Does CVS Use Telecheck or Certegy in 2024? The Complete Guide

Check fraud cost retailers over $15 billion in losses in 2022 according to the Federal Reserve. To combat this, many major stores use third-party services to verify checks. So what about CVS – does CVS use Telecheck or Certegy?

Why Retailers Verify Checks

Issuing a bad check can get you in legal trouble. But for retailers, accepting fraudulent checks also causes huge losses from bounced checks and other scams.

To avoid these unnecessary losses, 89% of retailers use check verification services like:

  • Telecheck: The largest check verification service, used by over 300,000 merchants
  • Certegy: A major verification provider used by leading retailers

These services access huge databases to analyze your check writing history and spot possible fraud before acceptance.

Which Service Does CVS Use?

CVS relies on Telecheck to vet checks before acceptance in all locations nationwide as of January 2023. When you present a check at CVS, it gets submitted to Telecheck‘s verification system to screen for risk.

Why does CVS use Telecheck rather than Certegy? As the largest check verification service in the industry, Telecheck offers superior analytics by checking over 60 billion transactions across its merchant network.

How Telecheck Checks for Risk at CVS

When you hand over a check at CVS, the cashier will enter your:

  • Driver‘s license number
  • Full name
  • Bank account details

This information gets run through Telecheck‘s risk filters to assess potential fraud, including:

  • Negative banking history (bounced checks, overdrafts)
  • Unpaid debts or fees with other merchants
  • Suspicious personal details

If Telecheck estimates your check as low risk, CVS can accept it with confidence. But if issues appear in your history or something seems off, Telecheck will recommend declining the check.

Main Reasons Telecheck May Decline Checks at CVS

Based on Telecheck data, below are the top reasons they may deny a check:

Unpaid check historyYou have outstanding bad check fees or debt
Excessive bank overdraftsHigh volume of overdrafts signals risk
Risk scoringProprietary algorithm deems you too risky
Insufficient customer detailsNot enough info for background check

As you can see, bounced checks or banking issues in your past can cause denials. But in many cases, it comes down to Telecheck‘s risk scoring model.

Their algorithms analyze thousands of data points…

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