Taking Control of Your FedEx Deliveries in 2024

Online shopping continues to skyrocket, with over 2 billion packages shipped via FedEx in 2022. With so many deliveries in motion, it‘s no wonder consumers experience occasional hiccups like missed drops, porch thefts, and delivery delays.

Fortunately, services like FedEx‘s Delivery Manager allow online buyers to take back control through premiere shipment tracking and delivery management functionality. This guide will explore FedEx‘s "informed delivery" offerings and how they empower you to master your deliveries.

How FedEx Delivery Manager Compares

Let‘s first understand how FedEx Delivery Manager stacks up against the U.S. Postal Service‘s popular Informed Delivery program:

FeatureUSPS Informed DeliveryFedEx Delivery Manager
Delivery TrackingUSPS packages onlyFedEx packages only
Email Notifications
Text Alerts
Mobile App
Custom Delivery Instructions
Schedule Specific Date/Time✅*
Redirect Shipments✅*
Vacation Holds

*indicates paid feature

As shown above, FedEx Delivery Manager provides significant overlap with USPS Informed Delivery in core features like tracking and notifications. However, it offers additional premium functionality for verdadeiro delivery customization.

Step-By-Step Guide to FedEx Informed Delivery

Curious to try out FedEx‘s enhanced informed delivery capabilities? Here is a simple walkthrough to get you set up in minutes:

FedEx Delivery Manager Sign Up

Step 1) Visit fedex.com/deliverymanager and click "Sign Up For Free"

Step 2) Enter your contact information and create login credentials

Step 3) Verify your phone number via text code

Step 4) Access your Delivery Manager dashboard

Step 5) Select "Get Status Updates" to customize notifications

Step 6) Click on shipments to view details and set delivery instructions

And that‘s it! With an account created, you can enable customized tracking alerts and delivery preferences in just a few clicks.

Key Benefits of FedEx Informed Delivery

Based on Delivery Manager user surveys and feedback, here are some of the key advantages consumers highlight:

1. More Accurate Tracking – 38% of polled users cite enhanced visibility into shipment locations as the top benefit.

2. Reduced Missed Deliveries – 29% of surveyed customers saw fewer missed drop-offs with mobile notifications.

3. Increased Security – 23% of respondents feel Delivery Manager reduces chances of porch theft through delivery customization.

4. Delivery Assurance – 92% said Delivery Manager gave them peace of mind that critical packages would arrive safely and on time.

Additionally, the ability to schedule and redirect packages provides flexibility that only 63% of respondents have needed to leverage but appreciated nonetheless.

Tips for Effective FedEx Delivery Management

Based on best practices observed from Delivery Manager power users:

  • Enable text notifications – SMS provides the fastest way to respond to delivery updates on the go.

  • Leave clear instructions – Be as specific as possible (e.g. back porch, front desk) to prevent misdeliveries.

  • Set standing instructions – Eliminate the need to update preferences for every shipment.

  • Give access to others – Let family or roommates manage packages coming to your address.

  • Consider add-ons – Scheduling and redirect offer an extra layer of precision when required.

Properly leveraging all the informed delivery capabilities FedEx provides ensures you receive packages reliably and securely.

FedEx Delivery Manager empowers online shoppers to take control over their inbound shipments like never before. With robust package tracking and customizable delivery options at your fingertips, you can shop easy knowing your orders will be delivered on time and to the right place. Sign up today to upgrade your delivery experience!

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