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  • Executive Director, Association of Christian Financial Advisors
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Rob Drury is the executive director of the Association of Christian Financial Advisors, located in San Antonio, TX. Rob began his financial planning practice in 1999 after completing a career as a US Air Force officer. Specializing in areas peculiar to the post-retirement market, Rob eventually transitioned to family financial planning, small business consulting, personal banking, and lending. Once serving as a state-certified investment advisor, licensed to provide financial products in several states, Rob has now left active practice and applies his experience and financial expertise to his life-long passion of Christian ministry.

Noting that Christian teaching and pastoral guidance in financial areas has traditionally been technically deficient and manned primarily by financial laypeople, Rob set forth to establish the first true ministry devoted to hands-on personal financial planning using highly qualified practitioners. ACFA is dedicated to the financial well-being of the American public, particularly the Christian community; so that people gain an understanding of the proper use of God's provision, and are financially fit and equipped to care for their families and serve their fellow man.

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