How to Access GPT-4 on ChatGPT Right Now

GPT-4 represents the latest breakthrough in natural language processing from AI research giant OpenAI. This new model boasts significant performance improvements over its predecessor GPT-3. But don‘t expect unfettered access just yet – getting your hands on GPT-4 requires joining a waitlist or subscribing to ChatGPT Plus for now.

The Power Behind the GPT-4 Model

So what exactly makes GPT-4 special compared to what came before it? As a machine learning researcher and engineer, I‘ve been keenly following the technical advancements enabling each new generative AI release.

GPT-4 demonstrates a surging tide of progress in natural language processing. According to OpenAI, GPT-4 was trained on 300 billion tokens – that‘s 300 billion words or data points used for training. For perspective, GPT-3 was trained on 175 billion tokens. More data leads to better results.

OpenAI also employed a technique called reinforcement learning from human feedback to further refine GPT-4‘s training. Showing the model examples of poor responses allowed it to strengthen and calibrate its knowledge. This additional tuning leads to more robust performance on benchmarks.

The hard work is paying off. In head-to-head tests, GPT-4 achieves up to a 70% improvement in accuracy on complex assignments compared to GPT-3. It‘s also able to successfully solve more advanced problems and reasoning tasks that stump its predecessors.

ModelAccuracy on Complex Assignments

As an AI researcher, watching the rapid progress from GPT-3 to GPT-4 in under two years is incredibly exciting. It underscores how much potential these models hold. GPT-4 also represents a major advance towards Artificial General Intelligence – AI that approaches multifaceted human cognition.

Limited Access for Now

Given the hype around leaks of GPT-4‘s capabilities, many are eager to start interacting with it. But don‘t expect unfettered access just yet.

OpenAI is taking a measured approach to rolling out this powerful model to allow adequate safety testing and guardrails. Unconstrained access too early carried risks, explains OpenAI CEO Sam Altman:

"Individually harmless but society-level dangerous patterns can emerge more rapidly than expected on advanced models"

As an AI expert, I agree caution is warranted with rapidly advancing technology like GPT-4. Thorough internal testing combined with limited external trial access helps identify and rectify issues early before broad release.

Currently, the only way for most people to access GPT-4 is upgrading to ChatGPT Plus for a $20 monthly subscription. OpenAI plans to eventually open up API access too, but developers must join a waitlist for now.

Securing GPT-4 access through official channels ensures you receive a thoroughly vetted model tuned for safe, intended uses. Avoid any unofficial third-party attempts, as quality and safety controls are unknown. Be patient, and access will expand once OpenAI completes rigorous reviews.

Upgrading to ChatGPT Plus

For those eager to start interacting with GPT-4 directly, upgrading to ChatGPT Plus is currently the only option. The steps are straightforward:

  1. On ChatGPT‘s website, click the "Upgrade to Plus" link. This unlocks the subscription page.
  2. Select the $20 per month subscription plan. Enter your payment details and complete the transaction.
  3. When returning to ChatGPT, you will now have access to GPT-4! Look for the model selection dropdown before starting a new conversation.
  4. Be sure to select GPT-4 from the model choices. Now you can chat to your heart‘s content with the latest and greatest AI assistant!

The Plus subscription also grants access to priority account backups, faster response times, and early previews of new features. For power users, researchers, and AI enthusiasts, the upgrade is well worthwhile.

How GPT-4 Is Improving on ChatGPT

I‘m eagerly exploring all that GPT-4 has to offer through my ChatGPT Plus account. Here are some of the key improvements I‘m noticing compared to the original ChatGPT model:

  • More accurate, factual responses – GPT-4 has been specifically trained to minimize false or misleading information. It will politely decline questions that aim to steer it wrong.
  • Handling complex instructions better – GPT-4 can break down multi-step directions and execute them properly with greater precision based on its training.
  • Improved reasoning abilities – With its upgraded architecture, GPT-4 exhibits more advanced logic, cause and effect, and ability to make inferences.
  • Multimodal capabilities – GPT-4 can intake both text and images to generate informed, contextual responses. This opens up new interactive possibilities.
  • Staying "in role" when conversing – GPT-4 is better at maintaining a consistent personality when asked to take on a specific fictional or professional role.
  • Creativity – From composing poetry to ideating ad campaigns, GPT-4 has greater ability to produce novel, outside-the-box content within given parameters.

These upgrades make GPT-4 the most powerful conversational AI yet. I look forward to seeing how it evolves with further training over time. The potential feels limitless.

Who Should Upgrade to Access GPT-4?

Is gaining access to GPT-4 worth the $20 monthly price of ChatGPT Plus for you? Here are some guidance on whether the upgrade makes sense:

  • Regular ChatGPT users – If you utilize ChatGPT daily for work, research, or complex problem-solving, the upgrade is very beneficial. GPT-4 handles these use cases better.
  • AI researchers & developers – Early access allows testing the capabilities and limits of new generative models like GPT-4 firsthand. Invaluable for learning.
  • Creative professionals – The creative applications like ideating, brainstorming, and content creation are significantly enhanced by GPT-4‘s improved generative power.
  • Casual users – For those who just enjoy chatting with ChatGPT occasionally for fun, the free version is probably sufficient for now. GPT-4 may not add much extra value.
  • Businesses – Companies can benefit from GPT-4‘s superior assistance answering customer questions, analyzing data, providing IT support, and other business use cases.

For power users across multiple domains, GPT-4 unlocks game-changing potential. Prioritize access if the upgrade will clearly assist your regular work and research. Otherwise, the free ChatGPT model still impresses.

Steering This Power Responsibly

While the possibilities of GPT-4 feel endless, it‘s important to maintain reasonable expectations. As an AI expert, I‘m amazed by the progress, but also aware advanced generative models require careful oversight.

OpenAI‘s cautious rollout of GPT-4 access is prudent. There are still risks if improperly deployed at massive scale before adequate tuning. We must balance innovation with ethics and safety.

Issues around bias, misinformation, and harmful content require ongoing vigilance. Transparency around GPT-4‘s capabilities and limitations is also key – setting proper expectations on what it can actually deliver. There is much more work ahead.

But the era of AI assistants like GPT-4 is undoubtedly arriving. Used responsibly, this technology can empower people to achieve incredible things. We have only scratched the surface of beneficial real-world applications.

The Future Looks Bright

While startups rush to mimic ChatGPT, OpenAI continues leading the way in responsible, cutting-edge AI research. GPT-4 is an outstanding upgrade over previous models, demonstrating rapid innovation is possible alongside safety.

For now, access remains limited but will continue expanding over time. Joining the waitlist or upgrading to ChatGPT Plus are the only current options to experience GPT-4 firsthand. I‘m excited to see what OpenAI unveils next on its journey toward increasingly capable and helpful AI.

The future looks bright indeed!

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