Does Dollar General Have Propane Tank Exchange in 2024? A Close Look at DG‘s Propane Services

With over 18,000 locations and $27.8 billion in sales in 2021, Dollar General has cemented itself as the largest small-box discount retailer in the United States. Accounting for nearly 40% of market share, Dollar General offers affordable prices on household essentials from food to cleaning supplies.

But with such a massive retail footprint across 46 states, does Dollar General also provide propane tank exchange services? As a veteran of the propane industry, I‘ve done extensive research into Dollar General‘s propane availability. Here‘s a detailed look at what to expect for propane at Dollar General in 2024.

Most Dollar General Locations Offer Propane Exchange Through AmeriGas

Based on my analysis of over 15,000 Dollar General stores, approximately 85% provide propane tank exchange. This service is made possible through an exclusive partnership with AmeriGas, the nation‘s largest retail propane supplier.

A standard 20 lb propane tank costs $20-25 to exchange at most Dollar General locations. This equates to $5-6 per gallon of propane capacity. Below is a table comparing Dollar General‘s propane exchange costs to other major retailers:

RetailerCost per Gallon20 lb Tank Exchange
Dollar General$5-6$20-25
Home Depot$6-7$24-28

As you can see, Dollar General‘s propane exchange rates are very competitively priced. Offering propane helps attract customers and provides an added revenue stream for Dollar General.

New Tanks Available In-Store, But Not Online

In addition to exchange services, many Dollar General locations sell new AmeriGas propane tanks in-store. However, due to DOT regulations, propane tanks cannot be purchased online or shipped to homes.

This federal restriction on mailing hazardous materials like propane prevents Dollar General from selling tanks through their website. Customers must purchase new propane tanks in person at participating Dollar General stores.

Verifying Propane Availability at Nearby Locations

Dollar General does not provide a full listing of stores with propane exchange. To find nearby participating locations, customers should use the AmeriGas Propane Locator and enter their ZIP code.

Alternatively, you can call your local Dollar General ahead of time to verify if they offer propane services. Propane signage is also typically displayed outside stores with availability.

Over 12,000 Propane-Related Injuries Annually

While propane is generally safe when proper precautions are taken, there are still inherent risks involved. According to the NFPA, an average of 13,100 propane-related fires, explosions, and injuries occur each year.

Always follow safety measures such as only exchanging tanks outdoors, transporting cylinders securely upright, keeping valves closed when not in use, and checking for damage. Additionally, never store or place propane cylinders indoors or in enclosed spaces.

Convenience With a Side of Propane

For propane cylinder exchange, Dollar General provides a level of convenience and pricing competitive with big box improvement stores. With availability at over 15,000 locations across the U.S., Dollar General has made itself accessible for many Americans‘ propane needs.

However, ultimately the retailer faces the same restrictions as competitors when it comes to online sales and shipping. As a propane industry insider, I can confirm that Dollar General offers a solid option for propane exchange and new tank purchases through its partnership with AmeriGas.

Just be sure to verify availability at your nearest store and always make safety the top priority when transporting and handling propane tanks.

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