Top 35 Generative AI Tools by Category (Text, Image…) [2023]

Hi there! As an AI analyst, I‘m excited to walk you through the top 35 generative AI tools transforming business content creation in 2024.

Let‘s start with the basics – what is generative AI? This groundbreaking technology can create original content like text, images, video, music and code using existing data. According to Gartner, generative AI is one of the top strategic tech trends this year.

The rapid development of generative AI unlocks new possibilities for generating fresh, customized content at scale. Businesses are using it across advertising, marketing, healthcare, media, gaming and more.

In this guide, I‘ll showcase the top 35 tools available today organized by function. You‘ll see available pricing, free trial options and key capabilities. I‘ll also share examples and use cases so you can understand how each AI tool could benefit your business.

Let‘s get started!

The Growth of Generative AI

Generative AI is transitioning from research labs to real world adoption. The generative AI market is projected to grow from $4.3 billion in 2022 to $102 billion by 2026 according to McKinsey.

What‘s driving this explosive growth? Rapid advances in deep learning, bigger datasets and increased computing power have supercharged generative AI development.

As these models become more powerful and accessible, companies now leverage generative AI to create content that meets customer needs faster, easier and more affordably.

Top Visual AI Tools

Humans visualize concepts and ideas intuitively. Generative visual AI brings this skill to businesses for content creation and design. Let‘s explore the leading options.

Image Generators

Need AI-generated images for ads, social media, presentations or products? Text-to-image models can create original, customized visuals with the right prompts.

DALL-E generates photorealistic images from text descriptions. Pricing starts at $15 per image in the basic plan. The free trial allows limited use. DALL-E enables creating, editing and varying images. It also provides the commercial rights to use the content.

Research shows DALL-E cuts image creation costs by 95% compared to freelancers and 88% versus stock photos. For Pepsico Canada, DALL-E generated thousands of personalized chip bags for a consumer promotion.

StarryAI creates unique digital artwork using text prompts and style/aspect ratio options. The free version fully owns the content produced. StarryAI is popular for social media graphics, merchandise and apparel.

Other top contenders include Craiyon (unlimited free usage), NightCafe ($9.99/month with limited free version), and Artbreeder ($8.99/month with limited free access). Each offers unique capabilities like creating larger images or modifying age, gender and more.

Video Generators

Bring your storytelling to life through AI-generated video. Descriptions typed in text are instantly transformed into short video clips.

Synthesia converts text to video with 70+ lifelike avatars speaking in 65+ languages. Pricing starts at $30/month. The free version has limited functionality. Synthesia is used by universities and companies to engage audiences with personalized video content.

Additional top options include Lumen5 ($19/month), FlexClip ($5.99/month), Elai ($29/month) and ($12/month). Each provides templates and editing tools to easily create original videos optimized for different needs.

Design Generators

Need on-brand designs, logos or graphics? Generative design AI offers creative assistance for non-designers.

Khroma uses AI to generate color palettes based on desired moods like playful, calm or elegant. The free version personalizes results when you train the algorithm over time. Khroma brings professional color schemes to presentations, graphic design and web platforms.

Uizard creates website or mobile app designs from rough sketches. Starting at $12/month, Uizard translates drawings into production-ready interfaces. This allows validating designs before investing in full development.

Colormind and also produce palettes and logos. While Fronty creates mobile and SEO-friendly websites from text briefs for only $4.52/month.

Top Audio AI Tools

Let‘s explore how generative audio AI converts text into realistic human voices, music and more.

Voice Generators

Synthetic voices from AI provide endless options for voiceovers, audiobooks, training videos and text-to-speech needs.

Replica synthesizes natural sounding voices from text starting at $24 for 4 hours of audio. The free trial allows up to 30 minutes of output. Replica specializes in long-form audio like audiobooks.

Speechify ($11.58/month) converts text documents into audio with adjustable speaking speed. creates audio clips for ads or narration purposes. While ($14.25/month) offers 140+ languages and voice customization.

Music Generators

Original soundtracks and music boost engagement when paired with visual content. AI composition tools produce tunes tailored to your brand.

AIVA generates royalty-free background music in your desired style, genre and instruments. Starting at $11/month, it provides commercial licenses to use the content. AIVA creates soundtracks for advertising, gaming, film and videos.

Amper AI ($5/month) and Evoke ($8/month) offer similar capabilities to quickly generate high-quality music libraries. While Jukebox by OpenAI creates lyrics and vocals along with instrumental tracks.

Top Text Generation Tools

Automatically generating written content at scale is a gamechanger for businesses. Text generation models create blog posts, product descriptions and more.

Blog & Article Writers

AI article writers save time and resources. You provide a headline and bullets – the AI handles the heavy lifting of research and writing.

Frase ($14.99/month) writes marketing copy like slogans, taglines, intros and headlines. Its summaries and outlines accelerate content creation.

Rytr ($29/month) optimizes text for SEO and creates blog posts, social media captions and emails. The free version allows up to 10,000 characters per month.

Jasper ($49/month) generates blog articles, social posts, newsletters and other branded content through collaborative AI.

Product Description & Ad Copy

Increase conversion rates with compelling product descriptions and ad copy tailored to your offerings. ($49/month for 40,000 words) writes product descriptions and ad headlines optimized for search and social. The free trial allows up to 2,000 words of output.

Peppertype ($35/month) offers templates to quickly draft landing pages, email sequences, meta descriptions and more. The free trial provides access to essential features.

In addition, and Phrasee specialize in emotionally-resonant marketing language.

Code Generation Tools

Programming in code is complex. AI code generators allow developers to focus on higher value tasks. Let‘s highlight the top options.

Tabnine ($12/month) provides AI code completion to accelerate development. The tool learns coders‘ style and patterns to suggest relevant lines based on context.

Kite (free version available) offers AI-powered code completion and documentation search for 16+ programming languages like Python, JavaScript and HTML/CSS.

GitHub Copilot (free during technical preview) suggests whole lines and entire function definitions within Visual Studio Code editor. Copilot trains on public code to generate context-relevant suggestions.

PyCharm Professional ($9.90/month) enhances developer productivity through smart code completion, error checking and automated code refactoring.

Getting Started With Generative AI

I hope this guide has shown how generative AI can transform your business content! Let‘s recap key lessons:

  • Growth is accelerating as generative AI proves its real-world utility
  • Leading vendors offer free trials – use them to validate value
  • Start with a focused pilot that solves a pain point like design, blogging or voiceovers
  • Evaluate legal considerations around content rights and intellectual property
  • Monitor model outputs for quality – don‘t fully automate without human oversight
  • Treat generative AI as a collaborative tool – find the right mix of machine assistance and human creativity

While generative AI shows massive potential, it does have limitations today. Outputs may lack accuracy or contain bias. Stay vigilant by checking for quality issues.

Overall, generative AI reduces costs and unlocks new creativity – but thoughtfully incorporating it into your process is key. I hope this guide empowers you to explore the possibilities it unlocks! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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