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Effective treatments for sagging skin

While the effects of aging are inevitable, there are a large number of options available to help reduce the appearance of sagging skin that occurs as a result. Depending on the amount of laxity and the patient’s desires, this can include more conservative measures such as neurotoxins and fillers or more aggressive options like lasers and actual surgery.   


Do make a consultation with a physician who can offer a variety of options for facial rejuvenation

There are a huge number of options now available to help with facial rejuvenation. Therefore, it is best to make a consultation with a physician who can offer you a wide choice of the newest technologies available. While some people may want to jump right into surgery, there are also many non-surgical ways to help improve the appearance of sagging skin efficiently.   

Do start with conservative options

If you are new to plastic surgery, start with conservative options such as neurotoxins to see how it looks and how your body reacts One of the first signs of aging that people notice is the drooping of the brow, which makes the eyelids look heavy, and the deep furrows between the brows that can make you look angry. The best option for these issues is neurotoxin such as Botox or Dysport. When injected correctly they can elevate the brow to help open up the eye area, and make you look more relaxed.    

Do explore fillers to plump and elevate sagging skin

As we age, our cheeks descend, which makes our nasolabial folds appear deeper. There is also frequently a loss of fat in the face, making the cheeks appear hollow. Fillers provide volume and structure to the face, elevating the cheeks and decreasing the appearance of the sagging skin. Deep fillers are now available that can last for over one year. You may want to consider using your own fat, which provides both volume and stem cells to help improve the texture of your skin. 

Do consider lasers to tighten the skin and decrease the appearance of wrinkles

Lasers are a great non-surgical option for tightening loose skin because they are work by using heat technology to penetrate the deep layers of the skin. This stimulates the production of new collagen so that your skin will appear firmer and less wrinkled. The newer lasers often require only a few days of patient downtime and can be used on most skin types. Micro-focused ultrasound is also able to tighten the jowls and neck. 

Do recognize that surgery is still the best way to tighten very loose, sagging skin

Non-surgical options for rejuvenation can only tighten the skin a certain amount and for a certain amount of time. If you have significant laxity, especially in the neck area, surgery is going to be able to provide the best improvement. With surgery the deep tissues are tightened, and the excess skin is then removed. With proper surgical techniques, this will give a natural, younger appearance to your face for several years. 


Do not consult an unlicensed physician for your treatments

There are a growing number of non-physician and non-licensed people administering treatments for facial rejuvenation. While they may be less expensive, it can be very costly to repair the damage in the long run and in some cases it can be detrimental to your health. Botox, if not correctly injected, can result in a drooping brow or upper eyelid. Improper use of fillers can result in nodules and infections, and burns can occur with lasers. It is extremely important to verify your physician's credentials. 

Do not set unrealistic expectations about what you will look like after a treatment

Many patients expect miracles to occur with fillers or laser. Most people will certainly notice improvements, but the final result will be different for everyone depending on your skin type and how much laxity you had to start. Remember the goal is to look natural and not like you had work done. 

Do not smoke or expose your skin to the sun

Smoke and sun exposure can make your skin age much faster. If you are truly interested in helping the appearance of your skin, you must not smoke or spend time in the sun. These two things cause the most significant damage to your skin, and will accelerate the aging process.  

Do not over do it with fillers and Botox

The key to looking better is to achieve a natural appearance. While an excessive amount of filler can help to tighten the skin, it can make you look round and distorted...a little bit goes a long way.

Do not rule out new or combination treatments to achieve your goals

Many people come in for a consultation with a certain treatment plan in mind. There may be other options that would be even more beneficial for you. You may need a long-term plan of fillers, neurotoxins, lasers and surgery to fully achieve your skin tightening and rejuvenation goals.  

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Sagging skin is the inevitable consequence of aging. The good news is that there are currently many options available to help tighten the skin. There are many non-surgical techniques such as laser and fillers, and also many minimally invasive surgeries to help improve our appearance, and a licensed, experienced plastic surgeon will help you achieve the results you want.  

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