Does Kroger Have WiFi in 2024? (Password, Free + More)

Kroger offers free public WiFi access at most of its 2,800+ grocery store locations across the United States. This convenient amenity allows customers to connect to the internet on their devices to enhance the shopping experience. Here’s a detailed look at Kroger‘s in-store WiFi capabilities in 2024.

The Kroger-Boingo Partnership for Store WiFi

In 2018, Kroger partnered with WiFi provider Boingo Wireless to upgrade the wireless internet infrastructure at their stores. Boingo helps manage and provide the “Kroger Free WiFi” network available at most locations today.

While Kroger has not publicly shared an exact percentage, industry estimates suggest over 90% of stores now have free WiFi after the Boingo rollout. Availability is best in the Midwest and South, with slightly less coverage on both coasts.

Connecting to Kroger Free WiFi

Connecting to Kroger‘s free in-store WiFi is simple:

  • On your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, open your list of available WiFi networks.

  • Select the network named "Kroger Free WiFi".

  • You should be able to connect instantly without needing to enter a password.

The WiFi works throughout the store, but staying near the center will provide the strongest signal. Avoid connecting from the far corners or parking lot where bandwidth may be limited.

Why Kroger Offers Free In-Store WiFi

There are several key reasons why Kroger provides this amenity:

  • Enhanced Shopping Experience – Customers can access digital coupons, recipes, nutritional info, and pricing comparisons while shopping.

  • Competitive Parity – Rivals like Walmart, Target, and Costco have in-store WiFi, so it‘s needed to stay competitive.

  • Data Collection – The WiFi network provides customer shopping pattern data to Kroger.

  • Technology Enabler – WiFi powers in-store tech like wait time displays, price lookup scanners, and digital shelf labels.

Benefits for Customers

Look up recipesFind a new recipe for tonight‘s dinner
Find coupons & dealsUse a digital coupon for an item in your cart
Price compareCheck competitor pricing on a certain product
Access rewards accountsView digital loyalty card for discounts
Shop grocery listsView your cached shopping lists offline

How Does Kroger‘s WiFi Compare to Other Chains?

Kroger‘s in-store WiFi is on par with competitors in the grocery space:

  • Typical download speeds range from 5-15 Mbps, fast enough for most basic usage.

  • Connectivity and bandwidth is prioritized for core store areas versus peripherals.

  • Security features like firewalls and filters block illegal, dangerous, or bandwidth-intensive usage.

  • Kroger WiFi performs well in crowds, with ample bandwidth for 100+ concurrent devices thanks to Boingo’s robust infrastructure.

In comparison, Target‘s WiFi tends to be slightly faster but less reliable in busy stores, while Walmart’s network has wider range but more dead zones inside stores.

Tips for Getting the Best Kroger WiFi Connection

Follow these tips for staying connected to speedy Kroger Free WiFi:

  • Connect as soon as you enter the store for continuous access.

  • Head to the center sections like produce, dairy, meat for the strongest signal.

  • Early mornings and late evenings typically have less congestion and faster speeds.

  • If connection is slow, try manually selecting a less crowded network channel.

  • Limit bandwidth-heavy activities like video streaming to off-peak hours.

  • Report any connectivity issues to the customer service desk so they can troubleshoot.


Kroger‘s investment in robust free public WiFi pays off by keeping customers connected, informed, and engaged while shopping in stores. Although availability varies by location, those who take advantage of this amenity when available can enhance their grocery experience via digital conveniences. With a few connectivity best practices in mind, Kroger shoppers can stay online to maximize the benefits of free in-store WiFi.

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