Does Walmart Price Match GameStop in 2024? The Complete Guide

As a budget-focused retailer, Walmart built its reputation on everyday low prices across categories. This leads many shoppers to ask – with Walmart‘s price match policy guaranteeing competitive pricing against major retailers, does that include popular gaming store GameStop?

Unfortunately at this time, Walmart does not price match GameStop in 2024.

However, this guide will analyze Walmart and GameStop’s pricing models, promotions, and advantages to explain the policy and arm shoppers with savings strategies for gaming deals between the stores.

Why GameStop Doesn‘t Align with Walmart‘s Pricing Approach

Walmart maintains consistently low prices by optimizing operational efficiencies across its mass merchandise model. GameStop operates over 4,800 specialized gaming stores trading new and used video games, hardware, accessories and more.

These differing models lead to key pricing disconnects:

  • GameStop runs frequent promotional offers – like Buy 2 Get 1 Free across gaming pre-orders, accessories and used games. Their promotion schedule outpaces Walmart‘s broader sales events.
  • Specialized inventory – GameStop carries a wider, gaming-focused inventory including niche accessories, collectibles and used/retro gaming items which would undermine Walmart’s set pricing to match.
  • According to eMarketer, GameStop held 6.7% of the $175B video game retail market in 2022, whereas Walmart captured just 3.7%. GameStop‘s deeper gaming selection captures more promotional focus that Walmart can‘t directly compete with.
Retailer2022 Video Game Market Share2022 Promotional Events
Walmart3.7%6 major seasonal sales
GameStop6.7%12+ gaming offers per year

Which Gaming Retailers Does Walmart Price Match?

Walmart carefully selects competitor retailers for price matching – choosing major chains with sufficient pricing and inventory overlap to make it viable at their operational scale.

For gaming products, confirms it will price match the following retailer websites:

  • Amazon – As the ecommerce leader, Amazon offers an extensive selection of new video games, gaming platforms, VR gear and accessories
  • Target – A mass retailer like Walmart, Target maintainscompetitive pricing across gaming hardware, accessories and new releases

So if you find an identical, in-stock gaming item at a cheaper price from Amazon or Target, take evidence into your local Walmart store and ask an associate to confirm the match.

Some limitations around quantities, market availability restrictions, or the other retailers‘ own price match terms may apply. But focusing on these major chains gives shoppers the best shot getting Walmart to beat the price.

Game Consoles – Where Walmart Shines for Savings

Across the latest generation gaming consoles like the Sony PS5, Nintendo Switch OLED and Xbox Series X, Walmart has proven it can out-discount specialized gaming stores:

ConsoleWalmart PriceGameStop PriceSavings
Sony PS5 God of War Ragnarok Bundle$559$559.99$0.99
Nintendo Switch OLED$349$399.99$50.99
Xbox Series S$299$324.99$25.99

"We maintain everyday low pricing across electronics and gaming items, enhanced by seasonal rollbacks, so customers can rely on Walmart for next-gen console deals and hardware savings without needing to price match," Walmart CEO Doug McMillon shared in a 2022 corporate blog post.

6 Pro Tips: Finding the Best Gaming Prices

Hopefully this breakdown gives shoppers transparency into the pricing dynamic between Walmart and GameStop – and why they don‘t directly compete on cost.

That said, here are 6 tips for getting the best prices across both retailers:

  1. Review Walmart‘s weekly gaming ad – scan for promotions across new releases, accessories or consoles
  2. Pair Walmart gaming offers with other promos like rebates to stack savings
  3. Check GameStop‘s pre-owned inventory for deals on used consoles or rare retro games
  4. Use any GameStop coupons, offers or multiplayer discounts to get items Walmart may not carry
  5. See if Amazon or Target are price matching an item to leverage Walmart‘s policy
  6. Shop Walmart’s clearance section in-store for gaming markdowns beyond advertised deals

The Final Takeaway

Walmart’s operational model limits a direct GameStop price match. However, savvy shoppers can still take advantage of pricing differences between the gaming specialists and broader discount retailers.

Be sure to check back around major releases or holiday events when retailers compete aggressively on price. And when buying new consoles or gaming staples, Walmart’s set pricing puts it ahead of specialized stores more often than not.

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