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Melanie Fowler earned a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Language Pathology from Louisiana State University and a Master’s degree in Special Education from Texas Woman’s University. During graduate school, she also completed her Educational Diagnostician certification.
Melanie is the author of “Look at My Eyes,” a book that focuses on day-to-day challenges for children with autism and strategies for helping parents cope. In the book and in her work, Fowler emphasizes scientifically proven behavior management strategies that help children with autism learn and grow. Her mission is to educate parents, family members and teachers on the importance of early diagnosis and intervention.
Prior to launching The Fowler 4 Group, Fowler worked as a Special Needs Educator, Inclusion Specialist, ASL instructor and Educational Diagnostician for the Texas Public School system.
Melanie is currently raising funds to open a nonprofit learning institution, The REACH Academy of Fort Worth, which will provide educational services for students with autism age 12 and older who have aged out of the local specialized elementary program.

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