Expert advice on choosing a golf instructor to improve your game

When looking to improve your golf game, choosing the right instructor is a very important decision. There are several factors that come into play, but it’s rewarding to hear when a player has made the effort to get help from a professional to overcome a hurdle in their game. Below are recommendations on deciding which golf instructor is the best fit for you.


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  • determine your level of commitment
  • choose someone in your price range
  • start small, then think big
  • have fun

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  • be opposed to group clinics
  • be picky about male or female
  • rely on one lesson
  • think you're right all the time
  • look too far

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Do determine your level of commitment

PGA Professionals don’t expect to turn you into a PGA Tour player, but it does help for them to know if you are looking to break 100 or get down under a five handicap. There is certainly a big difference in the amount of time and energy you will need to reach either goal.

Do choose someone in your price range

Know how much you are looking to spend. Prices do vary depending on the level of instructor and their experience. There is no sense in choosing a lower level instructor just because they are cheaper if you are an experienced golfer, and vice versa.

Do start small, then think big

If you are new to the game, take a 30 minute lesson first and make sure you make a connection with your instructor. If it doesn’t work out, don’t be afraid to try another instructor! The lesson is about you and enjoying the game.

Do have fun

Don’t be nervous and be sure to laugh. Golf is a wonderful game and it takes time to improve and become consistent. Bring a friend and share the experience in a low-pressure environment. It makes it more affordable and fun.

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Do not be opposed to group clinics

Learning with others is a great way to challenge yourself to improve with your peers. Try out a group clinic, you might like the community atmosphere that group lessons create.

Do not be picky about male or female

Be open to receiving a lesson from either. The most important thing is to understand their level of experience, but also to have fun while improving your game.

Do not rely on one lesson

If you purchase a bundle of lessons, it could be much cheaper. Don’t expect to transform your game after one lesson, so make sure you come with an open mind and great amount of patience.

Do not think you're right all the time

Instructors like students who want to learn, so it’s important to have an open mind during lessons. If you are taking lessons, you are probably doing something wrong that you are hoping to fix anyway. So, take the advice of the instructor with an open mind to evolve your game to the next level.

Do not look too far

There are great golf instructors in your local community, so do your research and see if you can find someone in your area.


Finding a golf instructor doesn’t have to be a tedious task. The point is to choose an instructor that is in tune with your level of experience, and help you to improve your skills while also having fun in the process. Group clinics are a great way to promote healthy competition, and also recognize that it will take time to improve your overall game for the long run. Be patient, and have fun!

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