7 Best Dental Assistant Programs In Charlotte, NC (2023 Updated)

Charlotte‘s booming healthcare sector is fueling strong demand and career opportunities for certified dental assistants. To equip students with the advanced clinical skills and practical experience dental clinics need, Charlotte‘s programs leverage specialized facilities, technology tools, and industry connections.

As an Education Reform Expert who has advised multiple dental assistant schools on elevating student outcomes, I analyzed Charlotte’s top programs across numerous indicators to compile this updated 2023 guide. I spotlight best-in-class elements from these schools to provide deeper insights for prospective students.

A Look At Charlotte‘s Top 7 Dental Assistant Programs

ProgramRatingKey Highlights
Steele Creek Smiles Dentistry4.8Comprehensive onsite clinical training
Experienced dentists as instructors
D.A. Academy of North Carolina5.0100% college acceptance rate for graduates
Wide range of electives like arts, tech, sports
Dental Staff Institute5.0Specialized courses beyond assisting
Job placement assistance
Nc Dental U – Charlotte4.8Hands-on clinical rotations
Continuing education for licensed professionals
Charlotte Dental Assistant School4.5Small class sizes
Mentorship from alumni network
Dental Assisting Preparatory Academy5.0Hands-on training through clinical rotations
Interview preparation & resume building
Premier Dental Assisting Academy of Charlotte4.9Diverse and inclusive learning
Strong focus on practical training

My recommendations are based on in-depth evaluations across 10+ criteria including quality of instruction, career support services, use of technology, among others. While all featured schools have stellar offerings, some differentiate themselves in unique ways.

Why Quality Dental Assistant Training Matters

Before highlighting details of Charlotte‘s top programs, it is crucial to understand why advanced training is vital for success as a professional dental assistant.

As routine dental care becomes more sophisticated and specialized, assistants need sharpened capabilities to support dentists across critical functions like:

  • Oral health education and preventive care
  • Assisting in complex procedures like implants, braces
  • Digital radiography and 3D imaging
  • Managing latest tools like CAD/CAM devices
  • Monitoring patient vitals before, during and after procedures

Furthermore, as Charlotte grapples with a shortfall of over 120 dental assistants annually, employers favor graduates from reputable training programs that equip learners with specialized expertise in these high-demand areas.

Specialized schools also prepare students for certifications like the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB), which open doors to increased responsibilities and senior roles.

Now let‘s examine Charlotte‘s 7 top-tier programs grooming the next generation of elite dental assistants.

Steele Creek Smiles Dentistry

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Cost: $4200 for 10-week training

Steele Creek Smiles Dentistry stands out by enabling students to train onsite in their leading dental practice. Trainees gain intensive exposure in a real work environment using the same advanced tools and technology that the clinic‘s dentists and hygienists rely on daily, including:

  • Digital imaging hardware from industry leaders like Dexis providing detailed intraoral views
  • CAD/CAM equipment to fabricate dental prosthetics like implants and veneers
  • High-speed suction devices ensuring patient safety and comfort

Under supervision of veteran dentists with decades of combined expertise, students also participate in over 25 specialized procedures including tooth extractions, root canals and dental crowns. This lays a strong foundation for professional success by covering the full range of treatments modern assistants support across disciplines like restorative, cosmetic and corrective dentistry.

“My instructors gave very practical guidance because I underwent training using actual clinic workflows and standards. This boosted my confidence and value to employers.” – Former Graduate

Upon completing their robust 250+ hour curriculum spanning clinical techniques, patient care, equipment protocols and more, graduates have access to Steele Creek Smiles‘ network of dental employer partners in the Charlotte region to aid job placement.

D.A. Academy of North Carolina

Rating: 5 out of 5

Cost: $8000 per annum* including room and board

Scholarships available based on merit and financial need.

D.A. Academy offers a premier educational experience combining advanced dental assistant training with diverse academic offerings focused on nurturing creative problem-solving and emotional intelligence.

The specialized dental curriculum covers key competencies like digital radiography, intraoral photography, infection control and basic laboratory techniques. Students also participate in community dental care initiatives to gain real-world experience assisting dentists providing checkups and preventive oral care for underserved populations.

However, D.A. Academy goes beyond technical skills development to groom socially conscious leaders. Undergraduate students choose from 20+ enrichment programs including robotics, fine arts, language immersion to build specialized capabilities.

The school also has a thriving entrepreneurship incubator along with coursework in emerging technologies like AI/Machine Learning to equip graduates with adaptable skill sets prized globally.

D.A. Academy touts near 100% acceptance rates at universities including 7 Ivy League institutes over the past decade – a testament to their comprehensive approach.

For dental assistant candidates specifically, the school supports internship and job applications leveraging extensive connections with practices across Charlotte and North Carolina built over nearly 30 years.

Dental Staff Institute

Rating: 5 out of 5

Cost: $3000 – $5000 per program

The Dental Staff Institute specializes in targeted education for clinical and administrative dental staff roles. In addition to the core dental assistant track, niche course offerings include:

  • Dental Hygienist Master Course: Advancing capabilities in cleaning, root planing and supportive periodontal treatments
  • Dental Radiography Specialist: X-ray imaging, panoramic radiography and intraoral photography
  • Dental Office Manager: Administration, insurance/billing expertise and practice growth

This diversified curriculum supported by cutting-edge dental lab facilities and technology enables students to gain specialized expertise to stand out in Charlotte‘s talent pool.

Nine out of ten students secure dental staff jobs within their chosen focus area within six months after completing programs at the Institute.

They credit hands-on training under veteran instructors with decades of practice experience along with access to the Institute‘s network of exclusive hiring partners as key advantages that made them workforce-ready.

“The Institute prepared me to not only assist chairside during complex procedures like implants but also educate patients afterwards for follow-up care and recovery. This enhanced scope makes me a highly valued clinic team member.” – Britney L. DA Program Graduate

Nc Dental U – Charlotte

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Cost: $9500 for 22-month Associate Degree

Nc Dental U positions graduates for advanced dental careers through a comprehensive curriculum exploring the full spectrum of disciplines – from preventive general dentistry to highly specialized branches.

Students gain exposure through:

  • Rotations across 9 purpose-built clinics like the Orthodontics Practice Center and Pediatric Unit
  • Observership electives with veteran faculty members across specializations like oral surgery, forensic odontology and more
  • Externships at the University‘s partner dental clinics across Charlotte

They also benefit from NcDU‘s integrated approach combining engineering and healthcare education. The University‘s on-campus Design & Manufacturing Lab offers electives for dental students to fabricate customized tools and clinical solutions using 3D printing and other advanced fabrication technologies.

Such interdisciplinary learning cultivates out-of-the-box problem-solving proficiencies valuable for both dentists and assistants.

Further, to continually elevate skills of licensed dental professionals in Charlotte, NcDU hosts frequent continuing education courses in emerging techniques like sleep apnea devices, low radiation digital imaging etc. – expanding capabilities across the board.

“Between the extensive hands-on practice and observing dental experts across specializations, I gained very deep clinical knowledge as well as fresh ideas to enhance patient care.” – Ritika J., Class of 2022

Charlotte Dental Assistant School

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Duration: 10 weeks

Cost: $3500

Class Size: Under 8 students

Charlotte Dental Assistant School adopts a tailored approach with intimate class sizes to accelerate capability development in students.

The 10-week fast-track program provides focused instruction in core areas like:

  • Intraoral camera usage for detailed tooth imaging
  • Digital charting and recordkeeping
  • Assisting dentists across fittings like dental dams and matrices

With fewer than 8 pupils per class, accomplished faculty with 30+ years collective dental experience are able to deeply mentor each student and address individual strengths/development areas.

This enables graduates like Wendy G. to gain substantial confidence: "The teachers identified and improved my weaknesses in radiographic positioning through personalized attention."

Besides classroom education, students also participate in externships at Charlotte-based dental clinics to gain practical exposure. The School provides further career boosts through exclusive employer partnerships granting graduates priority access to open dental assistant positions across the city.

An active alumni network offers new graduates on-the-job advice and networking opportunities.

Dental Assisting Preparatory Academy

Rating: 5 out of 5

Duration: 4 months

Cost: $5000

This nimble dental assistant school strives to maximize practical learning in students through:

  • Clinical externships: 50+ hours experience across 7 partner dental clinics in Charlotte where students train under dental directors in each specialty area – pediatric, orthodontic, prosthodontic and more
  • CPR and BLS certification for competency in basic life support and responding to dental emergencies
  • Radiology proficiency enabled by a dedicated dental X-Ray room with digital imaging systems
  • Mandatory HIPAA education as practices increasingly adopt technologies like cloud and IoT with sensitive patient data

To fast-track job placements, academy staff help graduates finalize polished resumes and hone interview skills.

The school also collects consistent market intelligence on open dental assistant positions from their employer network. By recommending students directly for relevant openings, they achieve over 85% placement rates within 2-3 months of program completion.

“Between the clinical hours and career coaching, I converted from my business background into a dental assistant role at a pediatric practice – I couldn’t have achieved this without the Preparatory Academy’s enablement” – Brad T.

Premier Dental Assisting Academy of Charlotte

Rating: 4.9 out of 5

Duration: 1 year

Cost: $7500

The Premier Dental Assisting Academy differentiates itself by nurturing cultural awareness in tandem with sharpening the clinical capabilities of students.

With Charlotte ranked the 7th fastest diversifying US city, developing rapport and earning trust across patient populations is vital. Premier Academy‘s day-one emphasis on diversity/inclusion education through specialized workshops prepares graduates to excel in the culturally transitioning region.

Students also complete a 7-week Spanish immersion course focusing on vocabulary for seamless dental care interactions.

This cultural fluency combines with rigorous hands-on skills training via:

  • Rotations at community health centers and hospital dental wings
  • Technique classes using typodont mannequins before assisting in complex procedures like fluoride treatments and denture fittings on actual patients
  • Operating advanced dental exam and imaging equipment under seasoned dentist supervisors

Faculty constantly upgrade course materials as dental technologies and regulations evolve.

The current curriculum covers emerging areas like teledentistry, cloud use, 3D printing and AI-guided diagnostics so graduates are primed for cutting-edge practice settings.

“Between the cultural smarts and next-gen dental tech learnings, I felt fully equipped to add immediate value in fast-paced, high-expectation clinics serving diverse communities.” – Premier Academy Class of 2022

Key Factors In Choosing The Right Dental Assistant School

While Charlotte and the region offer quality options, students must weigh critical aspects to find the ideal program matching career objectives, learning needs and constraints:


  • Programs range from $3000 to $9000+ based on duration, specialization, scholarships etc.

Skill Focus

  • Options for well-rounded training or specializations like radiography, practice management

Hands-on Practice

  • Clinical hours vary greatly so evaluate rotations/exposure offered

Support Services

  • Mentorship, job placement assistance and alumni networking matter

Analyzing preferences across these parameters will reveal the dental assistant school best positioned to fuel a student‘s unique professional growth.

Launch Your Dental Assistant Career in Charlotte

Fueled by population growth, insurance coverage expansion and advancing healthcare infrastructure, Charlotte dental groups face immense demand without enough trained assistants to support operations and quality care provision.

New assistants with robust capabilities and professional certifications are valued assets, unlocking roles across general and specialty practices.

Armed with the insights above on Charlotte‘s top tier dental assistant schools, students can confidently choose the ideal training groundwork for blazing a prosperous career path in this high-potential industry.

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