The 5 Best Dedicated Proxy Services of 2023

Dedicated proxies, also known as private proxies, are increasingly being used by businesses and individuals for a variety of applications including web scraping, market research, brand protection, ad verification, travel fare aggregation, and more.

Unlike shared proxies which are used by multiple clients, dedicated proxies give you full control over the IP address. Since you are the only one using the proxy IP, there is no competition over resources like bandwidth and you can carry out your activities without worrying about getting blocked.

However, not all dedicated proxy services are created equal. To help you pick the right dedicated proxy provider, I have comprehensively compared the top 5 services based on key factors like features, network size, pricing, support etc.

This guide will walk you through:

  • What are dedicated proxies and how they work
  • Key benefits of using dedicated proxies
  • Factors to consider when choosing a dedicated proxy service
  • Detailed feature comparison of the top 5 dedicated proxy providers
  • When should you use dedicated proxies vs other proxy types
  • FAQs on dedicated proxy services

Let‘s get started!

What are Dedicated Proxies?

A dedicated proxy, as the name suggests, is a proxy server dedicated to a single user. Instead of sharing the IP with multiple users, you get exclusive access to the IP address.

The key difference between dedicated and shared proxies is that with dedicated proxies, no one else uses the same IP address. Only you control the proxy and all traffic is routed through your unique IP.

Some common types of dedicated proxy services:

  • Datacenter proxies – These proxies are hosted in data centers and provide fast connection speed. However, they are easier to detect.
  • Residential proxies – These proxies use IP addresses of home Wi-Fi networks making them harder to distinguish from real users. Slower speed but better for scraping.
  • ISP proxies – Proxies based on IP addresses provided by Internet Service Providers like Comcast, Verizon etc. Offer good speed and anonymity.
  • Mobile proxies – These proxies utilize mobile data connections (3G, 4G, 5G) and IP addresses of mobile carriers. Helpful for mimicking mobile users.

How Do Dedicated Proxies Work?

Dedicated proxies function similar to other proxy types. They act as an intermediary that makes requests to websites on your behalf.

Here is how dedicated proxies work:

  1. The client first connects to the dedicated proxy server to route traffic.
  2. The proxy assigns a unique static IP address to the client for the session.
  3. When the client makes a request to a website, it is routed through the dedicated proxy IP address.
  4. The proxy forwards the request to the target site pretending to be the user.
  5. The website responds back to the proxy server instead of the real client IP.
  6. The proxy receives the response and forwards it back to the original client.

This way the client can browse the web anonymously via the proxy. The website only sees the proxy IP instead of your real IP.

Benefits of Using Dedicated Proxy Services

Here are some of the key advantages of using dedicated proxies:

Complete anonymity – Since no other clients share the proxy, your online activity remains private. Shared proxies come with the risk of being banned if other users engage in malicious activity.

Avoid blocking – Websites often blacklist and block IP addresses that send too many requests. With dedicated proxies, you don‘t have to worry about other users triggering blocks.

Faster speed – No need to compete for bandwidth as you get the full proxy resources. This results in faster data transfers.

Access anything – Dedicated proxies help access geo-restricted content, scrape data from highly protected sites etc. Residential proxies in particular can mimic real users.

No competition – You don‘t have to wait in queues for proxies to free up like with shared proxies. The dedicated proxy is ready whenever you need it.

Easier bot management – With full control, you can easily distribute proxy resources among your bots and manage them efficiently.

Better for large projects – For enterprise use cases that require huge amounts of data, dedicated proxies are more suited due to their scalability.

Now let‘s look at some of the top dedicated proxy services available based on extensive research.

5 Best Dedicated Proxy Services of 2023

1. Bright Data

Bright Data tops our list of the best dedicated proxy providers thanks to their high-quality proxy network, comprehensive features, and easy-to-use products.

Some key facts about Bright Data:

  • Network size – Over 72 million residential IPs across 195 countries
  • Features – SOCKS5 support, sticky sessions, real-time monitoring, and more
  • Protocols – HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS5
  • Users – 100,000+ businesses across various industries
  • Plans – Pay-as-you-go pricing starting at $500/month

Bright Data offers dedicated proxies for all major use cases – web scraping, ad verification, price comparison etc. Their proxies provide high anonymity and minimal detection rates.

You can target proxies by city, ISP, ASN, mobile carrier, and other filters to fine-tune for your needs. For instance, you can select proxies from a specific city to scrape localized data.

Some of the standout features include:

  • Proxy Manager – Browser extension to easily route your traffic through proxies
  • Smart Proxy Rotation – Automatically rotates proxies based on custom rules
  • Session Control – Assign the same IP to your bot for a certain time period
  • Real-time Monitoring – Dashboard to track proxy status, locations, bans etc.

Bright Data also offers enterprise-grade support, extensive documentation, and fluent APIs for automating proxy management.

Overall, Bright Data provides a complete package of high-quality dedicated proxies blended with intelligent tools to supercharge your scraping and data collection.

2. Oxylabs

Oxylabs is another leading dedicated proxy service trusted by 100,000+ businesses. Here are some quick facts:

  • Network size – 2+ million dedicated datacenter proxies
  • Locations – Coverage in all 195 countries
  • Protocols – HTTP, SOCKS5, Selenium
  • APIs – REST, Python, Java, and other APIs for integration
  • Support – 24/7 customer support via live chat and ticket

Oxylabs offers blazing fast datacenter proxies with 1Gbps network speed optimized for heavy scraping. The proxies are hosted on machines with minimal background processes ensuring high resource availability.

You can target proxies by country, city, ASN, IP range, and other filters to geo-locate them. Oxylabs also provides proxy rotation, session management, and advanced authentication mechanisms like IP whitelisting.

For enterprises, Oxylabs provides private proxy pools, dedicated account managers, and integration support. You can also test proxies for free before subscribing.

Overall, Oxylabs datacenter proxies offer reliable performance and customization options for large-scale web scraping and data extraction projects.

3. Smartproxy

Smartproxy is a fast-growing proxy provider catering to 80,000+ businesses across 150+ countries.

Here are some Smartproxy highlights:

  • Network size – 40,000+ dedicated datacenter proxies
  • Locations – Coverage in all 195 countries
  • Protocols – HTTP, SOCKS5
  • Features – CORS support, custom IP rotation, session management
  • Support – 24/7 live chat & email support

Smartproxy offers superfast datacenter proxies optimized for web scraping. You can choose datacenter proxy locations starting from the city level.

Smartproxy provides advanced proxy controls like sequential vs random IPs, custom port numbers, IP whitelisting, etc. This allows fine-tuning proxies for different use cases.

For scraping difficult sites, Smartproxy offers industry-specific proxy tools like the Instagram proxy scraper and Facebook proxy scraper. Site-specific proxies ensure maximum results.

Smartproxy also offers real-time monitoring, RESTful APIs, browser extensions, and other innovations to simplify proxy management. Their pricing starts from $75/month for smaller businesses.

Overall, Smartproxy provides reliable and well-optimized datacenter proxies to scale your web scraping and data mining activities.

4. GeoSurf

GeoSurf focuses on providing premium residential proxies blended with intelligent tools. Let‘s look at some key details:

  • Network size – 1 million residential IPs
  • Locations – All 195 countries covered
  • Protocols – HTTP, SOCKS5
  • Features – Proxy anonymization, custom IP refresh rates, browser extensions
  • Support – Email and chat support, extensive docs

GeoSurf proxies emulate real residential users thanks to their partnerships with large ISPs. This makes their proxies undetectable by most websites.

For added flexibility, you can customize IP rotation rates, specify sticky sessions, set up proxy whitelists, and more based on your needs. GeoSurf also offers intelligent proxy load balancing to maximize efficiency.

Some unique capabilities include the anti-fingerprinting feature which alters browser fingerprints to prevent tracking and detection. There‘s also a residential proxy browser extension for easy use.

For larger customers, GeoSurf provides dedicated account managers, priority support, custom integrations, and discounted pricing.

Overall, GeoSurf provides reliable and well-optimized residential proxies suitable for heavy-duty web scraping and ad verification.

5. Luminati

Luminati operates one of the world‘s largest proxy networks making them popular for data mining at scale.

Quick facts on Luminati:

  • Network size – Over 40 million residential IPs
  • Locations – 195 countries covered
  • Protocols – HTTP, SOCKS5
  • Features – IP and location targeting, static IPs, proxy rotation
  • Support – Phone, email, and chat support

Luminati residential proxies are sourced from real devices to provide authentic browsing experiences. You can target proxies by location, carrier, IP type, and other parameters.

Luminati offers advanced controls like custom port numbers, IP whitelisting, sticky sessions, and more. For large-scale data extraction, Luminati provides excellent scalability and reliability.

Luminati also offers a proxy manager browser extension, intuitive dashboard, real-time monitoring, APIs, 24/7 support, and extensive guides.

For larger deployments, you can get discounted pricing, dedicated account reps, and integration assistance from Luminati.

Overall, Luminati is a leading choice for large businesses looking for residential proxies at scale with advanced controls.

Major Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dedicated Proxy Service

While the top proxy providers seem similar on the surface, there can be major differences under the hood.

Here are some key factors to evaluate when picking a dedicated proxy provider:

Proxy Types – Assess whether you need datacenter or residential proxies based on the use case. Residential proxies offer higher anonymity while datacenters provide faster speeds.

Network Size – More proxies in the network means higher availability across different locations, browsers, devices etc.

Locations – Look for providers with global proxy coverage so you can target by city, state, zip code, IP block etc.

Features – Evaluate proxy features like rotation, sessions, targeting, failover,GeoSurf offers monitoring, API etc. based on your needs.

Protocols – Mainly check for HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 support. Selenium proxies are useful for browser automation.

Speed – Faster proxies result in quicker data transfers and scraping speed. Measure via ping, download tests etc.

Success Rates – High success rates (90%+) ensure proxies work reliably for data extraction.

Detection avoidance – Assess anonymity levels and evasion tactics like proxy rotation, fingerprint masking etc.

Support – responsive 24/7 support is vital for resolving proxy issues during your projects.

Scalability – Larger proxy networks allow seamless scaling as your data needs grow.

Pricing – Compare pricing models (pay-as-you-go, monthly) and rates to calculate costs.

Reputation – Check proxy provider reviews, social proof, and market standing as a quality indicator.

When Should You Use Dedicated Proxies?

While shared proxies work for basic use cases, dedicated proxies are required for more complex and large-scale projects.

Here are some scenarios where dedicated proxies are recommended:

  • Scraping a huge volume of data from websites
  • Extracting data from highly secure websites
  • Gathering data while mimicking real users
  • Running multiple bots/browsers in parallel 24/7
  • Accessing geo-restricted content like streaming media
  • Comparing prices and inventory across competitors
  • Verifying ads and click fraud across a large network
  • Developing custom integrations and bots for data extraction
  • Building machine learning datasets from multiple sources

For smaller projects like basic web scraping and Google research, shared proxies may still be suitable. But dedicated proxies provide the control, customization, and scale needed for enterprise use cases.

FAQs About Dedicated Proxy Services

Q1. Are dedicated proxies better than shared proxies?

Dedicated proxies are better than shared proxies for large projects as you get full control and resources. But shared proxies can still work for smaller use cases due to the lower cost.

Q2. Is it illegal to use dedicated proxies?

Using dedicated proxies is generally legal except for unethical purposes like hacking, spamming, and financial fraud. Make sure to comply with website terms when scraping data.

Q3. Are dedicated proxies detectable?

It depends on the proxy type. Residential proxies are highly anonymous and mimic real users. But datacenter proxies are easier to detect unless you use tools like proxy rotation.

Q4. Do I need programming skills to use dedicated proxies?

Most proxy providers offer easy browser extensions or dashboard apps to use dedicated proxies without coding. But for advanced customization, you may need programming expertise.

Q5. Can I get a dedicated proxy for free?

Some providers offer limited free plans. But for reliable dedicated proxies at scale, you need to choose a paid provider like the ones mentioned above.


I hope this guide gives you a 360-degree view of dedicated proxy services so you can make an informed decision.

The key takeaways are:

  • Dedicated proxies give you full control over IP addresses unlike shared proxies.
  • Major proxy types include datacenter, residential, ISP, and mobile proxies – each with their own pros and cons.
  • Factors like proxy network, locations, features, performance, and pricing vary across providers.
  • Leading dedicated proxy services include Bright Data, Oxylabs, Smartproxy, GeoSurf and Luminati.
  • Dedicated proxies are ideal for large-scale web scraping, ad verification, price monitoring and other such use cases.

As next steps, I recommend starting with the free trials offered by providers to test proxies for your specific needs. Feel free to reach out if you need any assistance with dedicated proxy services!

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