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Detoxify and cleanse your body to lose weight and become healthier

Patricia Eales Registered Holistic Nutritionist Healthy Balanced Living

Detoxifications and cleanses have become a popular topic in the health and wellness field. But what the safest and most effective ways to detoxify and cleanse your body? What really works and what doesn’t? Here is some expert advice to help.


Do your research

Buying the latest fad detox products off TV may seem like a quick and easy thing, but may actually do you more harm than good. Those ‘detox in a box’ products are not nutritious in any way. The best way to detox your body is with whole, natural foods as close to their original state as possible. Ask a qualified healthcare practitioner what is best for you.

Do find a qualified healthcare practitioner to supervise your detoxification program

A detoxification program is not right for everyone. Pregnant and nursing women should not do a detoxification or cleanse, nor should young children, seniors or people with compromised immune systems or liver or kidney problems. A qualified healthcare practitioner can provide you with the information and help you need to do a safe and healthy detox.

Do eat fresh foods

Your body has the innate ability to heal itself, but it needs the right fuel to do so. Eating foods as close to their natural state as possible allows your body, and most especially your liver, to take a break from the chemicals, preservatives and sugar found in processed and refined foods, and to flush those accumulated toxins from your system. Eat lots of beets, cruciferous vegetables, avocados and fruit as they help support the body detoxification process.

Do drink lots of pure, filtered water

You’re going to be stirring up a lot of toxins during a detox and you need to eliminate them properly so you don’t re-absorb them back again. Drinking pure, filtered water allows your body to flush those toxins from your system. Better yet, flavor your water with fresh lemon juice - it helps support your immune system, alkalinizes your body and aids in digestion.

Do ease into your detoxification program

The best detoxification programs are the ones in which you completely take out all chemicals and stimulants like sugar, coffee, alcohol and tobacco. Gently weaning yourself off of addictive things like sugar and coffee a week or two before the detox, will keep you from shocking your system and experiencing an overwhelming amount of detoxification symptoms such as headache and fatigue.


Do not starve yourself

Existing on water, cayenne and maple syrup for a few days may sound like a great plan, but you need enough nutrient--rich caloric intake to support the body’s detoxification and elimination process. If you don’t think the foods you are eating are giving you enough minerals and vitamins to support the body’s processes, consider a good quality supplement - check with your healthcare provider for the best recommendation for you.

Do not eat packaged or prepared foods

Clear your pantry cupboards of packaged, refined and processed foods so you won’t be tempted. Stock your fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables and slice and prepare them as soon as you bring them home from the store, so that they are ready to eat when you’re hungry. You have toxins in your body because of these foods - why reintroduce them back into your body while on a detox program to eliminate these toxins?

Do not drink alcohol or caffeinated beverages during your detox

You have toxins in your body because of the effect of alcohol, sodas and caffeinated beverages you have consumed prior to starting the detoxification program. Drinking these beverages during a detox is counterproductive while you are trying to remove toxins from your body.

Do not exercise too much during the detoxification

Your body will be stirring up toxins and waste to be eliminated from your body, and you may feel the effects of them more as they leave your body - headaches, dizziness and fatigue to name a few. Give your body and organs of detoxification, the rest they need to do the best possible job of removing those toxins from your body.

Do not finish your detox and go back to the old way of eating

Your body has come back to a beautiful state of balance and ease. Remember how your felt before your detox and how great you feel after doing the detox? Why would you go back to that sludgy, tired, bloated feeling again? Use this detoxification program to start on a healthier way of living. Your body will thank you!

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A detoxification and cleanse diet might take some getting used to, but sticking with it has many positives. You will find you have more energy, improved sleep, better digestion, clearer, bright skin, and an added benefit is weight loss. You never know, you might be able to fit into your skinny jeans sooner than you thought possible.

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