of energy no matter what age!

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