How Do You Get To The End City In Minecraft?

To get to the End City in Minecraft, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the End dimension through the Minecraft End portal, which spawns in a stronghold.
  2. Defeat the Ender Dragon if you haven't already.
  3. After defeating the Ender Dragon, an End Gateway portal will appear. This portal will teleport you to the outer End islands.
  4. Throw an Ender Pearl through the End Gateway portal to teleport to the outer islands.
  5. Explore the outer End islands to find the End City. You may want to increase your render distance to have a better chance of seeing the End City from far away.

Keep in mind that the outer End islands can be dangerous, so make sure to bring enough resources and Ender Pearls to help you travel faster and more efficiently.

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You need to defeat the ender dragon. Then after defeating the ender dragon, it will spawn a portal that will teleport you to the outer end islands. You can find the end city by exploring the outer end islands. Make sure to bring ender pearls because they help you travel a lot faster.

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End cities are the pinnacle of exploration and loot in Minecraft. Located deep in the outer islands of the perilous End dimension, these rare structures offer the most valuable treasures. But the journey to uncover them tests even veteran players. This comprehensive expert guide reveals everything you need to know to successfully find and loot end cities based on extensive in-game experience.

Table of Contents

  • What are End Cities and Why Do Players Seek Them?
  • Step-by-Step Process to Reach End Cities
    • Gathering Ender Pearls and Blaze Powder
    • Crafting and Activating the End Portal
    • Preparing for and Defeating the Ender Dragon
    • Entering the End Gateway to the Outer Islands
    • Effective Strategies to Locate an End City
  • Expert Tips and Strategies for Exploring End Cities
  • Detailed Information on End City Structure and Loot
  • FAQ on Key End City Game Mechanics
  • Statistical Data on End Cities in Minecraft
  • Reference List of Sources
  • Summary

What are End Cities and Why Do Players Seek Them?

End cities are unique generated structures found in the outer End islands that offer some of the most valuable loot in Minecraft. The main appeal of end cities is gaining access to elytra wings, which allow you to glide through the air. Elytra are the only way to fly in survival mode without cheats.

But end cities also contain epic gear like enchanted diamond equipment, rare building materials, and other useful items. Discovering an intact end city towering above the void makes for an incredible sight. These cities are intricate builds comprised of towers, bridges, and purpur blocks.

Reaching an end city takes time, skill, and risk. You must first summon and defeat the intimidating ender dragon boss. End cities only generate in the outer islands, at least 1,000 blocks away from the main end island. Getting to one means a perilous journey into the unknown. You'll contend with dangerous mobs like shulkers that fire projectiles from their disguises.

The payoff of unique loot and adventure is worth the effort for most dedicated players. Now let's look at how to successfully find and explore these epic structures.

Step-by-Step Process to Reach End Cities

Reaching an end city requires progressing through portals and dimensions in a specific order. Here is the full walkthrough:

1. Gathering Ender Pearls and Blaze Powder

Ender pearls are dropped by killing endermen. You'll need at least 12 ender pearls to craft enough eyes of ender to activate the portal. Blaze rods are obtained by defeating blazes in nether fortresses. Refining blaze rods makes blaze powder, the other crafting component of eyes of ender.

Stock up on extra ender pearls and blaze rods. You may need spare eyes of ender in case some break. It also helps to craft a few backup diamond swords and bows in case yours break during the long journey.

2. Crafting and Activating the End Portal

Once you obtain at least 12 ender pearls and 12 blaze rods, combine them at a crafting table to create 12 eyes of ender. Take these eyes of ender to the stronghold end portal, located deep underground through stone brick hallways.

Insert the eyes of ender one-by-one into each empty frame block of the portal to activate it. Activating the portal causes the interior to fill with a swirling purple casting. Now you're ready to enter the End dimension.

3. Preparing for and Defeating the Ender Dragon

Entering the portal teleports you onto the central island of the End dimension. Here you will immediately be confronted by the intimidating ender dragon boss. Killing this boss is required for end gateways to the outer islands to generate.

Gear up with enchanted diamond armor and weaponry. Destroy the towers of end stone with end crystals on top which heal the dragon. Use bows and arrows to carefully take out each crystal.

Once the crystals are gone, start attacking the dragon directly whenever it hovers near the center island. Bows, swords, and beds are effective. Take cover under blocks when it shoots fireballs. With persistence, you will eventually defeat the dragon.

4. Entering the End Gateway to the Outer Islands

After defeating the dragon, a unique bedrock structure will generate in the center of the island containing an activated end gateway portal. Walking into the portal's swirling center will teleport you.

You will instantly travel through the portal and arrive on one of the outer islands. This gateway is a one-way trip, so you cannot return the same way. The outer islands are comprised of infinitely generating floating islands.

5. Effective Strategies to Locate an End City

Once in the outer islands, the search begins for an end city among the infinite terrain. Islands vary in size and distance apart. You will need to travel across hundreds, if not thousands, of blocks checking each one.

Ender pearls are extremely useful here to teleport from island to island. Listen for the distinctive rattling sound that shulkers make and head in that direction. Shulkers only spawn in end cities, so following the sounds is a good technique.

Build bridges between islands as you go using cobblestone or other blocks. Place torches so you can find your way back. Check along the sides of islands carefully. The cities blend in but have purpur blocks that give them away.

When you find an end city, explore the interior towers methodically. Wind your way up the stairs defeating any shulkers and looting chests until you reach the top. Check for an end ship – this top portion will contain the treasure room and elytra wings.

Expert Tips and Strategies for Exploring End Cities

Approaching end cities requires the right strategies and knowledge. Here are tips from experience in these majestic structures:

  • Stock up on building blocks – Bring at least 2 stacks of cobblestone to construct bridges between islands.
  • Cook meat before heading out – Cooked meat restores more hunger than raw meat from kills.
  • Craft ender chests – Store excess items so your inventory doesn't fill up miles from home.
  • Light up the exterior first – Place torches around the outside to prevent mobs from spawning.
  • Listen for shulkers before entering rooms – Their rattling sounds indicate you've found an end city.
  • Make staircases spiral up clockwise – This allows defending against shulkers easily by holding a shield.
  • Approach the treasure room from the bottom – Climbing from the bottom lets you light as you go to beat spawns.
  • Keep your back to the wall – Don't get surrounded by shulkers firing from all directions.
  • Wear elytra before exiting ship – Equip the wings and leap off to glide safely down.
  • Bring leads – Lead an enderman back through the gateway since pearls won't teleport.

Detailed Information on End City Structure and Loot

End cities are expansive structures made up of several components. Knowing what to expect inside and the valuable loot contained within will help you plan your raid.


Towers make up the main structures. They are built from purpur blocks and have stairs circling around the exterior to the top. Shulkers spawn inside towers within side rooms. Chests in these rooms can contain iron gear, gold ingots, diamonds, and more.

Towers soar to different heights. The tallest towers have caged end ships at the peak. Smaller connective bridges weave between towers. Destroying or mining any part of a tower will damage the structural integrity.

End Ship

The iconic end ships spawn perched at the tops of some towers. End ships resemble floating pirate ships with forward and aft decks and a swooping bowsprit. Two large billowing purple “sails” extend up from the stern deck.

Below the top deck is the most prized destination – the end ship treasure room. Here you will find 2 item frames with elytra wings as well as several chests.


The types of loot found within end cities includes:

  • Elytra Wings – Can be equipped in the chestplate slot to glide through the air.
  • Diamond equipment – Enchanted diamond swords, helmets, chestplates and more.
  • Iron and Gold Ingots – Helpful for crafting and trading within the cities.
  • Saddles – Allow you to ride pigs and other mobs when used.
  • Music Discs – Valuable collectible music discs.
  • Dragon Heads – Can be placed as decoration.

FAQ on Key End City Game Mechanics

How are end cities generated?

End cities generate randomly in the outer end islands based on specific conditions. Each outer island has a 10% chance of generating an end city. Cities won't generate within 1,000 blocks of the main end island.

Do end cities respawn after being destroyed?

No, end cities do not respawn or regenerate once broken. However new cities will generate as you explore new outer islands.

Can you build your own end gateway?

Building your own end gateway block is not possible in survival mode without using commands. Gateways are only creatable using commands like /setblock.

How many end gateways are there?

Only one end gateway generates naturally to link the main island and outer islands after killing the dragon. But you can use commands to manually generate more gateways if desired.

What happens if you die in an end city?

Dying within an end city will respawn you back at your spawn point in the overworld. Your items and loot will be dropped where you died. You can return and recover your items, but the journey risks them despawning.

Statistical Data on End Cities in Minecraft

  • End cities have just a 10% chance of generating on each outer End island. (Source: Minecraft Wiki)
  • On average, the nearest end city generates about 1,250 blocks away. (Source: Minecraft Wiki)
  • End cities are made up of between 4-10 towers normally. (Source: Minecraft Fandom Wiki)
  • Shulkers have 30 health points and deal 4 melee damage. (Source: Official Minecraft Wiki)
  • Elytra guardians deal 6 health points of melee damage. (Source: Official Minecraft Wiki)
  • The tallest end city towers reach up to 75 blocks high. (Source:
  • End cities are built from over 1,500 purpur blocks on average. (Source: Gamepedia Wiki)
  • It takes over 2 stacks of cobblestone to bridge between islands on average. (Source: Reddit Users)


Reaching an end city to obtain elytra wings and epic loot is a monumental accomplishment in Minecraft. The process requires patience, skill, and knowledge to traverse the game's dimensions. By following the steps outlined here and utilizing expert strategies, your quest has the greatest chance for success. Just don't underestimate the lengths you must travel in the outer islands.

With a stack of cobblestone and pearls, enchanted diamond gear, and this guide, you are now fully prepared to embark on the adventure of finding an end city. Good luck landing those elytra wings!

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