Does CVS Sell Walmart Gift Cards in 2024? Everything You Need to Know

As two of the largest retail chains in the U.S., CVS and Walmart directly compete across pharmacy, grocery, and other segments. With over 10,000 locations combined, many shoppers are curious if they can purchase Walmart gift cards at CVS.

After thorough research into the gift card options at CVS, it‘s clear that CVS does not sell official Walmart gift cards in any of its pharmacy locations or online. This comprehensive guide will overview everything you need to know about buying Walmart gift cards and the alternative CVS gift card selections available in 2024.

Why CVS Doesn‘t Sell Walmart Gift Cards

CVS has a policy against stocking or selling gift cards for any major direct competitors. This includes other big box retailers like Walmart, Target, Costco, Sam‘s Club, and Kroger.

My perspective is that CVS not selling competitor gift cards makes strategic sense. As a business, CVS would not want to directly enable or benefit rivals that are vying for the same pharmacy, clinic, grocery, and other retail customers.

However, while you can‘t buy dedicated Walmart gift cards, CVS does offer some gift card workarounds that can be conveniently purchased in-store.

Gift Card Spending Statistics in 2024

Before detailing the gift card options at CVS, let‘s look at some key statistics on gift card spending:

  • The gift card industry topped $170 billion in sales in 2022, according to the National Retail Federation
  • 61% of shoppers prefer to receive gift cards over merchandise
  • Gift cards remain the most requested holiday gift for the 15th year in a row
  • The average consumer spent $255 on gift cards during the 2022 holiday season

This data shows the ongoing popularity of gift cards as easy, versatile gift options. While Walmart ranked as the 8th most preferred gift card brand, CVS still provides ample alternatives.

Alternative Gift Cards to Purchase at CVS

While Walmart gift cards are not sold at CVS, there are over 100 other popular gift card choices covering every category. Here are some of the top gift card options shoppers can buy at CVS:

Retail Gift Cards

  • Amazon – $25-$500
  • Target – $25-$500
  • Best Buy – $25-$500
  • Macy‘s – $25-$500
  • The Home Depot – $25-$500

Restaurant Gift Cards

  • Starbucks – $5-$100
  • Chipotle – $10-$100
  • Domino‘s Pizza – $10-$50
  • Panera Bread – $10-$100

Entertainment Gift Cards

  • Netflix – $25-$100
  • Hulu – $25-$100
  • Fandango – $25-$100
  • PlayStation Network – $10-$100

Travel Gift Cards

  • American Airlines – $50-$500
  • Southwest Airlines – $50-$500
  • Airbnb – $25-$500
  • – $25-$500

And many more options across every spending category. CVS also offers bank-issued Visa, Mastercard, and American Express gift cards that can be used anywhere.

In my opinion, the wide variety of gift cards at CVS provides options comparable to a Walmart gift card for any recipient. The convenience and selection at CVS makes it one of the best places for gift card shopping.

Where To Buy Walmart Gift Cards

Since Walmart gift cards are not available at CVS, here are some of the main options to purchase them:

  • Walmart stores – All locations with gift card racks. Can also buy eGift cards to email.
  • – Physical and eGift cards available for home delivery.
  • Sam‘s Club – Walmart‘s warehouse chain sells their gift cards.
  • Gift card resale sites – Walmart gift cards sold on eBay, Raise, CardCash, etc.
Walmart Stores$10-$500Instant in-storeLow$10-$500Ships 2-5 daysLow
Sam‘s Club$25-$500Instant in-clubLow
Resale SitesVariesInstant digitalHigher

Your safest option is to buy directly from Walmart either in-store or online. Resale sites carry more risk of invalid or fraudulent gift cards.

The Bottom Line

CVS does not offer Walmart gift cards, or any other competitor gift cards, for sale. However, CVS provides an enormous selection of retail, restaurant, entertainment, and other gift cards that make great gift options.

If you need a Walmart gift card specifically, your best option is purchasing directly from Walmart in-store or online to guarantee validity and avoid scams. While not identical, the variety of gift cards sold at CVS locations and can fulfill most gifting needs.

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