Find a recruiting firm that will meet your job search needs

Looking for a job is an emotionally challenging experience that requires knowledge and persistence. A growing number of people have discovered that enlisting the help of a recruiting firm significantly lightens the load.

The trick is to find the right firm that fits your needs. Before embarking on a search, make sure you know what you want from your next job – and where you are headed in the long-term. For many, this is no small task. But a good recruiting firm can help get you started down the right track.

Recruiting firms come in all shapes and sizes. Some are large and focus on corporate jobs, while others are smaller and target specific industries. It’s up to you figure out which ones will best serve your goals.


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  • talk to as many recruiting firms as you can
  • interview recruiters
  • help them help you
  • remember that it is their job to open the door for you
  • take every interview that they land for you

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  • expect miracles
  • work with a “recruiter” who requires a fee
  • give any recruiter an exclusive to working with you
  • rely on recruiters to be your only source for getting interviews
  • take them at their word

[publishpress_authors_data]'s recommendation to ExpertBeacon readers: Do

Do talk to as many recruiting firms as you can

Talk with as many recruiting firms as possible, especially those that have demonstrated expertise in your field of interest. Ask them if you have the kind of skills and background that they normally place. If one doesn’t work out, there will certainly be another.

Do interview recruiters

Before you sign a recruiting firm on to exclusively find you a job, interview them to see if they are the right fit for you. Find out how many people like you they’ve worked with and placed, and determine their level of success. If they don’t have the right chops, move on.

Do help them help you

Give the recruiter as much relevant information as you can, including every skill, advantage, benefit and experience that you bring. The more they know about you, the sooner they can identify selling points targeted to key employers.

Do remember that it is their job to open the door for you

What this means is that they should line up interviews and provide you with the information about the employer that you will need for a successful interview. Your job is to do your homework,thoroughly prepare for every opportunity and sell yourself to your fullest. And if your recruiter isn’t doing what they should be doing, which is finding you a job, start looking for another one.

Do take every interview that they land for you

Candidates who want to qualify every opportunity that a recruiter presents to them will risk missing out on a potentially great job, and de-motivates the recruiter. If you don’t trust your recruiter’s judgment, they aren’t right for you. Take every interview that your recruiter finds for you, and if any of them don’t fit, let your recruiter known why so that they can customize their search for the next potential job.

[publishpress_authors_data]'s professional advice to ExpertBeacon readers: Don't

Do not expect miracles

Most recruiting firms are compensated by their clients to identify exceptional candidates. Recruiters know better than to waste the client’s time and your time by arranging an interview for a job that is beyond your scope of experience and skills. They will more often than not find you a job that you are going to love, but don’t expect miracles. Your recruiter can only do so much.

Do not work with a “recruiter” who requires a fee

Any recruiter that requires a fee are not real recruiters, and are not likely to find you a decent job. Never pay money up front – they get paid by the client for successfully filling positions. Anyone who tells you otherwise should not be trusted.

Do not give any recruiter an exclusive to working with you

It's in your best interest to talk to as many recruiters as you can and interview as often as possible. No experienced or quality recruiter expects exclusivity. And likewise, it is okay, and usually expected, if you have more than one recruiter at a time. Anything you can do to optimize your chances of finding a job is best.

Do not rely on recruiters to be your only source for getting interviews

Even if the recruiter is excellent at what he or she does, most of them only place five percent of the candidates they source. View recruiters as simply another avenue for opening doors, on top of searching on your own, networking and seeking help from friends, family and colleagues.

Do not take them at their word

Not all recruiters are alike. The best way to judge their effectiveness is to look at the results: Either they are able to get you interviews or they aren’t. Don’t listen to their spin about how capable they are. The proof is in the pudding. A rookie recruiter might have the talent to get you a job in a matter of days. A seasoned pro might never get you in the door. You have to be the judge about how effective they are.


Finding a new job fresh out of college or changing careers is an all-consuming process. You need all the help you can get. Finding the right recruiting firm for your needs has served many people well. But don’t just sit back and wait by the phone. You have to meet the recruiter half way, be specific about your goals and be open to ideas, while continuing to search, network and hone your interview skills.

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