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Enjoy your life while losing the weight and keeping it off

Enjoy your life while losing the weight and keeping it off

Think of how your life would be different if you were at the weight and size you wanted and you were able to keep it there with minimal fuss? It is possible! Once you lose the weight you want, you need to be ready to maintain it, otherwise you could end up back where you started. TimerDiet focuses not only on how to lose weight, but it is dedicated to helping you maintain your weight as well. Best of all you will be eating foods that you like and creating menus that will help you in your weight loss goals.


Do eat breakfast every morning

Having a breakfast with an egg is a great way to start your morning. There are so many ways to make eggs, so be sure to experiment! Add Canadian bacon, a few bites of fruit and you have a great start to the day.

Do eat often throughout the day

You want to eat often, approximately every 2-4 hours. Be sure that every meal or mini-meal includes dietary fat, protein, and carbohydrates. This will help keep your metabolism functioning all throughout the day, helping you lose weight.

Do write it down

Keep a journal of what you eat and when, and also your workout routine. Keep it simple and to the point. Tracking what you eat will help you understand where and when you are making healthy decisions and when you are not so that you can work to change bad habits into good ones.

Do exercise everyday

Decide how much time you can workout everyday and then keep to that schedule for at least two weeks and see how you feel, increase or decrease accordingly. Start slow if you haven’t worked out a lot in the past so you avoid causing injury. But as you keep exercising, up your workout routine to help get your body in shape. Even if you are simply walking around the park, workout everyday.

Do be good to yourself

Always think of things that you can look forward to. They can be fun or relaxing, it just needs to be something you want to do.


Do not keep track of calories in or calories out

There is no need to keep track of calories; your dietary needs are different every day, the information regarding calories can be incorrect, but most of all it is too time consuming. More importantly, keep the journal of the food you eat and when, and also when you exercise.

Do not restrict yourself from things you love

If you love chocolate, then be sure to include chocolate into your dietary plans. For example 60% cocoa dark chocolate squares, you can savor each bite and feel good about it. However, as in most things in life, too much of anything is not a good. You want to enjoy your food, so savor each bite and enjoy.

Do not reward yourself

This is very important; do not reward yourself for reaching a weight loss goal. Rewarding can be counterproductive. Rewarding implies “if”. You may decide the reward is not worth the effort. Instead of rewarding yourself, enjoy the foods you love in moderation, everyday, so you can lose weight without losing the things you love.

Do not assume you know what nutrients are in each food

Check out labels and online nutritional guides before assuming that you know what nutrients are in food. Many of the foods we think of as fattening are really high in carbohydrates, not dietary fat.

Do not obsess about your weight

Once you have lost the weight you want, calculate your comfort weight and learn how to keep your weight in check so that you can enjoy life without worrying that you will gain it all back again. Knowing your comfort weight will help you make changes immediately and reflect on the previous days journals to see if you notice your cause and effect.

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Life is about more than losing weight. Once you have checked that box and done it be sure to create new goals and create new journeys. Once you are no longer focused on your weight, life is so much more enjoyable! Remember to enjoy the journey!

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