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Latrice Milton


Divorce Coach & Founder, Milton Divorce Coaching


Milton Divorce Coaching


Milwaukee, WI

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(262) 784-2937

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Contact me for: Legal representation or help managing the divorce process with such areas as personal guidance, financial management, health and wellness, family and child relations, learning how to date again, and more.

Latrice Milton is the owner and designer of Milton Divorce Coaching, Inc. a unique divorce coaching business that serves the needs of women during any stage of the divorce process – pre-divorce, during divorce and post-divorce. Milton, also the managing partner of Milton Family Law, S.C., blended her knowledge of law, and passion for psychology and women advocacy, by becoming a certified life coach.Previously, Milton has worked for the Ohio Senate Minority Caucus. There, she developed, researched and lobbied for new laws that would benefit women and children. Milton also worked as an Assistant District Attorney in Wisconsin, covering misdemeanor and felony cases, including violent assault and battery matters. During her free time, Milton enjoys working out, learning to speak French, and experimenting with new vegetarian meals.