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Enhance your quality of life with proper exercise and nutrition

Everyone is in search of enhancing the quality of life and most want it yesterday. You can begin your transformation today however, consistency and patience are key. Here is some expert advice to help you live a healthier life.


Do drink pure water daily

Drinking pure water is essential for vibrant health. Pure means no additives: lemon, lime, sugar, etc. Our body is comprised of over 70% water and we experience water loss during our daily activities. It is very important to consume the proper amount of water for enhancements: cell development, mental clarity, aids in food digestion, regulates your bowel movements, promotes weight loss, etc. The proper amount of water is not universal, however, as the amount is based on a persons weight. Here is a simple calculation to determine your correct daily water consumption.

Take your weight and divide by two. Example: If your weight is 150 lbs divide by 2 and the result is 75 ounces. Now divide the number of ounces by 5 and consume your water 5 times per day: upon awakening, 30 minutes prior to lunch, midday, 30 minute prior to dinner, and during your workout.

Do get adequate rest, relaxation, and sleep

Rest is defined as peace, ease, or refreshment resulting from sleep or cessation of an activity. This means you need to stop your activities and shut everything down to recharge your body’s energy. Rest and aging, better yet the slowing down of the aging process, go hand in hand. Go to bed earlier, perhaps try 15 minutes earlier, or 30 minutes earlier and sleep. Just shut it down until the act of sleeping is no longer pleasurable.

Remember, your are paying attention to your body. Sometimes during the day you may feel sleepy, so if you can, go ahead and take a cat nap. Cat naps are no longer than 15 minutes - close your eyes and ears to the light and sound around you. Try using ear plugs and/or an eye mask if necessary.

Do get adequate sunshine and natural light

You can increase your energy by natural exposure to sunlight. Sunlight is an essential nutrient. The human body needs natural sunlight exposure to our skin and exposure to our eyes. Sunlight enables the human body to assimilate calcium for your health of bone and cartilage tissues. Sunlight is related to the reproduction of red blood cells and the avoidance of anemia. Vitamin D, is also a factor of sunlight.

Get out daily for 20 minutes - that’s it! There is no need to overexpose the body to sun rays as they can cause harm if we do not proceed with caution. Get your sun before 10am or after 3pm, during non-peak hours. Always wear a hat to protect your face. Regardless of your skin pigmentation, apply sunscreen to your face and skin for added protection. Do not believe the myths that darker hues do not need added protection. We all need the added protection. If you lay in the sun, expose each side of your body for 20 minutes front and back. Add it up, that is a total of 40 minutes maximum.

Do get consistent exercise

Choose a physical activity you enjoy and get moving for at least 30 minutes three times per week. If losing unwanted fat, toning up, and preparing to remain independent in the later stages in life are your goals, exercise in addition to balanced nutrition including proper supplementation is paramount. If you have balanced nutrition without exercising, you will lose a combination of fat and muscle. Building or maintaining muscle through exercise will increase your body’s lean muscle tissue and result in a higher metabolic rate, making you naturally burn more calories – even when resting!

Exercise will improve your mental and emotional health by reducing stress, increasing energy, and improving sleep.

Do have a proper balanced daily nutrition

Consume proper amounts of whole fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Stop dieting and eat realistically. Quality sources and reasonable portions of complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, and lean sources of protein. Rotate all foods every 24 hours. If you eat chicken on Monday, avoid it on Tuesday. As mentioned earlier, daily water consumption is the only liquid that will flush fats out of the body. Many food alternatives high in protein or low in fat calories can be substituted for food containing less desirable characteristics. Some suggestions, grate your cheese, do not slice it. Eat fat-free pretzels instead of chips. Eat whole grains - a sweet potato is better than a white potato, wild or brown rice is better than white rice.


Do not use sleep aids

Awakening by artificial means (sleeping pills, an alarm clock, or someone awakening you) or awakening and still feeling tired is an indication your body is not getting the proper amount of rest required for you to perform at optimal level.

Do not use tanning beds

Tanning beds emit UVA rays — which might increase the risk of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.

Do not exercise when tired or injured

Rest is best when tired or injured. To avoid injury, incorporate a 10 minute warmup and stretch prior to strength/weight/cardiovascular training and 10 minute cool down and stretch post training.

Do not make drastic food changes that cannot be maintained long-term

Minimize sweets, fried foods, empty calorie snacks. Do not deny yourself. This is probably the most important step. No matter what food is craved, do include a serving or two in your meal planning for the week, remember portion size is very important. It is human nature to eventually binge on those items we try to completely avoid until we have satisfied the body’s craving.

Do not forget to foster nurturing relationships

Surround yourself with positive people supporting your emotional balance. If there are people in your life who spend their time telling bringing you down or in general display a negative disposition, deliberately choose to limit your time with them. Instead, seek out positive people who are encouraging and make you laugh as laughing is very healthy.

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Consistent exercise and a balanced nutrition program are necessary for all people, for their entire live to help defy the aging process. Our body is like a battery; the only way to naturally recharge our body is to get enough rest.

Exposure to adequate sunshine and natural light will enhance your energy…get your hat and sunscreen, enjoy the sun.

When you do something for 28 days it becomes a habit.

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