The Ins and Outs of Instagram Growth Services: An Objective Look at Goread

Instagram has exploded into one of the top social media platforms, but that popularity has made it increasingly difficult to stand out. With over 1 billion monthly active users competing for attention, growing an engaged following can feel like an uphill battle.

This had led to the rise of Instagram growth services – companies that promise to grow your follower count, likes, and engagement through automated bots and marketing strategies. But how well do these services really work, and are they worth the money?

In this in-depth guide, we‘ll analyze the Instagram growth service landscape, examine popular providers, and take an objective look at Goread – a controversial company promising instant growth. You‘ll learn:

  • How Instagram growth services work
  • Key players in the industry
  • An objective analysis of Goread – services, credibility, and reviews
  • Top Goread alternatives for safer growth
  • Tips to grow your Instagram organically

Let‘s get started unlocking Instagram‘s full potential, the right way.

How Instagram Growth Services Work

Before analyzing individual companies, it helps to understand what Instagram growth services actually do behind the scenes.

Most services rely on bots and automation to deliver followers, likes, and comments at scale. Bots can rapidly perform the same actions over and over:

  • Follow/unfollow accounts based on hashtags or locations
  • Like and comment on posts matching certain keywords
  • Reshare content to other accounts for greater reach

Advanced bots attempt to mimic human behavior, with natural delays between actions and rotating IP addresses. This helps avoid detection by Instagram‘s algorithms.

But while automation powers the core service, most companies combine it with some manual work as well:

  • Manual engagement from real humans to boost credibility
  • Account auditing to remove fake or inactive followers
  • Customer service reps to handle issues

Now let’s explore the major players in this Instagram growth space.

Analyzing Key Players in The Instagram Growth Industry

Dozens of companies now offer services to grow Instagram followers and engagement. Below we’ll profile three major players, highlighting key info like services, pricing, and reviews:


Founded in 2017, Stormlikes provides followers, likes, views, and story engagement. They claim to have served over 300,000 customers.

Services: Followers, post likes, story views, auto-likes, comments
Pricing: $3 – $175+
Reviews: 4.1 on TrustPilot (473 reviews). Positive reviews focus on cheap pricing and deliveries as promised. Negative reviews cite issues with bots, fake engagement, and poor support.

Social Boss

Launched in 2018, Social Boss promises organic growth through their network of Instagram profiles.

Services: Followers, likes
Pricing: $49 – $599
Reviews: 4.8 on TrustPilot (40 reviews). Positive reviews praise organic growth, responsiveness, and caring support. Negative reviews complain about slow delivery and stagnant growth.

Mr. Insta

Active since 2017, Mr. Insta offers an extensive menu of services tailored to Instagram.

Services: Followers, video views, likes, comments, saves, story views, auto-likes
Pricing: $2.95 – $1,499
Reviews: 4.9 TrustScore on SiteJabber (8,800+ reviews). The vast majority praise reliable organic growth, great support, and delivering on promises. However some reviewers call them overpriced or slow.

While many providers focus purely on growth metrics, the most reputable services emphasize quality followers and engagement over pure vanity metrics. Stellar reviews citing great experiences also set apart the cream of the crop.

Next let‘s scrutinize Goread in detail against these evaluation criteria.

Objective Analysis: An In-Depth Look at Goread

Launched in 2021, Goread promises to enhance Instagram growth through features like followers, likes, and power likes. But how credible are their claims and services? Let‘s assess key areas to find out:


Goread offers a relatively robust menu given their short tenure:

Power Likes

However, lacking engagement options around Instagram Stories is an notable gap compared to more established competitors.

They promote instant delivery on orders – seemingly too good to be true. We‘ll evaluate fulfillment times in our test results later.


Goread positions themselves as an ultra-affordable solution, with rates like:

  • $0.53 per 50 followers
  • $1.06 per 100 likes

These costs are 3-5x cheaper than many rivals. But the adage "you get what you pay for" comes to mind here. Exceptional quality and service typically doesn‘t come at basement bargain pricing.

Credibility & Reviews

Goread‘s website shows a handful of 5-star reviews. But an absence of any critical feedback raises credibility questions. Independent review sites reveal more mixed analyses:

  • SiteJabber: 2.5 stars
  • TrustPilot: 2 stars

Negative Goread reviews highlight fake followers, bot behavior, and drops after delivery. Without accessible company ownership information, transparency is also lacking.

Delivery Time Analysis

Goread‘s promise of instant delivery puts them on thin ice from the start. To verify, we did our own test order of 50 Instagram followers.

The followers arrived in our account within 5 minutes – unusually fast even for bots.

But unusually fast can also mean sloppy and fake. Let‘s analyze the followers themselves…

Follower Quality Analysis

  • New followers had no posts/followers themselves – red flag for dummy accounts
  • Most showed stock profile photos instead of actual people
  • Nearly all followed hundreds of unrelated accounts without ever posting – classic bot behavior

Many of these sham followers dropped off our profile within days. The remainder are essentially worthless in driving genuine engagement.

Competitor Comparison

How does Goread really stack up against the industry leaders we profiled earlier? Here‘s a quick scorecard:

CompanyPricingCredibilityDelivery TimesFollower Quality
Goread$LowInstant but suspiciousVery poor – bots/fake
Social Boss$$$HighSlow growthGood – real people
Mr. Insta$$$Very highSteady growthExcellent – real engaged users

Goread competes purely on rock-bottom pricing. But critical factors like credibility, follower quality, and retention lag far behind. You risk buying fake engagement that could actually harm your account. Their instant delivery claims are also outright dubious.

Final Verdict

In the end, we cannot recommend Goread as a safe or effective Instagram growth service based on these troubling signs:

Misleading claims around instant delivery
No company transparency on owners or locations
Ultra-cheap prices signal low quality
❌ Clearly fake followers from bot networks
❌ Could trigger Instagram algorithm penalties

Now let‘s shift gears to exploring superior Instagram growth alternatives.

Top 4 Alternatives to Goread

If you‘re wisely avoiding Goread, where should you turn instead? Here are our top 4 alternatives for safer and smarter Instagram growth:

1. Nitreo

Our top choice, Nitreo employs targeted Instagram automation powered by AI and machine learning. They deliver steady organic growth while preserving account safety and quality engagement. With full transparency and stellar support, they‘re a premium partner.

Services: Followers, likes, views, comments
Prices: $49-$250/mo

Get started with Nitreo today…

2. Kicksta

For those new to social growth, Kicksta makes it simple and stress-free. Their managed service handles targeting influencers, scaling reach, tracking analytics, and optimizing your Instagram strategy. Realistic growth comes from human emotions, not blind bots.

Services: Targeted reach, discovery, analytics
Prices: $69-$149/mo

Learn more about Kicksta here…

3. UseViral

Boasting the industry‘s highest retention rates, UseViral emphasizes authentic vocal-first engagement through nano and micro influencers. With full targeting customization and top-notch support, they help Instagram accounts reach their full potential.

Services: Followers, likes, views, shares, saves
Prices: $49-$250/mo

Check out UseViral here…

4. Social Captain

Rounding out the list, Social Captain provides fully managed Instagram growth campaigns tailored to your brand. Their hands-on experts audit your niche, benchmark competitors, spot opportunities, and craft data-driven strategies for long-term, consistent growth.

Services: Targeted followers, likes
Prices: $250-$750/mo

Learn more about Social Captain…

While costlier than shady Goread, all these legitimate services invest heavily in maximizing Instagram impact through quality and relationships – not shady shortcuts.

Growing Instagram Followers Organically

We‘ve covered folly of buying fake followers. But what about earning them organically? Here are 7 proven tips:

1. Leverage Existing Connections

Start by sharing your new account with established connections on Facebook, Twitter etc. Ask colleagues, friends and family to not just follow but actively engage with your posts.

2. Use Relevant Hashtags

Include ~5-10 popular hashtags relevant to your posts‘ topic. This helps the right audiences discover your content.

3. Post Consistently

Post high-quality, engaging photos daily if possible. Consistency keeps you top of mind while showcasing your brand identity.

4. Engage With Your Niche

Comment on others‘ posts, like content, and follow accounts related to your niche. Genuinely engaging builds relationships.

5. Host Contests/Giveaways

Incentivize followers by offering prizes for liking posts, tagging friends, or reposting your content.

6. Advertise From Other Channels

Drive Instagram growth by promoting your account from websites, email newsletters, or even offline advertisements.

7. Contact Micro-Influencers

Pitch relevant mini-influencers (1k ~ 30k followers) on product collaborations or cross-promotions. The influencer effect can trigger an influx of real, targeted followers.

While quick fixes won‘t drive long-term growth, playing the long game using tactics like these pay off over time.

Key Takeaways: Growing Your Instagram Account the Right Way

After digging into Instagram growth services, analyzing Goread, and providing better alternatives and tactics, let‘s review the key lessons:

💡 Beware of sketchy providers like Goread making unbelievable claims about instant followers or overnight fame. Focus on steady, realistic growth instead.

💡 Emphasize quality followers who genuinely engage over sheer vanity metrics. 1,000 real fans are infinitely more valuable than 100k fake bot accounts.

💡 When comparing providers, look for transparency, credible reviews, retention, and engagement – not just lowest costs.

💡 With some patience and effort, organic tactics can be just as effective for long-term growth.

Instagram is a channel best grown steadily overtime through genuine human connections. But armed with the right guidance, your account can expand its reach and impact dramatically.

We wish you the best pursuing your Instagram growth goals the wise way!

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