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Get the most out of therapy when seeking treatment for depression

Depression is a very real issue affecting many people of all ages and backgrounds. Getting the right treatment services and recognition of the tools available to assist you in winning your fight against depression are essential to your overall healing and well being. Depression can definitely be helped with the special combination of therapeutic practices specifically tailored to each person's individual needs.


Do congratulate yourself

Congratulations! You have taken an extremely brave step toward building back the future you desire and deserve. Seeking a trained professional is an empowering pivotal turning point in your life in which you admit to yourself that you want to feel your best self. Also, in acknowledging the alliance between you and your therapist and in becoming excited at the prospect of getting emotionally healthy again will be motivational for you.

Do be an active participant

Remember to feel free to regularly ask questions to your therapist. Process the therapeutic process as a team. Get involved. Be an active participant in your treatment. It is extremely important for you to express any concerns , symptoms you may be experiencing or feelings you may have in session. The rapport built between you and your therapist can make all the difference in your recovery.

Do be honest with yourself

You are in therapy to maximize the results that you will receive. With the assistance of your therapist you can delve deeper into underlying causes of your depression which can be incredibly liberating once revealed and uncovered together. Be prepared to go into places emotionally that you may have chosen to block out which can very well be surfacing during significant times in your life. We can figure out the reasons and triggers for your particular depressive symptoms and work toward rebuilding and restoration together.

Do be punctual and consistent in attendance

In order to get the most out of therapy it is of paramount importance to take this process seriously. This is your mental health and you will get out of it what you put into it. Taking a lackadaisical approach and cancelling appointments will not produce the desired outcome for you.


Do not give into negative self talk

Depression can present with feelings of hopelessness, despair, worthlessness and an overall decreased sense of self. This is the noise of depression. It isn't true! You do matter. You are important and that internal dialogue can be challenged and transformed into positive uplifting messages and affirmations recited and repeated regularly both in and out of sessions.

Do not hesitate to attain feedback from your therapist along the way

Ask your therapist how you are progressing. Inquire about whether or not goals and objectives are attained, what work requires the most emphasis and concentration and if you've made progress toward reaching any of your treatment plan objectives. This can enable you to gauge your own growth and development and regain confidence in your abilities to succeed.

Do not give up

Depression can tell you that it's useless and that it won't work for you. This couldn't be further from the truth! No matter how long it takes. You have made a decision and commitment to win the fight against depression. So just keep going forward and it will pay off if you remain hopeful and focused on your goals along with your therapist's encouragement and reassurance.

Do not remain with a therapist you don't feel comfortable with

Similar to finding a pair of shoes, you have to find the right fit with your therapist. Be aware of your particular personal preferences, such as personality styles and what approaches seem to reach you best. Ask yourself a few key questions in order to figure this out. Do I feel comfortable telling this person how I'm feeling? Do I feel judged by my therapist upon disclosing my thoughts? Do I feel part of a team? Do I feel encouraged and empowered on any levels?

Discuss these areas with your therapist prior to making any decision to transfer. It is important to alert your therapist to your needs and what your expectations of therapy are. He or she may be able to gear the treatment to you. Your therapist won't know unless you tell them. Keeping an open honest dialogue between clients and practitioners is essential.

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Therapy is a safe confidential forum in which you should feel cared for, heard and valued. The dynamic that exists in treatment will help shape your determination and perseverance. It is crucial for you as the client to remain mindful of the work required of you outside of the treatment setting. The therapist and weekly sessions alone are not enough. It is beneficial to you to receive suggestions and engage in practices that are constructive for you. This combination can sustain positive results and happiness. It's worth the effort!

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