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Ensure the top level of care for your baby’s eye health

Extra gentle care is essential for your baby and child’s eye health. You should clean your baby’s gentle eyes every day to help remove eye crusts and scales that may have formed while they were sleeping, and never hesitate to consult with your child’s pediatrician if you have any questions or concerns about eye care in general.


Do follow a daily baby eye hygiene routine

Your child's overall hygiene is always important, and this includes the eye and the area that surrounds it. This is particularly significant because when it comes to your baby, your baby's immune system is still weak and although his/her tears contain enzymes that protect against infections, the enzymes are not strong enough to protect against all infections. This is why a daily eye hygienic routine is the perfect way to assist in the prevention of ocular conditions.

Do use sterilized hygienic cleansing wipes

Parents should pay careful attention to their baby's eye care and prevent children and babies from naturally rubbing their eyes with unclean hands that can in turn worsen the condition. For gentle cleaning of your baby’s or small children’s eyes, use sterilized hygienic cleansing wipes to help prevent infection and clean sensitive areas.

Do clean the crust around eyes in the morning

Many of our children often wake up in the morning with sticky residue, crusted matter and scales on their eyelids and eyelashes caused by the buildup of dried mucus, one of the main components of our tears. Moreover, in many small children and babies tears do not drain enough through the small lacrimal ducts, but overflow and can cause watery eyes, which can potentially cause more crusting around the eyes. The additional crusts and scales around the eyes may enter the eyes and cause inflammation, irritation, infection. All crusts caused by regular tears, dirt or irritations make the eyes susceptible for bacterial infections.

Do speak to your baby when you clean and wipe their eyes

Some babies don't like having their eyes cleaned. Hearing your soothing voice will calm the baby and reassure that his/her protective parent is with them. In addition, your baby may be soothed by sounds that imitate those he/she heard in the womb.

Do observe your child for evidence of poor vision or possible cross eyes

If you notice any eye troubles, have your child examined immediately by a specialist to avoid any permanent problems or potential vision loss. If an eye condition is caught early many times it can be reversed.


Do not use soap or detergent based wipes to cleanse your baby's eyes

Soap or detergent based wipes can irritate or further worsen an existing eye condition. You should never use these types of products to help clean your baby’s eyes, or anyone’s eyes for that matter.

Do not hesitate to ask your eye care specialist how to clean your child's eyes

A child's daily environment in nursery schools, day care centers, and playgrounds frequently expose their delicate eye surrounds to dust, dirt and allergens, as well as serious contagious eye conditions. Whenever in doubt, reach out to your doctor for any guidance pertaining to your child/baby's delicate eyes and how to clean them.

Do not use a homemade solution to cleanse your baby's eyes

Your baby's eyes are his/her windows to the world. To easily remove sticky residues and secretions from eyelids and lashes, use a use a proven and baby safe solution to safeguard your child's delicate eyes surrounds and help ease and prevent hygienic related eye problems.

Do not clean the inside of your child's eyelid

When cleaning your child's eye, clean and wipe the eyes only when they are closed. By not doing so you may risk damaging your child's cornea.

Do not use the same wipe to clean both eyes

By using the same wipe to clean both eyes you may be unknowingly transferring bacteria from one eye to another. Since your baby's eyes were created to last a lifetime world proper care and good eye hygiene is crucial.

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Your baby is the most important thing in your life; you constantly worry about your baby's well being; you never let your guard down. You naturally want the best for your baby's health and for your baby to enjoy all the beauty in the world. Using eyelid cleansing wipes every morning, and if necessary during the day, may prevent future ocular problems and thus is considere daily preventive medicine.

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