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Alexander Ivlev


Certified Hypnotist


Member Of The National Guild Of Hypnotists


Brooklyn, New York

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Alexander Ivlev was born in 1962 in Russia. When he was 12, someone gave him a book titled “Gymnastics for the brain”, that book was about meditation, self-hypnosis and autogenic training.Alexander had read this book and many other books and soon became very fascinated with self-improvement. Since 1975 he has been practicing self-hypnosis and Autogenic Training. He studied biology at St.Petersburg State University, also attended St.Petersburg State University of Technology and Design.Alexander found his interest in fasting and healthy eating as well. He has been fasting every week 24 hrs, drinking only distilled water over 10 years. After successful elimination his long time anxiety with self-hypnosis Alexander Ivlev decided to become a professional hypnotist.Alexander Ivlev, CH is a certified member of The National Guild of Hypnotists.The NGH is the largest and oldest hypnotherapy membership organization in the world.