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With 20 years of experience working in big pharma, with the majority of that time spent in medical oncology, I learned a lot about how medical claims were paid. After the death of my children’s father, I took my knowledge about insurance and became a licensed broker. Now, I teach my clients how to uncover the real costs associated with their own health care. I have been called “the Suzie Orman of health insurance.”

I am a “paradigm shifter”. Health insurance is neither good nor bad. Rather, it is a contract between a consumer and a health insurance company. By the terms of the contract, the consumer benefits from a reduction in costs and fees from medical service providers. When health insurance is also expected to pay for a share of the smaller, less expensive costs associated with your health care, they have to collect those costs in advance, which raises your premiums. If you are willing to carry more of the smaller, less expensive costs, your premiums will be lower. If you don’t like the terms of your contract, you may choose alternate care. My goal is to help consumers understand their relationship with their health insurance and to find a way to benefit from the protection and not suffer from the premiums. This is the new paradigm in health care.

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