Does Dollar General Sell Air Filters in 2022? (Full Guide)

According to experts, changing your HVAC filters every 3 months can improve indoor air quality by up to 50%. But with proper filters costing $10-50 each time, this essential home maintenance can get expensive. Can Dollar General save you money on air filters for your heating and AC system? Here‘s a complete guide on whether Dollar General sells air filters in 2022.

Which Dollar General Locations Sell Air Filters in 2022?

The majority of Dollar General‘s over 18,000 stores do not stock air filters as of 2022. However, select stores may carry a small selection of air filters based on regional customer demand.

According to Dollar General customer service, your best odds of finding air filters are at locations in southern states where HVAC systems run year-round. States where some Dollar General stores carry filters include:

  • Texas
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • South Carolina
  • Alabama

You‘ll increase your chances by calling Dollar General stores directly to ask if they have air filters in stock. Refer to the Dollar General online store locator to find contact info for your nearest locations.

Air Filter Options for Home HVAC Systems

If Dollar General doesn‘t have the air filters you need, here are the main types to consider for your heating and AC unit:

Filter TypeDescriptionPrice Range
Flat panelBasic and inexpensive option made of fiberglass or cotton layers$5-10
PleatedMade from cotton/polyester blend, provides better airflow and filtration$10-25
ElectrostaticUses static charge to attract and capture more airborne particles$15-40
HEPAExtremely fine mesh removes 99.97% of particles, best for allergies$25-50

According to HVAC experts, pleated and electrostatic filters provide the best overall value by balancing good filtration with reasonable cost. High MERV ratings (11-16) also indicate greater filtering capability.

Where To Buy Air Filters in 2022

Since most Dollar General stores won‘t have air filters, here are the top alternative retailers to find them in 2022:

  • Walmart – Carries a wide range of air filter sizes and brands for as low as $5 per filter. Offer sporadic sales and rollbacks.

  • Home Depot – Stocks filters from brands like 3M and Honeywell. Frequent promotions like 20% off or buy 1, get 1 50% off.

  • Lowe‘s – Sells air filters in-store and online with free delivery on orders $45+. Offers installation services.

  • Costco – Big savings buying multi-pack bundles of filters. Also has high-end options like HEPA filters.

  • Amazon – Fast, free Prime delivery on hundreds of filter sizes and varieties. Best prices buying in bulk.

  • Auto parts stores – Chains like AutoZone, O‘Reilly, and Pep Boys have filters for home HVAC systems.

Air Filter Pricing Trends in 2022

Air filter prices have risen over 10% on average in 2022 due to inflation and HVAC supply chain issues. However, buying in higher quantities can help offset these increases.

Chart showing air filter pricing trends in 2022

As shown above, the best value is bulk packs of 12+ filters. Big box stores like Costco offer the cheapest bulk pricing.

The Bottom Line

While Dollar General likely won‘t meet all your air filter needs for your home‘s HVAC system, they remain an affordable option for supplementing the filters you buy elsewhere. Call ahead to see if your local store stocks any air filters to save a few extra dollars.

For the best selection and guaranteed availability, big retailers like Walmart and Home Depot are still your best bet for buying air filters in 2022. Properly maintaining your heating and AC unit with fresh filters every 3 months will pay off with cleaner indoor air quality and more efficient HVAC performance.

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